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BLACK – Not to be Afraid of

27 Jan
black curtains and cushions

Black and Cream With the Midas Touch - Gold

Black has scary connotations, death, the devil and the night – however in interior design in Asian decor it was thought to bring good luck to the occupants of the house and although in the West we know it takes more than a black decor, it still looks good.

No-one in their right mind would consider an all black room, but even if it is just a black roman blind or a black curtain pole with curtains based on a black background or decorative design, black will look stunning and very chic combined with charming warm colours such as pale coral, pinks and creams or gold for the epitome of a show-off scheme and bedrooms in particular with black accents are fabulous.

Carrying the curtain fabric through to the curtain poles and bedspread or as in this case, to a bed runner and of course the cushions will keep the movement of colours flowing through.

If your curtains are interlined or even if they  just have a  decorative heading such as a pinch pleat heading, you may wish to dress them in the folds that correspond to the pleats of the heading. You will need curtain holdbacks or tie-backs to achieve this and unless you have the time or the inclination to dress them every morning, it is best to fit an additional blind, usually a roller blind or a roman blind as the secondary fitting to be the actual working part of the window treatment.

The addition of  glass tops to your furniture will not only protect it, but also the shiny reflective surface will add both glamour and light to the decor.

Chrome curtains poles are great with black curtains in a modern scheme, this Speedy metal curtain pole being particularly stunning as the black background of the finial shows through the mosaic glass fragments of the finial decoration,  mirroring the curtains to the last detail.

moden curtain finial in mirrored fragments

Carry Your Curtains through to the Curtain Pole

This very adaptable pole can also be used as a bay window curtain pole with the required corner joints, great if you have more than one window in a room, one of which being a bay window. The corner joint literally fits at one end of two poles and there you have it – a perfect right angle bend.

corner joint for bay windows

Bay Window Problems - A thing of the Past

Space is a sheer joy I think in your home – when you come in your door after a busy day at work, travelling in a crowded train or doing battle in Tescos, a decor based on white or cream with black accents will certainly help you to feel less conjested and relaxed.  Let the black colouring be the decorative detail, it´s strong enough and the white or pale cream the space maker.

Black finishing touches in a living room are stunning, but best avoided as the main upholstery colour unless you are a particularly organised person, furniture is such hard work in black and anyway you never know when a puppy or kitten may arrive. Black influenced living rooms are definately for the modern minded – a pared down interior is required, not one that is loaded with personal items. It´s now very “out of vogue” to fill the room with ornaments – a few groups of carefully selected favourite ornaments and a similarly well chosen coffee tablescape is all that´s permitted.

venetian blinds for bay windows

Metal Venetian Blinds will get you out of a Tight Corner

A black worktop in the kitchen will give depth to the units, match many of items such as the hob and oven and can easily be accesssorised by black kitchen equipment such as toasters and permissable nic nacs such as the odd olive oil bottle. Don´t forget to introduce a bit of colour even if its just a red flower.

Metal venetian blinds are ideal in a kitchen and are available in a huge range of colours, so getting your window treatment to match your chosen decor colour will not be a problem. Blinds of any description are a great way of dressing bay windows that are a combination of flat sections as each window can be fitted with an individual blind.  Also if the kitchen is a kitchen/diner, it´s good to pick out a feature colour from the curtains and match the blind accordingly.

Greater care needs to be taken with powerful primaries such as red – for lashings of red the room will need to be vast and free from any encumbrancies such as fussy curtain treatments and ornaments. More about red soon……….. in the mean time some of us are more than happy to stick to black and white.

black and white decor

Lay Back and Enjoy It

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Poles and Blinds: Relaxed Modern Look

9 Dec
modern window blind

Wood Can Form the Basis for a Striking Scheme

This style of decor is an informal aspect of a modern style. Contemporary living does not have to be stark and clinical.  This look has a pleasing, comfortable feel which is often synonymous with a slightly rustic look.

Roller blinds and Roman blinds in soft greens and golds will match well with pine furniture and wooden flooring. Wooden curtain poles are also perfect for a relaxed modern look, metal curtain poles unless they are traditional brass or wrought iron will always look very contemporary due to their late arrival on the interiors scene. Wooden venetian blinds will suit any colour scheme and look equally attractive from the inside as well as the outside.

informal curtain headings

Florals Always Ensure a Softness

Floral fabrics will always have an enduring appeal that transcends fashion trends. There is currently a floral renaissance but with a modern element. The vintage looking florals will always create a perfect country cottage look, not what is required for a modern look.

Simple curtain headings such as double pinch pleat or pencil pleat headings will suit this style of decor rather than the more formal look of a triple pinch pleat heading and remember that while buying and arranging the finishing touches to the room are the really fun part,  as someone famous, but I cannot remember who it was once said, ” be careful not to over egg the pudding”.  Clutter is not synonymous with a modern decor.

In modern interior design a tablescape is now well recognised. It is the clever grouping of unrelated objects combined harmoniously into one visually pleasing display, but make sure they are items that you like and perhaps need in the room or the end result will create the feeling of living in a property developer’s show home.

blinds and curtain poles

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Formal Classic Look – Choices: Curtain Poles, Fabrics & Headings

17 Nov

Fabulous Curtains are the Building Blocks for the Rest of the Decor

Getting your window treatment right is the main challenge of your new decor. Elegant curtains will transform any room, the more formal look being achieved not only by the choice of curtain fabric and curtain heading, but also by the choice of curtain pole.  To guarantee a couture feel make sure that you have enough widths in the curtains, there is nothing worse than a skimpy pair of curtains (one of the disadvantages of ready-made curtains)

Triple pinch pleats and Goblet headings have been popular as an alternative to the very decorative treatments such as Swags and Tails or Shaped Box Pelmets for quite some time now. The depth of the heading detail can be finished in various sizes, it all depends on the depth of the buckrum, but make sure that you do not choose the deep option if your ceiling or windows are low as it will visually alter the height of the room, making it feel rather small and oppressive.


A Dramatic Combination of both Colour and Styling

These fabulous triple pleat damask curtains are made from a Harlequin fabric. They do not need to be interlined as the design detailing is already raised making the fabric  too thick to be then able to be made into the pleats.

The pinch pleat and goblet curtains hang slightly below the pole so that when the curtains are open the heading will have plenty of space to fold back on itself.  This leaves the decorative detail neatly arranged together along the front of the curtains when they are open. With this in mind, make sure that your curtain pole is up to the mark as it will be almost entirely exposed.


The Reeded Curtain Pole Finish Adds to the Decadent Look

The Regency reeded curtain pole is very economically priced bearing in mind the design detailing and gilt finish.   Wooden curtain poles are often more associated with a formal window finish, although there are many metal poles especially brass curtain poles that have a traditionl feel about them.


The Curtain Finial Really Sets the Style

The Swish Minster brass curtain pole is available in three three stylish colours, although the brass colourway is more apt for a formal classic finish such as would have been favoured by the illustrious look of the Victorian and Regency era.

Silk is inherently glamorous and cannot fail to bring beauty to any window. Silk curtains make up particularly well when interlined and finished with a formal curtain heading.  The romantic appeal of silk makes it particularly fitting for a Master Bedroom, looking equally attractive when made up into matching bedspreads and cushions.


The Silk Curtains Definately Set the Mood for the Room

These fabulous silk goblet curtains have been interlined to give body to the fine silk fabric.  The shimmering cascade of fabric in a soothing yet refined turquoise pattern is the epitome of luxury and an equally delicate curtain pole such as the Integra Woodworks curtain pole would make a perfect combination.


A Hint of Gold Whispers 'GLAMOUR'

Including a Roman Blind in the window treatment will give you maximum choice for light and privacy.  If you want to exclude light completely from the room, perhaps in a bedroom, then certain Roman Blinds such as the Bellini Cream roman blind will do just that whilst blending effortlessly with the rest of the window decor. Whilst there are many types of blinds available, the Roman Blind is best suited for the classic window. They are opened by soft layers of fabric folding over eachother giving a more elegant finish than the more contemporary look of perhaps a Roller blind.


Roman Blinds add a Wonderfully Soft Finish to a Window

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Curtain Pole Considerations

9 Nov

It is a fairly daunting task after having had a pair of beautiful curtains made especially for you by a curtain maker to then ensure that you have chosen the correct Curtain Pole or secondary window treatment in the form of a Blind for your style of decor and curtain finish.  The next few Polesandblinds blogs will explain how different curtain poles, blinds and curtain headings will create very different effects.


Elegance can be Easily Achieved, its a Question of Choice

A minimal metal curtain pole with chic, slim lines and the merest mention of a curtain finial such as the Neo curtain pole will alter completely the look of a pair of curtains from the finish achieved when the same curtains are fitted to a fabulously decadent pole such as the Speedy Alexia pole.  Both of these poles are fine examples of the wonderfully varied collections of curtain poles available on the market today.


The Stunning Curtain Finial Adds Elegance and Style

The Alexia curtain pole will create a dramatic effect, making it a great option for most styles of curtains, more so if the curtain fabric is a plain colour or has a self coloured texture as the pole will be able to make the main statement and will not be in competition with an elaborate curtain pattern.

The curtain pole is suitable for medium and heavy weight curtains, the 28mm used for medium weight curtains and the 35mm for heavy weight curtains and interlined curtains. The wall brackets are also extendable so heavily decorative coving will not obstruct the fitting position of the pole and deep window sills or radiators that have been fitted under the window will not interfere with the fall of full length curtains as the pole can be extended further away from the wall by the brackets. The curtain pole is available in four exquisite finial colours with co-ordinating metal pole finishes.

Although the Satin Silver and Antique Brass poles are the most popular colours, the Polished Graphite will add warmth and glamour to the decor just as the bright Chrome will catch the light and add an extra dimension of style.

modern_metal _pole

Modern Chic Combined with Versatility

The Neo metal curtain pole has a different set of attributes to the Alexia. The pole is not only a fine example of modern design techniques but also has an ingenious collection of related items that can easily change the pole from a conventional pole for straight windows to a bay window curtain pole or a double curtain pole for layered curtains.

Layered curtains are one of the most significant changes in window fashion in recent years.  This type of window treatment allows for a multifunctional system that is often an essential requirement for certain rooms, especially for a bedroom,  where during the day you may well wish to let light in but maintain a high level of privacy which a pair of gentle wafty voiles will achieve. If you wish to exclude light completely then the main curtains can have blackout lining. This type of curtain lining is quite stiff, so the resulting curtains may well appear rather solid and unwilling to dress in folds.

Curtain holdbacks in this particular instance will be of great benefit as the curtains can be arranged manually into folds and held back away from the window during the day. A great tip when hanging any curtains for the first time, but particularly blackout curtains, is to pleat the curtains into formal pleats of equal size if you have chosen pencil pleat heading or into pleats corresponding to the pinch pleats or goblet heading and leave them to settle in the open position for a few days either in the holdbacks or if you have chosen not to fit holdbacks, then simply tie a piece of string around the middle and at the hem line so that the curtains will then automatically open neatly in those folds.

Many curtain poles have matching curtain holdbacks, if not there are many available on our site that will compliment whatever pole you have chosen.


Control Your Curtains

If you are including a blind in your window treatment, fitting curtain holdbacks will allow the curtains to be permanently dressed open with the blind being the main functional part of the treatment.

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Poles & Blinds – Colours Explained – Red

17 Apr

Some people have a favourite colour – their mind is made up and that’s that.  Others however, with a little gentle persuasion can be influenced one way or the other.



It’s great to see the world through rose coloured glasses so including shades of red in your home decor, whether it is a deep dramatic burgundy or a pale pastel pink, there is a tone of red to suit every palette.

Red is one of the three primary colours – a base for many other colours. Bright red is associated with passion, energy and warmth; often the favoured colour choice of restaurateurs as it promotes a sociable feeling as well as stimulates the appetite. It therefore follows that including red in your dining room will have the same effect.


Reds or tones of red are great for a feature wall colour, but too much red can overwhelm the room.

The Bay Window Curtain Pole featured in this image is set as far as possible above the bay window to also enable the use of Roman Blinds. This means that the pinch pleat curtains can be arranged in folds, leaving the blinds to do the work.

It would be too much of a good thing to have solid red walls and curtains – these curtains compliment the walls perfectly, whilst also toning the high impact colouring down. The neutral colouring of the blinds add impact to the curtains rather than compete with them.

Note the attractive touch of including the curtain fabric as part of the accessories in the room.

Roman blinds are usually the best option as a complimentary window treatment for bay windows in a traditional home as they reflect the distinctive elegance we have come to associate with fine dining but remember, the choice of fabric should be unobtrusive or the windows will become over decorative.

The Islata Roman Blind is a fine example of a blind that will fit both bay windows and conventional windows, harmonizing well with wall and floor colourings and leaving the statement curtains as the feature of the room.

A Quiet Foil for Luminous Colours

If you have opted for a modern decor, then perhaps you do not want to include curtains in your decor, although in a dining room I feel that a more intimate atmosphere will be created as curtains will not only reduce the level of background noise, but will also give distinction to the window.

A strong colour such as red whatever your style will turn your dining room into a blaze of warmth with candles and uplighters combining to give a pleasant under-lying glow.

blinds and curtain poles

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Curtain Pole Options

29 Mar


Need an EYELET CURTAIN POLE for your eyelet curtains?.

This is a curtain pole that does not have curtain rings as the eyelets in the curtains are the means of fixing the curtains to the pole, the metal pole should match the metal eyelet finish. Eyelet curtain headings, although very modern in style brings about a rather formal finish as the curtains fold back and forth across the pole.


The wall fixing brackets are adjustable to suit the size of the fold of the curtain and the finials are hand blown making for their own unique finish.

Need a  MODERN METAL CURTAIN POLE to set the pace for a contemporary window treatment?

The architectural styling of this stainless steel effect or spun brass curtain pole makes a stunning feature of your windows, at a very realistic price. The sharp graphic pattern created by the series of rings on the barrel curtain finial creates a bold modern statement. The circular design of the wall fixing brackets keeps the finish of the pole neat yet trendy, ideal even for the most contemporary of interior designs.

Rolls Neo Stud pole

Another stylish detail of the Rolls Neo Curtain Pole is the square cut nylon lined curtain rings, creating an air of sophistication by adding an extra design dimension, becoming a complimentary partner to the curtain pole finial.


Or traditional pinch pleat curtains dressed on a fabulous hand finished wooden curtain pole such as the Resina Advent Leaf & Berry pole?.

The tulip inspired curtain finial is richly adorned with carved detailing which looks particularly outstanding with the finishing touches picked out in silver or gold. The dark wood and gold finishes look stunning in an intimate dining room, or in an elegant yet formal lounge which is richly furnished in bold colours and elaborate curtain headings, deep triple pinch pleats linked with a matching bullion cord for example. The soft antique paint effects are perhaps more suitable for a romantic yet stylish bedroom with the curtain pole lavishly swathed in generous quantities of silks or taffeta, the curtains interlined perhaps with an attached goblet valance finished with a matching bullion fringe and left to hang loosely to the floor, maybe even leaving the curtains puddled onto the floor.

Are you overlooked and need a DOUBLE CURTAIN POLE or just an elegant effect for your bedroom windows?.

Are your windows overlooked or have an undesirable view – then perhaps they will require a double pole, the Integra Lexington Ball double curtain pole for example, will enable a pair of voile curtains to remain closed during the day with the main curtains only being used at night.


This curtain pole is also extendable making it extra easy to fit.

Do you have a bay window and need a BAY WINDOW CURTAIN POLE don’t panic!


We have a large range of curtain poles that can be bent by hand, fitted with corner joints to turn the bend or that can be bent at the factory to suit your particular angle.

For further information please click here

poles and blinds leading the way for fabulous windows treatments

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