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Think INDIGO Think WOW

14 Feb
Indigo is the colour of the early evening sky, dark blue tinted by the setting sun. It is also a colour best used for night-time decors, dining rooms, bedrooms and indeed anywhere that needs a stunningly exotic look such as this night club in Abu Dhabi where twinned with Dubai, the quality buildings, homes and hotels are the epitome of luxury.
mauve upholstery

Indigo - A Colour of the Night

Indigo is one of the colours of the rainbow lying between blue and violet. The dye was originally made from the Indigo plant in India, hence the name and has historically been used for royalty and religion. Today it is used as a great statement colour, looking particularly outstanding with white, silver or grey for a modern decor.
mauve decor

Indigo A Daring but Rewarding Colour

For brilliance and impact in a more traditional style, twin Indigo with orange, lime green, pink or gold. Used in a bedroom in small amounts Indigo will add romance and mood, but keep the colour to touches in the curtains, cushions, bed throws and accessories.  A sumptuous  curtain pole such as the Museum wooden pole  will be needed to dress curtains in a lavish scheme in a traditional setting.

maube bedrooms

Indigo gives Life and Opulence to Dark Wooden Furniture


decorative wooden curtain pole

A Stunning Hand-Finished Wooden Curtain Pole

 and for a modern curtain pole that can live up to the extravagance of Indigo, then the Integra Torino Metal curtain pole can meet the challenge.

modern metal curtain pole

A Chic Metal Curtain Pole with Modern Styling

If you are brave enough for Indigo walls, then keep it to one statement wall well away from the window as the paintwork of the window and window treatment will never be able to match the colour perfectly and then the finished effect will look messy. There are many roller blinds or roman blinds in neutral colours that will match a neutral wallcovering perfectly, allowing for a smooth transition of the two colours. Alternatively an Indigo blind on white or grey wall will always look outstanding.
roller blind in bright lilac

The Merest Hint of Indigo Captured in the Accessories

My first encounter and ensuing decorative disaster was with Indigo coloured velvet curtains and lilac walls.  I was only 13 and my parents had said I could choose my new bedroom colours. I wanted to make an impact and loved the velvety depth of colour but lacked the experience to know what to do with it. I realised my mistake after the first few strokes of the paint brush, but dare not tell my father to stop and that I hated it. I still love the colour, but use it in a very limited way.


Look how the Indigo lifts the taupe plates to a whole new level of decadence.
Accessorise with Indigo – It will Enliven Everything.

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30 Sep

Everyone needs their own space and if you are fortunate to have enough room for that luxury, then use it well and appreciate it.

design your decor for you

Design your decor for You

And this is an ideal opportunity to really theme the room towards its intended use. For a very informal decor, minimal curtain treatments such as light voile curtains will set the scene for a relaxing mood as they gently waft in the breeze through an open door or window whilst also allowing for maximum light. Heavy full length curtains will not give the casual look just by virtue of the fact that they will not fall in sufficiently soft folds. You will of course have to arrange some kind of secondary window treatment such as roman blinds or roller blinds for shading to protect your furniture and soft furnishing fabrics from the sun and to give privacy at night. A light weight plastic curtain track such as the Integra Plastic Curtain Track is ideal for this kind of situation.

Plastic curtain tracks are available in many shapes and sizes. Some tracks are supplied with their curtain hooks included as part of the glider mechanism and some are customized so you can buy in kit form exactly what you require.

Plastic runners and gliders produce a smooth, quiet travel for the curtains on the curtain track. This type of curtain track is extremely versatile as plastic can be extruded into practically any shape or form. The track fixing position can be ceiling or wall fixed. Plastic can be easily bent by hand, so certain types of plastic track can be used as bay window track, being forward or reverse bent, easily trimmed, or joined for extra wide windows.

Basically your colour scheme is the single most challenging part of designing a themed room – the style, mood and perceived temperature is all affected by your choice of colouring. Colour is a powerful tool for the transformation of light and space, but without any understanding can result in the faint hearted reaching for the tin of Magnolia paint or alternatively a decorative disaster.

Light or lack of light plays a very important roll as to whether you can use a dark colouring for your décor as light is absorbed as it strikes an object, so using dark colours in a gloomy room will only compound the problem. The mellowest of schemes will need a touch of vibrancy to give it life whilst a dramatic scheme will need an element of calm or it will overwhelm you.

This collage of different coloured room interiors simply shows the effects of the different colours in a decor.

choice of colours

Different colours impact in Different ways on your Decor

Living in harmony with nature is always a sure way to create a mellow setting, so introduce as many natural finishes as you can. Wood weave blinds or many of the wood, leather or suede effect Roman or Roller Blinds are a good medium to work with for a natural finish. Lots of plants and the odd flower arrangement will also create a pleasing, relaxed setting.

To draw attention to a particular object in your decor such as a work of art or a collection of glassware, selecting a blind in a matching colour will accent the objet d’art highlighting its colours, ensuring it remains the focal point of the room. Alternatively pale coloured window blinds increase the feeling of space, blending with neutral wall coverings, furniture and flooring.

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Curtain Poles: Enhance the Positives and Disguise the Negatives

4 Dec

Curtain poles and blinds can be used, with a little background knowledge, to alter a windows dimensions and therefore the entire aspect of the room.

Layered curtains with roman blinds

Unify Your Windows with Careful Planning

A narrow window with a delightful view that passes unnoticed because the window looks small and uninteresting can be greatly improved by extending the curtain poles so that the window treatment actually sits on the wall as opposed to over the window. This will create an illusion of a bigger window as well as ensuring that as much window area as possible is left exposed, ensuring that as much light as possible can enter the room.

Alternatively if you have a wide low window and a tall ceiling, then fitting the pole much higher above the window opening than normal will give height to the room.  If there is an excessive amount of space above the top of the curtain and the pole, then dual the curtains with a roman blind, leaving the blind lowered to a position that hides the offending wall behind it, tricking the onlooker into thinking that the window is much taller.

If there are windows in the same room that are at different heights, then you can uniform them very readily with blinds or curtain pelmets.  Fitting them at a uniform height, the blinds or pelmets will block out the wall behind, creating an illusion of balance and symmetry.

Blinds – a Smart Simple Solution

If you are fortunate enough to have a window where privacy is not an issue such as a penthouse apartment or a waterfront house where the view is everything, then why not opt for the absolute minimum and only fit roller blinds for the occasion when you may wish to exclude the daylight, or want to feel cosy on a cold winters night – let the view say it all.

venetian blinds

An Absolute Must For Minimalism

Blinds are a chic window finish that is ideal for a modern living space – their unfussy look and various versatile properties make them a great way of dressing windows. They can every bit as eye-catching as curtains but are extremely practical, hard wearing and very cost effective. If you wish to add interest and a little glamour to your roller blind, then visit our site www.polesandblinds.com and take a look at the options of edges, pulls and trims that you can select and customise your own blind according to your style of decor.

Blinds can dress a window quickly, altering the look of a room within minutes, simply choose your style of blind and type of material they are made from – wood, wood weave, metal or fabric and within days your blind will be with you.

Blinds can be made to fit practically any size of window and are available in every colour imaginable so at least one type will be available in your desired colour, a brightly coloured roller blinds such as the Acacia Tango Roller Blind will add spirit and vitality instantly to any room.

If you are unsure how to order or get into a muddle with the choices, then please ask us for help, we will be happy to chat to you personally and talk you through placing your order.

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