Do you want a bathroom that makes you want to sing in the shower or to waft away in a bath full of water.


The Bathroom Looks Fabulous, but I have my doubts about the comfort of the bath.

Your choice of colour for your bathroom will be determined by the atmosphere you are trying to create as well as the level of intimacy. A chic minimal window blind can make the starting point for the whole look and feel of the bathroom.

Bathrooms whether the family bathroom or a luxury en-suite should have a fresh clean look as that’s how you will want to feel when you leave the bathroom.

A few soaps and bath products look great, but as with all things, too many can soon become dust collecting clutter, but be sure to include a couple of candles in your bathroom accessories for when you can spare the time of a good relaxing soak.

Cool blues, turquoises and icy white are still a favourite for bathrooms especially with gloss finished paint work to compliment the shiny surfaces of the sanitary ware and chrome taps, the reflected light creating a spacious feel to the room.

bathroom blind

The Delicate Floral Design on the Roman Blind makes for a Soft Femine Feel.

Blinds make a good choice of window treatment in a bathroom as they will leave the window sills clear for you to titivate with some well chosen bathroom accessories, or load with soaps, bottles and lotions ready for use. Romantic bathrooms call for serene shades and natural textures.

Bathrooms are somewhere that modern subtle lighting and hi-tech can really be effective in helping to create a peaceful bathing experience.

A feature dark wall, dramatic statement coloured blinds or even a stack of bold coloured fluffy towels will give colour and drama to a neutral bathroom, but keep it to a tasteful minimum or the room will look fragmented.

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