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Informal Classical Look – Your Choice of Curtain Poles & Blinds

20 Nov
Metal curtain tracks

A Vintage Curtain Finish to Compliment the Furniture

An Informal Classical Look oozes with period charm which is very much maintained by your choice curtain poles and blinds as well as the furniture.  French Painted furniture and the choice of curtain fabric in the image above say it all.  The curtains have been made from a Toile design fabric. This type of decorating pattern originated in France in the late 18th century and has enjoyed a good level of popularity ever since.  The design is usually set on a cream or white background plus a single colour for the design, usually dark red, green, blue, brown or black and consists of very complicated period country scenes or cherubs. The design is very popular not only for fabrics, wallpaper and blinds, but is often also often used for bedding and china.

The deep box pelmet of the curtains above has a curtain track fitted underneath to hold the curtains. If the curtains are a light weight fabric then a simple plastic curtain track will be sufficient, but as in this instance, the curtains are quite heavy as they are interlined and the fabric has a light background so to avoid marking the leading edge of the curtains with constant handling, a good quality metal curtain track with a pull cord to draw the curtains has been used.

Integra curtain track

Integra Plastic Curtain Track

metal curtain track

Integra Ultra-Glide Curtain Track

The Cherub Cornflower and Cherub Red Roman blinds show this fabric off to its best advantage as the blind, when open is a flat panel of fabric, unlike curtains that will always be viewed in a fold. Both these blinds can be used as blackout blinds, ideal for a bedroom as a blackout lining can be used if required.

blackout blind

A Delicate Finish for a Bedroom Window

bedroom blind

An Extremely Attractive Blackout Blind

A matching throw bedspread casually yet carefully placed on the bed gives the impression of easy living, but in fact a great deal of thought has gone into this informal classical look. The curtains although quite formal with a deep pelmet detail are not at all claustrophobic as the room has a high ceiling.

The biggest bed possible in the Master bedroom is the ideal, not only for a close knit family where everyone can pile into on a Sunday morning, but also for a great look.  Your bedroom is the place where you are your most venerable, and need to feel the safest.  A good thick duvet or blankets are more comforting to snuggle under than a light duvet and a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow may well help you to sleep better and will also give a fresh country feel.

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Will We Ever Be Satisfied

27 Oct

The amazing choice of soft furnishing fabrics, curtain poles, blinds and wall coverings available on the market today offer many hours of tinkering on the surface with your decor without the need to tear down walls or indeed constantly be on the move.


Blending Tradition with Technology.

Our homes today are full of technology and can easily become cold and clinical without careful thought being given to the choice of colours and home accessories used. Keeping in touch with the natural elements and including them in some way in your decor will always help to maintain harmony and balance.  A white or soft neutral coloured theme makes a great starting point as   colours can be added with gay abandon or with delicate subtlety. A neutral theme has total disregard for the depth or intensity of the accompanying colours and the odd mishap can easily be rectified.

White or tonal shades of white make a great choice for certain rooms such as the main or guest bedroom having the capability of being suitable for just about every look from traditionally romantic to modern luxury, bouncing light into every corner, enhancing the feeling of space and airiness.

white bedrooms

White Makes a Stunning Backdrop for Anything

And remember that no matter how badly the day went or how uncertain you are about your tomorrows, your bed will always be your safe haven, a place to call your own for your own time and space, so make it a pleasure to be in.  Buy the best bed you can afford, after all you spend a third of your life there and do not cut corners on the decor.

White curtain poles in every shape and size are readily available as are all types of blinds. Minute hints of tonal shades of white or self coloured textures give a tempting relief for an otherwise completely white finish and likewise many white curtain poles have a glimmer of gilt to give just the merest touch of decadence.

wooden curtain pole

A Hint of Eloquence




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Soothing But Can Have a Kick

30 Jun

Green makes a great colour choice for any type of blind – taking a cue from nature it is the colour of peace and tranquillity.  Curtains based on green colourings especially if they are floral tone well particularly with wooden curtain poles, the slightly country look complimenting the natural finish of the wood.

As your choice of colour will have a great affect on your mood, make sure that first of all it is a colour that you really like and not just one that is in vogue at the moment. There are many popular tones of green, a light clean green (green mixed with copious amounts of white) will look refreshing whereas an olive green (green mixed with a splash of brown and yellow) can look a little dismal and may well need lifting with a warm accent colour.


Accent Warm Colouring To Lift The Mood

If you are using green as the primary colour in a statement feature, its best to limit it to one focal wall, perhaps the window treatments and then complimentary coloured home accessories and art work. Alternatively you can use the main primary colour for the paintwork such as skirting boards, window frames and doors, and then a very much lighter tone of the main colour for the walls and then a very soft hue in the same colour group for the ceilings. This will then leave you carte blanche for your window treatments and accessories.


Green can often be quite harsh so may well need counteracting with another rich colour such as burgundy or another natural element such as wood and also remember to check your choice of colours in both natural and artificial light, they will vary quite significantly – if in doubt always go a shade lighter.


Living room or bedroom blinds look great in green and will help a restful repose. This stylish vertical blind the Acacia Kiwi will also work well in an office as green is said to keep you calm, hense the “Green Room” at the theatre – a waiting room or rooms near the stage  that were historically painted green to keep nerves calm before being called on stage.


Many pleated blinds have special properties added to the fabric during manufacturing. This particular blind- the Samuri Grass blind has a sun reflective backing that reduces the amount of light and heat entering the room by over 80%. This factor will be particularly useful on a south facing window in for instance a home office which will be used during the day.

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