Colour Choices are Highly Personal

Some colours leap out and grab your attention and others blend into the general decor of the room without being noticed. These days we totally ignore the old sayings such as blue and green should never be seen and only use yellow if you are mellow, they are rubbish, it’s all a question of making sure they blend or co-ordinate. A warm and cool shade of cream for instance will not blend;  colours need to be on the same side of the colour wheel to blend, but to contrast, they need to be on opposite sides of the wheel.

Colours are so flexible; just look a country cottage garden, a myriad of colours mingling together. Too much colour or too strong a colour will be hard to live with particularly in a room that is used for relaxing such as a bedroom or living room. Deep terracotta’s in a dining room for example will look great, particularly if it is a night time room, with candles and plenty of atmosphere.  A touch of strong colour will relieve a bland neutral scheme, even if it’s just a vase if roses or the odd cushion.

Light, natural or artificial also play a very important role in your colour choice, as colours completely change in daylight to night-time – Oh!  I miss the old light bulbs, the light from the new low energy ones wreck all the effort you have put into your expensive new scheme. Uplighters, downlighters and table lamps will all create pools of interest in the room and help to enliven the room from the dismal glow of the low energy bulb.

Incidentally if you need a little input from others, men are more likely to be colour blind than women so if your partner seems off key with their advice, it could be they are seeing everything in grey.

Some colours recede and others draw in, some colours are cool and others are warm, some are complimentary others are harmonious and then there are tones, hints, tints and hues.


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