Bamboo and Woodweave Blinds

Bamboo and Woodweave blinds will either introduce a rather exotic feel to your decor if the dark colours are chosen, or the light mellow colours will create a more rustic feel.


Natural products will introduce nature into the home, always a recipe for a state of relaxing comfort.

These blinds can be used in layered window treatments as the main working detail, looking especially striking when the dark colourings are used with curtains made of exotic silks or ethnic weaves, the bold colours used together giving an eclectic feel, whereas the lighter colours will look stunning with swathes of natural linen or sheers wafting to their side.

When closed these blinds allow soft pools of diffused light to filter through the weave giving a slightly oriental look and when open they roll neatly to the top of the window.


These blinds will make a striking statement, opening the way for other natural products to be introduced into the decor.

These blinds always look more impressive when used on a neutral backdrop, the soft colourings of the walls enhancing the beauty of the natural fibres.
Used with furniture from the same colour shades will make for a cohesive interior scheme.


poles and blinds leading the way for fabulous windows treatments


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