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Take the Leap from Safe Neutrals to Imaginative Brights and Black

7 May

Winter colours especially as curtains and blinds give you an opportunity to catch everyones attention with a palette of receding and advancing colours. Punctuations of brightness in the stunning black and white decor below are offered by a particularly vibrant orange and the reflective surface of the tiled floor gives a very contemporary, not to mention light and airy finish to the room.

red home accessories

Highlights of Bright Colours have the Capacity to Transform a Neutral Decor

Metal curtain poles such as the Rolls Neo will perfectly match the look and feel of this room –

modern metal curtain tracks

Modern Metal Curtain Poles In Special Metal Effect Finishes

 but there is a new very trendy form of curtain track available which is especially suited to a modern decor …. the Byron and Byron polmet.

Modern curtain tracks

Your Curtains will be Influenced by the Shape and Type of Curtain Pole or Track

This innovative curtain track makes a design statement in its own right, the black mirrored effect of the surface being given an extra dimension by the bevelled edge of the track. Any form of curtain heading, but especially double pinch pleat or pencil pleat will suit this modern track, but make sure that when you measure for the curtains you measure for them to hang just below the track or the clean horizontal look of the track will be broken.

It is often better to hang the track or curtain pole before making or ordering readymade curtains or worse still having expensive made to measure curtains and finding they are the wrong length. Curtains that are too long can usually have the curtain hook position lowered which will obviously lift the curtains higher to slightly compensate, but this may well cause the curtain heading to foul the curtain pole or track. Curtains that are too short stand out for all the wrong reasons and to most people are as offensive as trousers that are too short.

Curtain tracks are now readily available in various colours and Aluminium tracks such as the Fineline metal curtain track are also very easy to fit around tricky bay windows as they can be bent by hand.

metal curtain track

Ideal for Straight or Bay windows

A black feature wall makes the perfect setting for a collage of art work, the pictures looking richer and the details more defined.

feature wall colours

A Black Feature Wall will Highlight the Colours of the Artwork as well as Marry Them Together to Form a Group

Black furniture or as in the case of this stunning bath are perfectly matched to white or off-white walls, although to my mind a black and white decor definitely has more masculine overtones, whereas grey and white being softer is by definition, more of a feminine looking decor.

black bath

Stunning, but to my mind the Simple Clean Lines of the Bath and Bathroom needs the imput of a Warming Winter Primary Colour

But before you steam ahead with copious amounts of black and deep earthy primaries make sure the room has adequate space and light to be able to cope with these colours or the room will look depressing and overpowering.

modern blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds are Particularly Good as a Medium for Introducing Just Enough Vibrant Colouring to Blend with Brightly Coloured Home Accessories.

 I was once asked to re-do a show house that an “interior designer” had supposedly done. It was a complete disaster because clearly the designer loved terracotta and had themed the whole scheme around it, not bothering to first look out of the window of the living room, which is after all almost the first place a potential buyer looks.

The show house was completely overshadowed by large, protected trees and was built in red brick which would not normally be noticed from the inside. This particular house however backed on to the garages of the new estate, the view from the living room window therefore being dominated by red brick. With the garden being virtually only 2 metres square this was clearly an issue that need to be considered.

Everything in terracotta including the curtains, three piece suite and cushions had to go; all that remained in terracotta were a few candles and a splash of terracotta in the paintings. I went neutral to lighten the load of the wall and lift the dismal mood of the room created by the shade of the trees and included plenty of lighting of course.

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Think INDIGO Think WOW

14 Feb
Indigo is the colour of the early evening sky, dark blue tinted by the setting sun. It is also a colour best used for night-time decors, dining rooms, bedrooms and indeed anywhere that needs a stunningly exotic look such as this night club in Abu Dhabi where twinned with Dubai, the quality buildings, homes and hotels are the epitome of luxury.
mauve upholstery

Indigo - A Colour of the Night

Indigo is one of the colours of the rainbow lying between blue and violet. The dye was originally made from the Indigo plant in India, hence the name and has historically been used for royalty and religion. Today it is used as a great statement colour, looking particularly outstanding with white, silver or grey for a modern decor.
mauve decor

Indigo A Daring but Rewarding Colour

For brilliance and impact in a more traditional style, twin Indigo with orange, lime green, pink or gold. Used in a bedroom in small amounts Indigo will add romance and mood, but keep the colour to touches in the curtains, cushions, bed throws and accessories.  A sumptuous  curtain pole such as the Museum wooden pole  will be needed to dress curtains in a lavish scheme in a traditional setting.

maube bedrooms

Indigo gives Life and Opulence to Dark Wooden Furniture


decorative wooden curtain pole

A Stunning Hand-Finished Wooden Curtain Pole

 and for a modern curtain pole that can live up to the extravagance of Indigo, then the Integra Torino Metal curtain pole can meet the challenge.

modern metal curtain pole

A Chic Metal Curtain Pole with Modern Styling

If you are brave enough for Indigo walls, then keep it to one statement wall well away from the window as the paintwork of the window and window treatment will never be able to match the colour perfectly and then the finished effect will look messy. There are many roller blinds or roman blinds in neutral colours that will match a neutral wallcovering perfectly, allowing for a smooth transition of the two colours. Alternatively an Indigo blind on white or grey wall will always look outstanding.
roller blind in bright lilac

The Merest Hint of Indigo Captured in the Accessories

My first encounter and ensuing decorative disaster was with Indigo coloured velvet curtains and lilac walls.  I was only 13 and my parents had said I could choose my new bedroom colours. I wanted to make an impact and loved the velvety depth of colour but lacked the experience to know what to do with it. I realised my mistake after the first few strokes of the paint brush, but dare not tell my father to stop and that I hated it. I still love the colour, but use it in a very limited way.


Look how the Indigo lifts the taupe plates to a whole new level of decadence.
Accessorise with Indigo – It will Enliven Everything.

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Taupe – Cappuccino with a Hint of Pink

7 Feb

Interestingly the name originally came from the colour of the fur of a French Mole and started being used in the English language as a description for a certain shade of neutral in the early 1800’s

Hi !!! I am a Taupe

I am currently writing the copy for the curtain poles and blinds ready for the launch of our new web site. When I was describing the colours of various fabrics it occurred to me that many people may not have any idea what certain colours look like such as Taupe or Wedgewood, so I thought I would use the next few blogs to try to help with this by describing the colour by instinct and without the fancy designer jargon – confusing in itself when words such as “complementary” colours which, according to every dictionary means having something in common, but in interior design it means colours that are the opposite of each other.

mauve roman blinds

Taupe is a Fabulous Colour blend with other Warm Colours

This stylish room setting is based on a taupe colouring and gives you an idea of the versatility of one of my favourite colours. As you can see taupe makes a stunning backdrop for the lilac roman blinds producing a soothing receding effect, giving depth to the room as well as a sense of calmness to a modern or traditional home.

This sophisticated colour scheme has developed a layered look of pale on pale as the walls and the upholstery are both in various tones of the same colour. This in turn brings the contrasting purple blinds into sharp focus. The cushions are an assorted palette of shades of mauve with the odd sprinkling of taupe, the strong, bright colours enlivening the neutral scheme.

Roller blinds such as the Acacia Mulberry blind  gives a crisp window finish, more in tune with a contemporary decor.

Mulberry roller blind

Lilac can be both a Soft or Evocative Colour

roller blinds in lilac

Lilac with Taupe is makes a Stunning Combination

It is generally thought that neutrals can be used with any colour – a clear cream can, but taupe which has a faint pink hue will clash with cold colours such as blue, changing from a delightfully soft and very useable colour when used with other warm colours whether bold terracotta’s or gentle pastel pink to a dull and uninteresting colour when used with blues or greens. In simple terms this effect is shown at close quarters by the choice of colours used with these taupe dinner services.

Taupe Can Take on any Colour of Pink - GREAT

Taupe can look Dull with Cool Colours - NOT GREAT

Taupe is a colour that would be virtually unknown in a sunny Mediterranean type climate where clear bright primary colours usually on white walls would be the norm and you can see why.

Cream and taupe colours

Taupe with Cream - FABULOUS

Taupe is a colour that is extremely widely used in fashion and interior design as it is a warm soft light brown that can blend with lots of other colours. It is  ideal for the basis of a romantic bedroom or contemporary modern decor, being able to carry off the inclusion of mirrored furniture, chandeliers and lots of wall decorations. Cream and taupe are stunning together as long as the cream is a soft warm cream and not a yellowy custard cream.

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Warm Colours- For Romance or Comfort

6 Nov

Reds and browns will evoke a feeling of warmth and exoticism and are energizing colours which are ideal for kitchens, dining rooms and children’s bedroom blinds or curtains. They are based on earth pigments and have been used for thousands of years in our home décor, from early man’s cave paintings to the basis for many colour palettes used today.

blinds and curtains in warm colours

A Super Snug snug

Deep warm coloured blinds and curtains are beautiful as well as practical when used in the home, but depending on their intensity, will never offer a subtle impression of tranquility. They will take more handling and wear than light cool colours without showing signs of soiling, but they will tend to advance towards you, ideal if you are trying to create a warm cosy study for example – but not so useful if you are trying to make a modern décor based on an open expansive look.

Fitting a stunning metal curtain pole such as the Speedy Alexia will always go a long way to modernising a scheme and will also give a touch of iridescence to a deeply coloured fabric –  one of the disadvantages of using a strong colour is that it tends to absorb the light.

modern metal curtain poles

Using a bold colour such as red for curtains, blinds or indeed decorating a whole section of a room will draw the eye away from an ugly feature in a room. If you are going to go for the painted wall option then make sure that there is also the option of good lighting, whilst dimmed lights are very attractive for mood lighting, kitchen spaces in particular will need to be well lit.

home accessorise in bold colours

A few vibrant Home Accessorise will make All The Difference

A good compromise is to use cool colours as the main choice for the décor to give a feeling of space and then compliment the scheme with a few well chosen “warm” highlights such as a window blind or even just a few candles.

Light warm colours such as pink and lilac are seen as feminine colours and as such are used extensively for bedrooms, soft subtle pinks for the “grown-ups” and the brighter the better for the girls.

The popularity of all things pink for the little girls has been intensified by whoever at Disney had the idea of linking all the Princesses together. What a marketing triumph – a completely new range from the old faithfulls available in practically everything down to a computer mouse.

Who said girls like pink ??? Incidentally the insistence for wearing swimming goggles and cap when riding a bike is derived from watching Moto GP

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30 Sep

Everyone needs their own space and if you are fortunate to have enough room for that luxury, then use it well and appreciate it.

design your decor for you

Design your decor for You

And this is an ideal opportunity to really theme the room towards its intended use. For a very informal decor, minimal curtain treatments such as light voile curtains will set the scene for a relaxing mood as they gently waft in the breeze through an open door or window whilst also allowing for maximum light. Heavy full length curtains will not give the casual look just by virtue of the fact that they will not fall in sufficiently soft folds. You will of course have to arrange some kind of secondary window treatment such as roman blinds or roller blinds for shading to protect your furniture and soft furnishing fabrics from the sun and to give privacy at night. A light weight plastic curtain track such as the Integra Plastic Curtain Track is ideal for this kind of situation.

Plastic curtain tracks are available in many shapes and sizes. Some tracks are supplied with their curtain hooks included as part of the glider mechanism and some are customized so you can buy in kit form exactly what you require.

Plastic runners and gliders produce a smooth, quiet travel for the curtains on the curtain track. This type of curtain track is extremely versatile as plastic can be extruded into practically any shape or form. The track fixing position can be ceiling or wall fixed. Plastic can be easily bent by hand, so certain types of plastic track can be used as bay window track, being forward or reverse bent, easily trimmed, or joined for extra wide windows.

Basically your colour scheme is the single most challenging part of designing a themed room – the style, mood and perceived temperature is all affected by your choice of colouring. Colour is a powerful tool for the transformation of light and space, but without any understanding can result in the faint hearted reaching for the tin of Magnolia paint or alternatively a decorative disaster.

Light or lack of light plays a very important roll as to whether you can use a dark colouring for your décor as light is absorbed as it strikes an object, so using dark colours in a gloomy room will only compound the problem. The mellowest of schemes will need a touch of vibrancy to give it life whilst a dramatic scheme will need an element of calm or it will overwhelm you.

This collage of different coloured room interiors simply shows the effects of the different colours in a decor.

choice of colours

Different colours impact in Different ways on your Decor

Living in harmony with nature is always a sure way to create a mellow setting, so introduce as many natural finishes as you can. Wood weave blinds or many of the wood, leather or suede effect Roman or Roller Blinds are a good medium to work with for a natural finish. Lots of plants and the odd flower arrangement will also create a pleasing, relaxed setting.

To draw attention to a particular object in your decor such as a work of art or a collection of glassware, selecting a blind in a matching colour will accent the objet d’art highlighting its colours, ensuring it remains the focal point of the room. Alternatively pale coloured window blinds increase the feeling of space, blending with neutral wall coverings, furniture and flooring.

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Working Around a Theme or Treasured Items

25 Sep

Furnishing and decorating your home with a mix of precious and sometimes peculiar items from around the world can be a challenge and great care should be taken to ensure that what appears to you to be the essence of good taste does not end up looking to others like a quality gift shop.

wooden curtain pole

Dark Wood always adds an Exotic Feel to a Decor

This fabulous Chinese chest has been beautifully complimented by the stunning co-ordinating curtains, the colouring then being accented with selected accessories throughout the rest of the décor in the room. The secondary feature colour is the dark mahogany of the wood furniture which again has been cleverly combined with matching dark wood curtain poles, lampshades and picture frames.

The dramatic colourings and stylish finish of the wooden curtain pole has provided a stunning method of displaying the curtains that can also be a window treatment for modern lifestyle and décor. This particular wooden curtain pole is available in a stunning colour palette of 13 stunning colours and 3 pole diameters.

The Museum Wooden Curtain Pole

wooden curtain pole

The plain ball finial can be dressed up or down according to the colour choice selected, the design and colouring of the soft furnishing fabrics and the choice of curtain headings. A modern innovative curtain fabric with a simple double pinch pleat heading used in combination with the plain ball curtain pole in charcoal or antique silver will produce a stylish up-to-the-minute effect, whereas the same curtain pole with curtains finished with a triple pinch pleat heading in a rich brocade or silk fabric will produce a window finish of timeless elegance.

Assorted wooden curtain finials

Simple to Decadent Curtain Finials and Everything Inbetween

Your living room will be the room that will make the most impression on your visitors, so try not to be too dramatic or specific with your collections. Keep the displays in groups which will show them off to their advantage, especially with appropriate lighting to add impact to the pieces.

Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds make a good choice in this type of decor as they will contribute to the style of the decor without upstaging the collections or artwork.

red window blind

Reds Always Create a Dynamic Statement

Reds and other deep earthy colours such as the Islita Scarlet Roman blind creates a sensual atmosphere in a room, with the rich timeless colours associated with the tropics, ideal for Asian or African collections.

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5 Sep

Choosing your curtains, curtain poles and blinds can be a challenge and can often not be all that everyone in the household would wish for or indeed appreciate – there are so many styles let alone colours to choose from.

You could go ultra modern and minimal

modern interior decor

Minimal to the Extreme

with a modern curtain pole such as the Speedy Metal curtain pole range
modern metal curtain pole
or full on traditional
traditional interiors

Traditional with all the Frills

with an ornate window treatment to match set on a decorative wooden curtain pole such as the Regency Portfolio Reeded pole
decorative curtain pole

Hand finished for an Authentic Tradtional Look

Gone are the days of old when the colours we introduced to our homes were entirely dependant on the earth colours of the area and fruit or vegetable dyes. It was not until the 19th century that synthetic dyes were produced, opening the way for the stunning interiors that followed.
Yellows, reds, browns and indigo are to be found in any historical colour palette and still widely used in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, creating a period, hand-produced feeling to the decor.  Black is not a colour that we used inthe West much in the past as it was very much associated with death – not so in Asian decors.  The intensity of light in that part of the world somehow lifts black and red, making them essential colours to be included in this style of decor and black used in the Asian home is also thought to bring good luck to the household.
 cream roman blinds
Natural coloured Roman or Roller blinds always make a great design choice for your windows if there is a lot happening in the rest of the decor and will compliment other neutral funishings and furniture in the room.
wooden curtain pole
More muted colours have always better suited our rather subdued light ( a polite way of saying grey, dismal, rain sodden days ).  Neutral colours however do have many virtues, a safe colour choice being one of them. They can look absolutely stunning lifted with brilliant colours, reds and browns giving energy to a room or greeens and blues giving a more calming influence and todays contemporary designs will always work better if they are based around a neutral backdrop.
If you are fortunate enough to have a blank canvas, before you take the plunge with a themed decor, remember that colour is an essential element to different styles, so although you may have your heart set on an exotic Moroccan decor with deep earthy reds and ornate curtain treatments, if the room is already dismal with a north facing elevation or small windows, then this is definately not the look for your project.
Nearly everyone has a camera with them in the form of the mobile phone, so wherever you may find yourself, there will always be ideas you can adapt to your own look. Some things are completely “over the top” and you may think there is nothing you can apply to your decor
but it is all a learning curve and by process of elimination you will end up with a finish you can be proud of.
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Your Home is Where Your Heart Is

17 Aug

A bit of great news I must tell you first, our site is soon to be re-launched to include not only curtain poles and blinds, but also curtains, both ready made and made to measure.

fun in the sun

Who cares about the weather

Travelling especially holidaying with your loved ones is usually a great experience, even if it’s raining, but if we are truthful  it’s always nice to come home, especially if home is decorated and filled with your energies and designs. Home should be a place where you and your family can rest, sleep, cook and live together in harmony. Hopefully my blogs will give you a few tips on colours and designs that may help you a little to achieve this.

The next few blogs, sorry for the lack of blogs over the last few weeks, been travelling, will be about themed interiors and their favoured use of colours.

If you are moving to a new home and want to make permanent changes or just undertaking a transient makeover of a room, now is the time to think through your vision of a perfect decor. Regardless of the size and location of a room, the lighting, material colours, textures and furniture all play a very significant roll and should all be considered before launching yourself into your project.

modern living room decor

Chic but comfortable living decor

Stone neutrals make a wonderful base colouring for bold contemporary colours such as this lime and violet decor. It is always best to make the statement wall if the paper matches the curtaining to be an adjacent wall to the window or some of the impact of the curtains will be lost as the curtains will simply fade into oblivion. In this stunning room, although the curtain pole needs to plays it’s part in the window decor, with so much else going on, it does not need to fight for attention. This stylish Speedy wooden curtain polecompliments the wooden flooring and furniture, effortlessly connecting the window with the rest of the detailing in the room.

wooden curtain pole
Dark Wooden Pole balances well with the flooring

Wallpapers and fabrics that match make a stunning detail in a room but if the room has various issues such as a south facing elevation or an old and drafty window, then often a blind, especially a blackout blind will make all the difference to the light and temperature in the room. There are an almost overwhelming number of different styles of window blinds available today which can stand alone as the feature window treatment or to compliment the main curtaining and all with colour palettes to cover any eventuality.

neutral blinds

A Go Anywhere Blind

If in doubt about obtaining a suitably coloured blind, then go for a light neutral roller blind or a natural woodweave blind, they always make a safe yet stylish haven.

neutral coloured roller blinds

A Modern Minimal Window Finish

Curtain Poles For Any Eventuality

25 Jun
painted curtain poles

With all this going on, its better to be discreet

This very decorative living room has enough visual interest without a flamboyant curtain pole added to the mix.  A simple metal or wooden curtain pole will provide the means for hanging the curtains without stealing any of the impact.

Wallpaper is one of the main trends for home interiors this year and looks particularly outstanding if used on a feature wall. Many of the wallpapers match or compliment the curtain fabrics with large florals and light reflective surfaces being the most popular.

curtain poles and curtain holdbacks

Metal curtain poles with special effect finishes

Metal curtain poles will suit any colour palette as they are available in a wide range of metal finishes and can be both traditionally elegant or minimally modern. Many metal curtain poles have matching curtain holdbacks which will help you to create the type of window treatment you desire if it is to be based on large drapes of fabric.

metal bay window pole

Bay Windows Need Special Curtain Poles

Bay windows are definitely the main feature in a room as they not only add depth to a room and an increase in natural light, but also provide the means for a beautiful window treatment.

Bay window curtain poles are not a problem with today’s innovative methods of manufacturing, with many of our standard curtain poles also being able to be used for bay windows with the simple addition of specially designed corner joints.


30 Jan

We are poised to add an exhilarating range of Ready-Made and Made to Measure curtains, cushions and bedspreads to our site which means that we will be able to cover every aspect of window dressings and soft furnishings for your home. When planning your new decor your window treatments are the key to success and should be considered from the outset to ensure a cohesive look to the finished scheme. The cushions and bedspreads should also be complimentary to the curtains, not an afterthought as they are the final flourish which will make or break the theme.

Whatever the look you have in mind or your preference of colour, quietly browsing through our ranges of curtain poles, blinds, and now curtains and bedding in the comfort of your home may well open up a fresh train of thought or indeed inspire a completely new idea as to the look and feel of your finished scheme.

Ready made curtains are exactly that, they are made to standard widths and drops so you will need to choose a size that corresponds to your particular window. Ready made curtains are usually finished with either pencil pleat or eyelet headings, whereas with Made to Measure curtains, the choice is completely yours.

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