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Poles and Blinds: Relaxed Modern Look

9 Dec
modern window blind

Wood Can Form the Basis for a Striking Scheme

This style of decor is an informal aspect of a modern style. Contemporary living does not have to be stark and clinical.  This look has a pleasing, comfortable feel which is often synonymous with a slightly rustic look.

Roller blinds and Roman blinds in soft greens and golds will match well with pine furniture and wooden flooring. Wooden curtain poles are also perfect for a relaxed modern look, metal curtain poles unless they are traditional brass or wrought iron will always look very contemporary due to their late arrival on the interiors scene. Wooden venetian blinds will suit any colour scheme and look equally attractive from the inside as well as the outside.

informal curtain headings

Florals Always Ensure a Softness

Floral fabrics will always have an enduring appeal that transcends fashion trends. There is currently a floral renaissance but with a modern element. The vintage looking florals will always create a perfect country cottage look, not what is required for a modern look.

Simple curtain headings such as double pinch pleat or pencil pleat headings will suit this style of decor rather than the more formal look of a triple pinch pleat heading and remember that while buying and arranging the finishing touches to the room are the really fun part,  as someone famous, but I cannot remember who it was once said, ” be careful not to over egg the pudding”.  Clutter is not synonymous with a modern decor.

In modern interior design a tablescape is now well recognised. It is the clever grouping of unrelated objects combined harmoniously into one visually pleasing display, but make sure they are items that you like and perhaps need in the room or the end result will create the feeling of living in a property developer’s show home.

blinds and curtain poles

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A Touch Of Red Maybe All It Takes

8 May


The natural beauty of this view  will obviously be the focus of the room so keep the decor minimal, but don’t leave it bland – the red chair is something individual, adding a personal touch but leaving the view to do the talking.

These fabulous Resina Advent curtain poles will give you the best of both, a hard-wearing curtain pole with the latest in innovative design and a splash to colour to accent the decor.


Window treatments historically are the most important element of decoration, often being the most expensive decorative feature in the room. This fabulous 25mm stainless steel and glass creation, available in four colourways, will impart a real fashion statement in a modern scheme, particularly with the matching detail on the wall brackets. Matching curtain holdbacks are available as an optional extra.


The stunning glass disc finials are kiln formed by glass artists who have cleverly fused Dichroic particles into molten glass which give a stunning jewel like effect as the trapped bubbles and particles sparkle to escape. Chrome and steel curtain poles normally air on the side of  modern, leaving brass and wrought iron curtain poles to dress the curtains in a more traditional setting.

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The Art of Interior Design

23 Mar roman blinds in a bay window

It is easy to become obsessed with space, light and indeed your whole decor, and move away from your home being that special place where you and your family can particularly feel relaxed, nurtured and protected – the art of good interior design is to configure your ideas to fit with your lifestyle particularly in your living room, which is after all the place where you and your family will spend most of your leisure time in the home.

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