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Poles & Blinds – Colours Explained – Red

17 Apr

Some people have a favourite colour – their mind is made up and that’s that.  Others however, with a little gentle persuasion can be influenced one way or the other.



It’s great to see the world through rose coloured glasses so including shades of red in your home decor, whether it is a deep dramatic burgundy or a pale pastel pink, there is a tone of red to suit every palette.

Red is one of the three primary colours – a base for many other colours. Bright red is associated with passion, energy and warmth; often the favoured colour choice of restaurateurs as it promotes a sociable feeling as well as stimulates the appetite. It therefore follows that including red in your dining room will have the same effect.


Reds or tones of red are great for a feature wall colour, but too much red can overwhelm the room.

The Bay Window Curtain Pole featured in this image is set as far as possible above the bay window to also enable the use of Roman Blinds. This means that the pinch pleat curtains can be arranged in folds, leaving the blinds to do the work.

It would be too much of a good thing to have solid red walls and curtains – these curtains compliment the walls perfectly, whilst also toning the high impact colouring down. The neutral colouring of the blinds add impact to the curtains rather than compete with them.

Note the attractive touch of including the curtain fabric as part of the accessories in the room.

Roman blinds are usually the best option as a complimentary window treatment for bay windows in a traditional home as they reflect the distinctive elegance we have come to associate with fine dining but remember, the choice of fabric should be unobtrusive or the windows will become over decorative.

The Islata Roman Blind is a fine example of a blind that will fit both bay windows and conventional windows, harmonizing well with wall and floor colourings and leaving the statement curtains as the feature of the room.

A Quiet Foil for Luminous Colours

If you have opted for a modern decor, then perhaps you do not want to include curtains in your decor, although in a dining room I feel that a more intimate atmosphere will be created as curtains will not only reduce the level of background noise, but will also give distinction to the window.

A strong colour such as red whatever your style will turn your dining room into a blaze of warmth with candles and uplighters combining to give a pleasant under-lying glow.

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