Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds are a do-it-all window treatment, suitable for the home or office. They are perfect for modern life, being easy to clean, versatile and just plain good looking.

The colour choice is fantastic and some of the range are also available as a Roller Blind, ideal for combination window finishes.


Careful consideration needs to be give to any decorative scheme ensuring the colours are carried throughout the scheme. The delicate feminine colours of the Vertical Blind in this living room have been echoed in the cushions and accessories.


Country Cottage charm looks perfectly acceptable anywhere whether it’s in the city centre or the depths or Dartmoor.

Vertical blinds are particularly ideal for use at patio doors as they will completely stack to the side of the door out of the way of busy traffic in and out of the door.

They will seriously reduce the effects of the sun, particularly essential for south facing windows and doors – helping to control the temperature and levels of light in the room.

Vertical blinds are ideal for conservatories, helping to reduce the heat transmitted into the conservatory in the summer, and help to maintain the heat in the winter. The blinds will stack well out of the way to the side of the window when not in use, welcoming the garden into your home without the obstruction of curtains.

poles and blinds leading the way for fabulous windows treatments

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