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Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys or is it ????.

21 May

Playing safe and going white or lemon for the nursery is a thing of the past as if only to get the colour choice for the nursery correct, we can ask the sex of the baby.

transparent roller blind

“Playing Safe” for the New Arrival

Plain white blinds, curtains and curtain poles are all readily available, but as children love bright colours, I do think it rather a shame to have such a bland nursery.

Fun Nursery Prints for Any Eventuality

There are plenty of childrens blinds or brightly coloured plain blinds such as venetian blinds, curtains and bedding to make a nursery fun for any baby.

Decorating the nursery is your chance to really have fun as anything will work, especially as the vast array of multi coloured soft toys showered on the new baby will bring a chaos of colour to whatever colour theme you have planned.

Stereotyping colours into gender preferences is not a current trend, but interestingly the pigeonholing of colours such as pink for girls and blue for boys has only been since the mid 20th century.

pink girls curtains

Contrast Headings for Curtains Allows for a Band of Colour to Theme Through the Rest of the Decor

This bright pink and lilac bedroom is definately for the girls …….

roller blinds for bedrooms and bathrooms

This Smart Roller Blind will Grow with the Baby – It’s All a Question of Accessories and Age Group of the Toys.

And this smart blue for a boy roller blind will not embarrass an older boy, but will suit a baby too.

Before that pink was for boys as it was a dilution of red, which was thought to be a masculine colour and blue for girls as it was a pretty delicate colour also associated in the Western world with the purity of the Virgin Mary.

Serious amounts of money is clearly spent on marketing research, targeting children and for that matter, all of us with colours relating to product types, hence for example the sea of pink packaging in the girls section of the toy shop.

nursery blackout roller blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds are often Essential for Everyone getting a Good Nights Sleep

Blackout blinds are becoming an important consideration when planning your nursery or revamping your child’s bedroom as they will give you total control over the level of daylight in the room, often a prerequisite for daytime naps. Everyone, no matter how small, will find it difficult to settle for a lunchtime nap with the sun blazing through the window. Also in the modern techno world, often even the tiniest little fingers are used to operating a tablet and may need a slightly lower level of daylight to see the screen to its best advantage.

wooden curtain pole

A Simple Plain White Wooden Curtain Pole is all the is Needed to Dress the Nursery Curtains – overly fussy poles will compete with the Rest of the Decor

If you are feeling very creative now’s your chance to get stuck in. There are wooden curtain poles available that are left untreated, so you can customise your curtain pole to match the wall colourings.

paint your own curtain pole

An Unfinished Wooden Curtain Pole will allow you to Get A Perfect Match with the Walls.

I used to love the vast choice you could get with wallpaper borders. They allowed you to bring the walls together with the window treatments and as an Interior Designer were ideal for View Homes where the simple addition of a border would take the plainess from the walls, often a problem in an unfurnished unit.

Borders are slowly making a comeback, adding in the case of a nursery a fun finish to the walls without the effort of wallpapering.

wallpaper borders

A Playful Border will Instantly Add Fun to Any Decor

And while you have the paint pot out, why not get the sewing machine out, make a few cushions and dress up the dollys to match the blinds – just give us a ring and we can supply you with the fabric to match your blinds.

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White – calming and uncomplicated

27 Sep

 A pearly white decor is simply elegant  yet simplicity does not mean boring or bland.

White Roller Blinds will give any bathroom a clean, fresh feel and can be finished with various shapes and pull cords to add a touch of glamour and similarly white is a great colour for bedrooms, far from being cold, a white decor achieves a note of serenity, ideal where relaxation is the key.

Plain white curtains in a romantic styled bedroom would perhaps benefit from a textured fabric to add depth to the finish and a Wooden Curtain Pole that has a touch of gilt to add extra  interest and a splash of glamour.

Using white throughout a room is not only stylish, but also very versatile. A modern home with windows dressed with eyelet curtains fitted on a matching Metal Curtain Pole will have a calm and balanced feel, just what we need for unwinding after a hectic day.

Textures and tones of white evoke a feeling of freshness and space.

White is always a very rewarding palette to work with – it is not a colour but because it is very sensitive to light it makes a delightful medium for mixing textures and details. The key to a successful white interior design scheme is in fact to break the block of white either with some interesting or impressive window blind or curtain pole, a decorative item such as a chandelier, an architectural detail such as beams or an elaborate coving otherwise the room will become very clinical and overbearing.

Any colour chart will of course include pure white plus a vast array of tones and tints of white which will take the starkness off the pure white.  A completely pure white room can be very difficult to live with not only visually, but also practically, especially with children or pets. You will find yourself constantly reaching for the spare tin of paint or a packet of wet wipes just to keep the whole thing looking pristine – there is no doubt about it though, a white decor will bring a feeling of space, cleanliness and airiness.

It's very hard to work with white alone, it usually needs a lift.

An all white interior scheme that is lacking interesting flooring or furnishings can have an eclectic colour such as a bright yellow introduced in the form of the odd cushion, home accessory or for a really high impact, a feature wall painted or papered in a bold statement finish .

A white decor is ideal for the romantic wafty look, always a great success for a romantic bedroom setting, a crisp Scandinavian decor which is perhaps best suited to the kitchen, or for a modern Spa bathroom styling, not such as good idea for family living.



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The Last of the Primaries

4 Sep
Yellow is the third of the primary colours
 It is a colour said to stimulate the senses and therefore not a good colour for bedrooms – yellow detailing however will give a lift to the decor.

Bright Yellow is Never Mellow

 Yellow will instantly inject a light-hearted touch of summer sunshine even if you merely introduce a simple Vertical Blind or metal Venetian Blind.  If this is what you are after, then keep the yellow a clean yellow, in other words shades of yellow that have been altered to different colour palettes with the introduction of varying amounts of white.


Summer Sunshine At Any Time of the Year

 The merest touch of green mixed with yellow and lots of white makes a fabulous colour scheme for the entire room. Curtains, blinds, cushions and even the walls be based on this very useable colour, but make sure that the room is not North facing as it could be a little oppressive – save your bright yellows for rooms facing North as it will certainly give them a lift.  


Yellow and Blue as always makes a Stunning Colour Combination

Yellow used with blue is one of our favourite colour combinations, it has the feel of a sunny summer garden, most welcome particularly in an urban setting. 

A Fun Roller Blind for Kids and Kitchen windows

This yellow roller blind is made from a blackout fabric, often essential in a child’s bedroom.  Roller blinds are a good choice for children’s rooms as they will leave the window sills clear during the day for teddies or whatever, but will keep the daylight out until “getting up time”.

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A Break From Colours

8 Jul

Don’t be afraid of colour especially in a north facing room – it will give warmth to the room and will bring your personality to life. Bright on bright is not easy to live with, but bright combined with dark earthy colours makes for a striking combination.

Introducing the odd piece of furniture that may well have been destined for the tip will add a touch of traditional styling, but be sure to have the furniture upholstered in a fabric that blends with the overall décor of the room and definitely do not over clutter the room to avoid the Victorian parlour look.

No-one would actually want to sit in this style of seating and as you will want your living room to be a welcoming and comfortable haven, be sure to include some seating that you can sink into for a read or relax.

Trimmings and tassels have made a come back so for a truly decadent finish be sure to include some kind of embellishment even if it’s just on a few of the cushions and be sure to have ample amounts of fabric in the curtains, perhaps even puddling them on the floor for a truly voluptuous finish.

Innovative 20th century style mirrors and glassware are still being reproduced relatively cheaply and are readily available in any good quality home furnishing shops.

Modern Contemporary – as long as the décor is minimal, light and airy, then almost anything goes. The key is creating a calm atmosphere where unnecessary accessories are avoided and clutter is kept out of sight in cupboards; not an easy décor to maintain with a young family.


Metal curtain poles are usually the name of the game in a modern décor and there is a myriad of choice from Poles and Blinds.com

Hasta Vision 28mm Genuine Stainless Steel curtain pole set.


The sculptural shapes of the wooden finials used as the detailing for this trendy curtain pole from the Hasta range will create an interesting illusion of space particularly when the curtain pole is used in a room with little other structural interest.

If the curtain pole is used with a neutral heavily textured curtain fabric, the tonal effect of the wood grain in the oak colouring for light naturals and the coffee colouring for deeper tonal fabrics will make a stimulating focal point to the window treatment.   The circular cut out feature of the finial unifies the circular detailing on the wall fixing bracket, harmonizing the overall of the curtain pole.

Curtain Poles and Blinds

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Soothing But Can Have a Kick

30 Jun

Green makes a great colour choice for any type of blind – taking a cue from nature it is the colour of peace and tranquillity.  Curtains based on green colourings especially if they are floral tone well particularly with wooden curtain poles, the slightly country look complimenting the natural finish of the wood.

As your choice of colour will have a great affect on your mood, make sure that first of all it is a colour that you really like and not just one that is in vogue at the moment. There are many popular tones of green, a light clean green (green mixed with copious amounts of white) will look refreshing whereas an olive green (green mixed with a splash of brown and yellow) can look a little dismal and may well need lifting with a warm accent colour.


Accent Warm Colouring To Lift The Mood

If you are using green as the primary colour in a statement feature, its best to limit it to one focal wall, perhaps the window treatments and then complimentary coloured home accessories and art work. Alternatively you can use the main primary colour for the paintwork such as skirting boards, window frames and doors, and then a very much lighter tone of the main colour for the walls and then a very soft hue in the same colour group for the ceilings. This will then leave you carte blanche for your window treatments and accessories.


Green can often be quite harsh so may well need counteracting with another rich colour such as burgundy or another natural element such as wood and also remember to check your choice of colours in both natural and artificial light, they will vary quite significantly – if in doubt always go a shade lighter.


Living room or bedroom blinds look great in green and will help a restful repose. This stylish vertical blind the Acacia Kiwi will also work well in an office as green is said to keep you calm, hense the “Green Room” at the theatre – a waiting room or rooms near the stage  that were historically painted green to keep nerves calm before being called on stage.


Many pleated blinds have special properties added to the fabric during manufacturing. This particular blind- the Samuri Grass blind has a sun reflective backing that reduces the amount of light and heat entering the room by over 80%. This factor will be particularly useful on a south facing window in for instance a home office which will be used during the day.

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