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20 Sep

There are many Trompe-l’œil ideas and indeed items available for the modern home as it is a great means of providing decorative impact. This French term is used for imagery, imitation and the use of colours or paintings to trick the eye into seeing an optical illusion to create often more depth or height to a room or just to blatantly copy the real thing if the real thing is not suitable for the purpose, prohibitively expensive or socially unacceptable, a great example of this being the use of faux suede and leather for furniture and blinds.

modern stone walls

Today you can buy anything from a wallpaper depicting floor to ceiling bookshelves full of books, to  stunning murals of the Manhattan skyline or a palm lined beach in the Caribbean and the quality of faux fur, leather and suede makes it virtually impossible to tell the difference from the real thing. The use of contrasting light and dark colours in your decor will certainly visually increase the dimensions of a room, but will need careful planning as colour has the ability to induce feeling of joy or gloom, making you feel “at home” or feel like bolting for the door.

Why not take the leap and change the entire look and feel of your home, it makes a great alternative to moving. There are so many possibilities available to you especially if you use modern innovative materials such as the special finishes which will enable you to use concrete to imitate stone, not only for the floors but also for the walls, or sections of wood paneling to mirror your wooden flooring. Take care though, too much can be an overkill and you could end up feeling like you are living in a log cabin, or worse still a cave.

Stone has been around for millions of years so enjoy it –the smooth surface and varied colour tones are restful on the eye making it a highly desirable finish for many kinds of surfaces, really having been built to last – and what a decorative detail it makes. Modern methods of mining make real stone, slate and granite within many peoples budgets, but watch out for wee foreign beasties lurking such as the lady the other day who captured one of the worlds deadliest snakes with her salad tongs that had been stowed away on the ship that had imported the slates from India.

modern stone feature wall finishes

A State-of-the Art Entertainment System.

A statement wall or even just a fireplace makes the perfect spot to embrace modern technology with style. A state of the art entertainment system is now so often the main focal point of the room, so embrace it but try to ensure it tastefully blends with other details in the room such as with this fabulous concrete feature chimney. I thoroughly recommend the involvement of a specialist fireplace company for this kind of project before installing your new HD smart flat screen in case all is not well and you cook the tv.

Keep this type of on trend decor to the minimum with bearly there window treatments such as a neutral coloured venetian blind

neutral vertical blind

A Vertical Blind Creates an Appealing Mellow Hue of Light when used during the day and Complete Privacy at night

metallic finished venetian blind

A Modern Metallic Venetian Blind Blends the Right Control of Light with the Right Innovative Look for a Modern Home

dark wooden venetian blind

The Natural Wood Finish of this Venetian Blind makes a perfect backdrop for a Modern Minimal Decor

Thankfully in the modern world we have moved on from particularly the Victorian passion for killing animals for display. I cannot think of anything more unsettling when settling down for a relaxing evening in front of the telly than to have a dead tiger complete with its head flattened out on the floor snarling at you.

I can remember as a very small child visiting an ancient Uncle who proudly showed me his prize possessions which were an ashtray made from a Gorillas hand and an umbrella stand made from the foot and leg of an elephant – can you imagine the horrific impression it made on me and I definitely avoid buying anything furry from China.

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Teal – A Building Block Colour

27 Feb

Teal is a colour which will demand maximum impact, ideal for blinds, curtains and bedding as a statement colour that almost everyone of every age will find attractive twinned with bright white or colours.

Blinds, bedding or curtains in a teal colour is relaxing for bedrooms.

Teal - A Relaxing Colour with White or a Very Lively Colour with other Primaries.

It will be incredibly relaxing for bedrooms and bathrooms and as lively as you like twinned with primaries in living rooms.

Teal is a favourite colour of mine as well as one of natures favourite palettes for birds  – the name of the colour being derived from a rather dull little brown duck called a Teal, the male sporting a flash of this colouring turning him into someone to quite fancy at breeding time.

Clean bright colours are ideal for curtains and blinds

Teal and Lime green are a very modern choice for statement walls, blinds and curtains

Teal and other cool bright colours such as lime green used in a combination will make a very modern decor interesting as well as relaxing. It is a colour that was favoured for its vitality by Mediterranean countries in particular Morocco as the extremes of sunlight and shade creates exciting variations of tone and contrast intensifying the colour – they used it for its fabulous colouring but also to cool the warm terracotta colourings also favoured in their decor.

I have chosen to write about Teal next to the Indigo blog as these two colours heighten the brilliance of each other and cannot be beaten for a dramatic finish.

bright coloured bedding

The Tonal Variation of Teal and Indigo is Quite Stunning

Teal looks fabulous with white for a fresh crisp décor, being particularly attractive for bedrooms both modern …….

Harlequin wallpaper and bedding

Muted Teal and Grey Gives a Chic Modern Finish

and traditional.

White and cream bedding and curtains

Teal Lightens and Lifts Dark Wooden Furniture and Flooring

This teal blackout roller blind is ideal to be included in a bedroom window treatment for light issues as well as the décor.

Blackout roller blind

A Teal Blackout Roller Blind Is Ideal in a Bedroom for Light Sleepers

Cream and teal combinations will offer an elegant more decadent touch, but don’t get too carried away and as in this particular case “over egg the pudding”.

Teal is a colour that needs good levels of lighting both natural and artificial to look its best, especially in a small room such as a bathroom or study.

roller blinds in turquoise colours are fresh and relaxing

Feel as Fresh as the Morning Dew in a Teal Based Bathroom

A bathroom is the only place you can truly justify being alone and require absolute privacy which is why roller blinds and venetian blinds in particular make a good window treatment for bathrooms.

This pale Teal roller blind with white walls and sanitary ware will expand the dimensions of the room as well as heighten your ability to relax and unwind in the bath, turquoise being well known by colour therapists to induce relaxation and inner calm.

A modern study is often the technological hub of the house filled with screens, speakers and lots of hard surfaces. Teal as with the little brown duck really lifts browns and dark surfaces in general, giving drama to what could otherwise be perhaps a sombre and unattractive place to be.

If your choice of window treatment is curtains, then

Dark wooden curtain poles such as the Regency Sienna in Walnut

wooden curtain pole

or the Gold effect finish

wooden curtain pole finished in gold

or the Distressed finish

wooden curtain poles in white

will all look outstanding in very different ways, the dark wood contributing to creating a traditional feel to the decor, the gold for a glamorous decadent look and the distressed for a country casual finish.

Modern metal curtains poles such as the Sunflex Belgravia of course go anywhere and compliment the cool chic colour of teal curtaining whether a bright chrome or an antiqued dark colouring.

Every room in your home no matter its function should be a pleasure to live in and colour is one of the main mediums for this -­­ comfort as well as privacy being tantamount in this working area of the house. If you have the space make sure you include a comfy chair, some good music and books so you can take a break from the emails and other social networking that seem to be in danger of taking over our already limited free time.

Teal as an accent colour on items of furniture looks chic and modern

and with reds, very Oriental.

teal curtains and furniture

Teal and Red together are High Decorative Achievers

If you cannot find the real thing, then a pot of teal paint and a trip to the Hospice furniture shop could be a good alternative.

And if Indigo and Teal is not your bag then you can always go for the bright florals!!!

Teal and Indigo always make a stunning combination

Indigo and Teal are a Great Colour Combination for Wearing as well as Decorating

poles and blinds

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Taupe – Cappuccino with a Hint of Pink

7 Feb

Interestingly the name originally came from the colour of the fur of a French Mole and started being used in the English language as a description for a certain shade of neutral in the early 1800’s

Hi !!! I am a Taupe

I am currently writing the copy for the curtain poles and blinds ready for the launch of our new web site. When I was describing the colours of various fabrics it occurred to me that many people may not have any idea what certain colours look like such as Taupe or Wedgewood, so I thought I would use the next few blogs to try to help with this by describing the colour by instinct and without the fancy designer jargon – confusing in itself when words such as “complementary” colours which, according to every dictionary means having something in common, but in interior design it means colours that are the opposite of each other.

mauve roman blinds

Taupe is a Fabulous Colour blend with other Warm Colours

This stylish room setting is based on a taupe colouring and gives you an idea of the versatility of one of my favourite colours. As you can see taupe makes a stunning backdrop for the lilac roman blinds producing a soothing receding effect, giving depth to the room as well as a sense of calmness to a modern or traditional home.

This sophisticated colour scheme has developed a layered look of pale on pale as the walls and the upholstery are both in various tones of the same colour. This in turn brings the contrasting purple blinds into sharp focus. The cushions are an assorted palette of shades of mauve with the odd sprinkling of taupe, the strong, bright colours enlivening the neutral scheme.

Roller blinds such as the Acacia Mulberry blind  gives a crisp window finish, more in tune with a contemporary decor.

Mulberry roller blind

Lilac can be both a Soft or Evocative Colour

roller blinds in lilac

Lilac with Taupe is makes a Stunning Combination

It is generally thought that neutrals can be used with any colour – a clear cream can, but taupe which has a faint pink hue will clash with cold colours such as blue, changing from a delightfully soft and very useable colour when used with other warm colours whether bold terracotta’s or gentle pastel pink to a dull and uninteresting colour when used with blues or greens. In simple terms this effect is shown at close quarters by the choice of colours used with these taupe dinner services.

Taupe Can Take on any Colour of Pink - GREAT

Taupe can look Dull with Cool Colours - NOT GREAT

Taupe is a colour that would be virtually unknown in a sunny Mediterranean type climate where clear bright primary colours usually on white walls would be the norm and you can see why.

Cream and taupe colours

Taupe with Cream - FABULOUS

Taupe is a colour that is extremely widely used in fashion and interior design as it is a warm soft light brown that can blend with lots of other colours. It is  ideal for the basis of a romantic bedroom or contemporary modern decor, being able to carry off the inclusion of mirrored furniture, chandeliers and lots of wall decorations. Cream and taupe are stunning together as long as the cream is a soft warm cream and not a yellowy custard cream.

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24 hour Shopping: Window Blinds

14 Nov

Whether you are nipping into Tesco’s for a packet of sugar at 3.00 o clock in the morning or doing your Christmas shopping on a Sunday afternoon, the convenience of the shops being open for extended hours is now a matter of course.

Buying on-line is also definitely here to stay.  Shopping online allows you to buy whatever you wish whilst also cooking supper or during the ads of your favourite television programme – no need to tire yourself out dragging around the shops only to find a very limited range of products ranging from microwave meals to window blinds.  It would be physically impossible for the shops to carry the vast selection of ranges that on-line buying offers, no matter what you are looking for.

Choosing your new look for a room or indeed the whole house can be exciting, but take a step back and do a bit of on-line research with a professional company such as Polesandblinds so you can consider the most effective way to go about it.  Are you looking for a relaxed or formal classical look or a relaxed or formal modern look?

What's It to Be - Trendy or Traditional

The colour scheme is the building block for the rest of the scheme to be built upon. Consider if you are opting for wallpaper or paint for the walls. There are many fabulous wallpaper choices often with matching or co-ordinating fabrics. A great look which is now back in favour is to paper a feature wall with a paper that will co-ordinate with the fabric.  Harlequin Fabrics, Sandersons and John Wilman spring to mind as the first port of call to find exactly what you are looking for with combination wallpapers and fabrics.


Chic or Simple - Florals Appeal to Most

If painted walls are your preference then there are literally thousands of paint colours so leave making that decision until later, you will certainly find a colour to suit the scheme. Once you have chosen the colour theme, then choose your fabrics and window treatments both of which should try to be in keeping with the architectural style of the room as well as the furniture.

There have been many remarkable strides forward with the design and manufacture of curtain poles and blinds over the last few years.  It can however be a minefield trying to decide which is best suited to your decor or type of window. There are many different types, weights and sizes of curtain poles, finial designs and styles of blinds so a little knowledge on the subject may well help you to make the right decision.

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Will We Ever Be Satisfied

27 Oct

The amazing choice of soft furnishing fabrics, curtain poles, blinds and wall coverings available on the market today offer many hours of tinkering on the surface with your decor without the need to tear down walls or indeed constantly be on the move.


Blending Tradition with Technology.

Our homes today are full of technology and can easily become cold and clinical without careful thought being given to the choice of colours and home accessories used. Keeping in touch with the natural elements and including them in some way in your decor will always help to maintain harmony and balance.  A white or soft neutral coloured theme makes a great starting point as   colours can be added with gay abandon or with delicate subtlety. A neutral theme has total disregard for the depth or intensity of the accompanying colours and the odd mishap can easily be rectified.

White or tonal shades of white make a great choice for certain rooms such as the main or guest bedroom having the capability of being suitable for just about every look from traditionally romantic to modern luxury, bouncing light into every corner, enhancing the feeling of space and airiness.

white bedrooms

White Makes a Stunning Backdrop for Anything

And remember that no matter how badly the day went or how uncertain you are about your tomorrows, your bed will always be your safe haven, a place to call your own for your own time and space, so make it a pleasure to be in.  Buy the best bed you can afford, after all you spend a third of your life there and do not cut corners on the decor.

White curtain poles in every shape and size are readily available as are all types of blinds. Minute hints of tonal shades of white or self coloured textures give a tempting relief for an otherwise completely white finish and likewise many white curtain poles have a glimmer of gilt to give just the merest touch of decadence.

wooden curtain pole

A Hint of Eloquence




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White – calming and uncomplicated

27 Sep

 A pearly white decor is simply elegant  yet simplicity does not mean boring or bland.

White Roller Blinds will give any bathroom a clean, fresh feel and can be finished with various shapes and pull cords to add a touch of glamour and similarly white is a great colour for bedrooms, far from being cold, a white decor achieves a note of serenity, ideal where relaxation is the key.

Plain white curtains in a romantic styled bedroom would perhaps benefit from a textured fabric to add depth to the finish and a Wooden Curtain Pole that has a touch of gilt to add extra  interest and a splash of glamour.

Using white throughout a room is not only stylish, but also very versatile. A modern home with windows dressed with eyelet curtains fitted on a matching Metal Curtain Pole will have a calm and balanced feel, just what we need for unwinding after a hectic day.

Textures and tones of white evoke a feeling of freshness and space.

White is always a very rewarding palette to work with – it is not a colour but because it is very sensitive to light it makes a delightful medium for mixing textures and details. The key to a successful white interior design scheme is in fact to break the block of white either with some interesting or impressive window blind or curtain pole, a decorative item such as a chandelier, an architectural detail such as beams or an elaborate coving otherwise the room will become very clinical and overbearing.

Any colour chart will of course include pure white plus a vast array of tones and tints of white which will take the starkness off the pure white.  A completely pure white room can be very difficult to live with not only visually, but also practically, especially with children or pets. You will find yourself constantly reaching for the spare tin of paint or a packet of wet wipes just to keep the whole thing looking pristine – there is no doubt about it though, a white decor will bring a feeling of space, cleanliness and airiness.

It's very hard to work with white alone, it usually needs a lift.

An all white interior scheme that is lacking interesting flooring or furnishings can have an eclectic colour such as a bright yellow introduced in the form of the odd cushion, home accessory or for a really high impact, a feature wall painted or papered in a bold statement finish .

A white decor is ideal for the romantic wafty look, always a great success for a romantic bedroom setting, a crisp Scandinavian decor which is perhaps best suited to the kitchen, or for a modern Spa bathroom styling, not such as good idea for family living.



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Think outside the box

26 May

Blue is another primary colour  but needs careful thought before you introduce it as your feature colour – never consider it for example in a dark north facing room.

Blue is still our favourite colour in the U.K., a calming soothing colour ideal for blinds and curtains.  We are so familiar with blue as it surrounds our very being, blue sky, sea and flowers to mention just a few examples. It also is a Mediterranean colour conjuring up memories of sun-drenched beaches – a real mood lifter especially on a dreary day. Light is inseparable from colour, so a vibrant tone will help your home to look more spacious.


Blue is a calming, soothing colour; great for bedrooms as it is said to prevent nightmares, bathrooms for its relaxing properties and studies as it also is linked to promoting intellectual thought. Care is required in the selection of the tone of blue as it can look chilly and unwelcoming. Try to select a blue with warm colour undertones such as this fabulous living room, the slightly softer turquoise hues providing plenty of inspiration for both window treatments and home accessories.

A statement feature wall with a high impact wallcovering introduces scope for an imaginative approach to your style of window finish. Whilst curtains always make the most impact, there are certain styles of decor such as modern contemporary that perhaps only call for a minimal blind.


Metal Venetian Blinds such as this fabulous kingfisher blue blind will become an intrinsic part of the wall if you colour match the blind, allowing for an easy look window treatment which also has many practical advantages such as filtering the light and heat entering the room. If you have decided on a blue carpet as part of your scheme, you will definately need some kind of window blind, preferable a Vertical Blind to protect the carpet from the fading effects of the sun – always far more noticable with a dark coloured carpet.

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Blinds and Curtain Poles

Curtain Pole Options

29 Mar


Need an EYELET CURTAIN POLE for your eyelet curtains?.

This is a curtain pole that does not have curtain rings as the eyelets in the curtains are the means of fixing the curtains to the pole, the metal pole should match the metal eyelet finish. Eyelet curtain headings, although very modern in style brings about a rather formal finish as the curtains fold back and forth across the pole.


The wall fixing brackets are adjustable to suit the size of the fold of the curtain and the finials are hand blown making for their own unique finish.

Need a  MODERN METAL CURTAIN POLE to set the pace for a contemporary window treatment?

The architectural styling of this stainless steel effect or spun brass curtain pole makes a stunning feature of your windows, at a very realistic price. The sharp graphic pattern created by the series of rings on the barrel curtain finial creates a bold modern statement. The circular design of the wall fixing brackets keeps the finish of the pole neat yet trendy, ideal even for the most contemporary of interior designs.

Rolls Neo Stud pole

Another stylish detail of the Rolls Neo Curtain Pole is the square cut nylon lined curtain rings, creating an air of sophistication by adding an extra design dimension, becoming a complimentary partner to the curtain pole finial.


Or traditional pinch pleat curtains dressed on a fabulous hand finished wooden curtain pole such as the Resina Advent Leaf & Berry pole?.

The tulip inspired curtain finial is richly adorned with carved detailing which looks particularly outstanding with the finishing touches picked out in silver or gold. The dark wood and gold finishes look stunning in an intimate dining room, or in an elegant yet formal lounge which is richly furnished in bold colours and elaborate curtain headings, deep triple pinch pleats linked with a matching bullion cord for example. The soft antique paint effects are perhaps more suitable for a romantic yet stylish bedroom with the curtain pole lavishly swathed in generous quantities of silks or taffeta, the curtains interlined perhaps with an attached goblet valance finished with a matching bullion fringe and left to hang loosely to the floor, maybe even leaving the curtains puddled onto the floor.

Are you overlooked and need a DOUBLE CURTAIN POLE or just an elegant effect for your bedroom windows?.

Are your windows overlooked or have an undesirable view – then perhaps they will require a double pole, the Integra Lexington Ball double curtain pole for example, will enable a pair of voile curtains to remain closed during the day with the main curtains only being used at night.


This curtain pole is also extendable making it extra easy to fit.

Do you have a bay window and need a BAY WINDOW CURTAIN POLE don’t panic!


We have a large range of curtain poles that can be bent by hand, fitted with corner joints to turn the bend or that can be bent at the factory to suit your particular angle.

For further information please click here

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