Taupe – Cappuccino with a Hint of Pink

7 Feb

Interestingly the name originally came from the colour of the fur of a French Mole and started being used in the English language as a description for a certain shade of neutral in the early 1800’s

Hi !!! I am a Taupe

I am currently writing the copy for the curtain poles and blinds ready for the launch of our new web site. When I was describing the colours of various fabrics it occurred to me that many people may not have any idea what certain colours look like such as Taupe or Wedgewood, so I thought I would use the next few blogs to try to help with this by describing the colour by instinct and without the fancy designer jargon – confusing in itself when words such as “complementary” colours which, according to every dictionary means having something in common, but in interior design it means colours that are the opposite of each other.

mauve roman blinds

Taupe is a Fabulous Colour blend with other Warm Colours

This stylish room setting is based on a taupe colouring and gives you an idea of the versatility of one of my favourite colours. As you can see taupe makes a stunning backdrop for the lilac roman blinds producing a soothing receding effect, giving depth to the room as well as a sense of calmness to a modern or traditional home.

This sophisticated colour scheme has developed a layered look of pale on pale as the walls and the upholstery are both in various tones of the same colour. This in turn brings the contrasting purple blinds into sharp focus. The cushions are an assorted palette of shades of mauve with the odd sprinkling of taupe, the strong, bright colours enlivening the neutral scheme.

Roller blinds such as the Acacia Mulberry blind  gives a crisp window finish, more in tune with a contemporary decor.

Mulberry roller blind

Lilac can be both a Soft or Evocative Colour

roller blinds in lilac

Lilac with Taupe is makes a Stunning Combination

It is generally thought that neutrals can be used with any colour – a clear cream can, but taupe which has a faint pink hue will clash with cold colours such as blue, changing from a delightfully soft and very useable colour when used with other warm colours whether bold terracotta’s or gentle pastel pink to a dull and uninteresting colour when used with blues or greens. In simple terms this effect is shown at close quarters by the choice of colours used with these taupe dinner services.

Taupe Can Take on any Colour of Pink - GREAT

Taupe can look Dull with Cool Colours - NOT GREAT

Taupe is a colour that would be virtually unknown in a sunny Mediterranean type climate where clear bright primary colours usually on white walls would be the norm and you can see why.

Cream and taupe colours

Taupe with Cream - FABULOUS

Taupe is a colour that is extremely widely used in fashion and interior design as it is a warm soft light brown that can blend with lots of other colours. It is  ideal for the basis of a romantic bedroom or contemporary modern decor, being able to carry off the inclusion of mirrored furniture, chandeliers and lots of wall decorations. Cream and taupe are stunning together as long as the cream is a soft warm cream and not a yellowy custard cream.

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  1. Lily Nick March 6, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    I think you have mentioned some very interesting details , appreciate it for the post.

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