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It’s Just an Illusion

5 Oct

Although the phrase trompe-l’œil has its origin in the Baroque period, when perspective illusionism was at its height –

Fake domed ceiling

It’s Just an Illusion

a fabulous this example of this being painted by Andrea Pozzo in 1703 on a low vaulted church ceiling to give it the impression of an awe inspiring domed ceiling, the use of trompe-l’œil dates back much further. It was and still is often used in murals with fine examples of this being found in ruins from Greek and Roman times such as in Pompeii.

A typical trompe-l’œil mural might depict a window, door, or hallway, intended to suggest a larger room. This art form is still used today particularly by stage set designers and requires a keen eye for perspective as well as a large helping of imagination.

In our own small way in our home decor, the clever use of colours even if it is just the window treatment, will alter the dimensions of a room, light cool colours such as blues and greens make an area feel light and spacious whereas dark warm colours such as browns and reds make a room feel cosy and intimate.

The horizontal slats of a venetian blind will give width to a window

kitchen blinds

Venetian Blinds Look Stunning Looking Out as Well as Looking In

and the vertical slats of a vertical blind will give height to a window.

bay window blind

A Vertical Blind Can Fit both in a Bay Window or a Straight Window.

The same principal applies to curtain fabrics, wallpapers, upholstery and rugs, so check the overall design of the pattern to ensure that the detail is influenced in the same direction or in the direction you are trying to emphasize or it will become a muddle.

modern patterned wallpaper

Designs at Opposite Ends of the Spectrum Attract as long as they have the Same Directional Overtones.

Colours are highly personal so while you may wish to steer away conventional colours, they have been time honoured and tested – a dab of colour from a pot of tester paint is a completely different story to a whole room. If in doubt just paint a feature wall in your chosen colour and see what the reaction from the rest of the household is like before you steam ahead with the whole room.

We are more inclined to be happy on a sunny day and more likely to be sad on a dull day, so bear this in mind also when you are choosing the colours for your scheme and this is every bit as important when choosing new blinds or curtains as it is for a complete redesign of a room.

kitchen roller blind

Sunny Warm Colours Lift the Mood of a Room

If you are decorating a whole house from scratch, then use the hallways and landing as a transitional buffer zone, leading you from one colour to the next. Keeping the same colour flooring throughout will also help to allow a free flowing feeling throughout the house.

Windows with a special view will also need careful consideration.  Views of the sea for instance will be stunning on a bright summer’s day and can take the visual impact of a modern decor based perhaps on silver and steel, but the windows will definitely need a touch of warmth for the winter or on a dismal dreary summer’s day as the sea and sky can also quickly also become cold and uninviting.

curtains and matching cushions on a neutral bedding

A Bold Highlight Colour on a Grey Background Looks Absolutely Stunning

There are plenty of colours that are adaptable and can go “cool” or “warm” just by being punctuated by a cool or warm colour.

One of the most successful combinations in my opinion and is one that I often use is silver and steel. It is basically a grey decor where a strong red or blue for example, used with extreme care with just perhaps a splash of the feature colour in a blind and accessorised with a few relevant coloured cushions scattered about and a piece of artwork with a highlight of the main colouring.

Grey colours or indeed non colours are the current stand-in for creams and will give a spacious feel with a touch of interest to even the smallest of interiors.

In this digital era it is so easy to “capture the moment” and have it framed professionally by your local picture framing shop for what is usually the same price as a standard picture in a retail shop.

When dressing a show home, I usually visit the local framing shop and ask if they can recommend a local photographer who may have some images that can be mounted to add some relevance to the decor. My current favourite is in a show home I have just finished which has fabulous views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight which is where this photo was taken by Sally Armstrong.

Round the Island Yacht Race

Framed in a Modern Chrome Frame – How Fabulous

Even the most avid couch potato could not help but be inspired by images such as this decorating their living room walls.

Take the Leap from Safe Neutrals to Imaginative Brights and Black

7 May

Winter colours especially as curtains and blinds give you an opportunity to catch everyones attention with a palette of receding and advancing colours. Punctuations of brightness in the stunning black and white decor below are offered by a particularly vibrant orange and the reflective surface of the tiled floor gives a very contemporary, not to mention light and airy finish to the room.

red home accessories

Highlights of Bright Colours have the Capacity to Transform a Neutral Decor

Metal curtain poles such as the Rolls Neo will perfectly match the look and feel of this room –

modern metal curtain tracks

Modern Metal Curtain Poles In Special Metal Effect Finishes

 but there is a new very trendy form of curtain track available which is especially suited to a modern decor …. the Byron and Byron polmet.

Modern curtain tracks

Your Curtains will be Influenced by the Shape and Type of Curtain Pole or Track

This innovative curtain track makes a design statement in its own right, the black mirrored effect of the surface being given an extra dimension by the bevelled edge of the track. Any form of curtain heading, but especially double pinch pleat or pencil pleat will suit this modern track, but make sure that when you measure for the curtains you measure for them to hang just below the track or the clean horizontal look of the track will be broken.

It is often better to hang the track or curtain pole before making or ordering readymade curtains or worse still having expensive made to measure curtains and finding they are the wrong length. Curtains that are too long can usually have the curtain hook position lowered which will obviously lift the curtains higher to slightly compensate, but this may well cause the curtain heading to foul the curtain pole or track. Curtains that are too short stand out for all the wrong reasons and to most people are as offensive as trousers that are too short.

Curtain tracks are now readily available in various colours and Aluminium tracks such as the Fineline metal curtain track are also very easy to fit around tricky bay windows as they can be bent by hand.

metal curtain track

Ideal for Straight or Bay windows

A black feature wall makes the perfect setting for a collage of art work, the pictures looking richer and the details more defined.

feature wall colours

A Black Feature Wall will Highlight the Colours of the Artwork as well as Marry Them Together to Form a Group

Black furniture or as in the case of this stunning bath are perfectly matched to white or off-white walls, although to my mind a black and white decor definitely has more masculine overtones, whereas grey and white being softer is by definition, more of a feminine looking decor.

black bath

Stunning, but to my mind the Simple Clean Lines of the Bath and Bathroom needs the imput of a Warming Winter Primary Colour

But before you steam ahead with copious amounts of black and deep earthy primaries make sure the room has adequate space and light to be able to cope with these colours or the room will look depressing and overpowering.

modern blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds are Particularly Good as a Medium for Introducing Just Enough Vibrant Colouring to Blend with Brightly Coloured Home Accessories.

 I was once asked to re-do a show house that an “interior designer” had supposedly done. It was a complete disaster because clearly the designer loved terracotta and had themed the whole scheme around it, not bothering to first look out of the window of the living room, which is after all almost the first place a potential buyer looks.

The show house was completely overshadowed by large, protected trees and was built in red brick which would not normally be noticed from the inside. This particular house however backed on to the garages of the new estate, the view from the living room window therefore being dominated by red brick. With the garden being virtually only 2 metres square this was clearly an issue that need to be considered.

Everything in terracotta including the curtains, three piece suite and cushions had to go; all that remained in terracotta were a few candles and a splash of terracotta in the paintings. I went neutral to lighten the load of the wall and lift the dismal mood of the room created by the shade of the trees and included plenty of lighting of course.

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Autumn Colours

19 Apr

Autumn colours are related to the fire element, they are warm colours that have black added in varying amounts – burgundy, mustard and burnt orange being classic examples.

warm coloured curtains and blinds

These Cheerful Warming Colours Make Great Curtains and Blinds

These colours look particularly striking in a modern home with wooden elements in the décor such as flooring or wooden blinds. The intensity will give character to a neutral contemporary décor with just perhaps a feature wall, a scatter rug and a few cushions.

wooden floors and window blinds

Autumn Colours will Create a Room with Character

The brilliance of these colours work most successfully in rooms used for lounging and entertaining, but avoid using bright white for your walls as they will absorb the strong colour, turning the walls a very pale peach.

Wooden Venetian blinds and Woodweave blinds suit perfectly these earthy colours.

oak effect venetian blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds Are Available in Many Wood Effect Finishes

Countries close to the equator are not able to be influenced by the changing colours and temperatures of the seasons it’s more a question of whether it’s a wet or dry season. They do not have the wonderful long summers evenings, their daylight hours remaining more or less constant which is why their decor often uses plenty of autumn and winter colours, the powerful decorative element lightening the mood.

home accessories in bold autumn colours

A Quick Change of Suitably Coloured Artwork and Cushions Will Instantly Alter the Whole Look and Feel of a Room

I realise that by the same token, they do not have the long dark winters evenings, but brightly coloured autumn and winter décor details and good lighting, especially good task lighting, certainly helps our  winters along – imagine in days gone by when all you could do was huddle around a fire with nothing to do except try to stay warm.

Metal venetian blinds certainly give you a wide range of colours to choose from, these vivacious shades really looking at their best as the metal blades of the blind take particularly well to the paint finishes.

metal venetian blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds come in a Dazzling Array of Colours

Brass and bronze effect curtain poles balance well with the assertive earthy tones of the autumn colours.

Modern metal curtain poles in stainless steel and chrome are more in tune with a bright summer décor, the glass finials of this particular pole adding to the airy feel.

Roller blinds are a great and also economical way to grab attention and can easily be changed with the seasons. Just moving a few things around, altering your cushions and blind colours and perhaps some artwork will keep your décor interesting. Spring and summer colours are all about airy freshness and autumn and winter colours are all about cosy comfort.

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Colours, Climate and Culture

21 Mar

Colours mean different things in different cultures. White is the colour of mourning in China for instance and would be synonymous with death, so would therefore not necessarily make a welcoming pair of curtains or blinds.

white decor

Basically White Decors to the West is the Epitome of Freshness and Light giving the room Space to Shine

White for people of the northern hemisphere is synonymous with ice and snow, therefore a symbol of purity, innocence and freshness, ideal in particular for bathroom blinds and brides dresses.

contemporary cream living room

Themed Decors Influenced by our Travels

As island dwellers our décor has not been influenced so much by our European neighbours as by our large empire around the world.

If you decide to theme your decor around a collection of artwork or ornaments then keep the background colours to the minimal, you cannot have two or more items competing for attention, it will be overwhelming and the result will miss the point.

john lennon image

Such a Powerful Image Needs to Breathe - I can only imagine what John would have said about this decorative disaster

but the most influential source of inspiration for our quintessential English décor has always been nature and its changing seasons.

spring coloured bedding and curtains to match

Spring Colours Look their Best based around a White Decor

Spring Colours are soft light colours, definitely NO dark colours allowed. These colours by virtue of the fact that they have plenty of white in the mix will make a room feel more spacious and the wall colourings ideally should be white to maintain the cool appearance.

Blinds and curtains of various descriptions make a quick and economical way to change your décor in harmony with the changing seasons with just a few tweaks being made by altering the colour of the home accessories in harmony with the change of window treatment.

metal venetian blind in lime green

Metal Venetian Blinds make a wonderful contemporary window treatment.

Green is the colour of life and represents perfectly the freshnesss and tranquility of a spring decor. It is a colour that can be used for walls and window treatments especially for living rooms and bedrooms where a calm and restful atmosphere is most welcome.

Metal venetian blinds are available in a vast array of colours so you will be able to find the perfect colour match for even the trickiest of colour schemes.

Harmonious Colours for bright spring greens would be yellow, lime and blue.

Contrasting Colours would be fuchsia, pink, red and brown.

compliment your roller blind with matching accessories

Bright Green and Fushia is the Epitome of a Fresh Spring Decor

Very pale pink or peach is a lovely spring colour which can be used anywhere in the house.

Pink makes a warm welcoming window treatment

Kitchens do Not Always have to be based around a High Energy Colour

Kitchen blinds, curtains and accessories do not always have to be bright energising colours particularly if the kitchen is in a pretty English country style home. This charming roller blind looks warm and inviting as there is the merest hint of red in the make up of the colour.

Harmonious Colours for pinks are lilac, blue and grey.

Contrasting Colours are green and brown.

Pale pink kitchen accessories are not quite to easy to find as the norm is for high impact colours, but do not despair, they will be out there somewhere.

yellow vertical blind

Pale Yellow Is Particularly Useful for Introducing a Fresh Look to a City Home

This fabulous vertical blind if it is used during the day to protect the furnishings and carpet from the harmful rays of the sun will fill the room with a soft glow as the sunlight is filtered through the blades of the blind.

Pale yellow is particularly attractive in a family living room as it is a happy colour which exhudes warmth and inspiration. It is also a colour that is great for blinds in kitchens, dining rooms and north facing rooms.

Harmonious Colours for spring yellow is lime, orange and brown.

Contrasting Colours are blue, aqua and lilac.

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Mallow – A Mellow Colour for Blinds and Curtains

10 Mar
cushions curtains and blinds in mallow

Mallow is a colour that is closely associated with nature

Mallow is a colour that is particularly attractive to base your decor around. It can be easily introduced with blinds, curtains, bedding and cushions, which will offer just a hint of this lovely colour without creating a decor that the National Trust would be proud of.

It is actually a pretty little flower that can be seen growing on waste land such as the sides of motorways as well as in cultivated gardens. It is officially a colour in the English language, but can be anything from a light to a dark pinky mauve as the petals are very obviously two tone.

a versatile colour for home decor

Mallow - More Punchy than Pink

As with any colour that is favoured by Mother Nature it is also a great colour to use in our homes as it will blend with so many other colours, being particularly favoured in a combination of colours for floral designs.

Floral cushions with matching wallpaper and curtain fabric.

Mallow is a great colourway for bright floral fabrics and blinds

Mallow can be used as the main colour or just as an accent colour in any room and for any period of décor.

Shades of pink are often seen as a soft feminine colour and restricted to bedrooms, particularly for little girls. The mix of pink and magenta which is the basis for Mallow is a more serious colour that can be used for all kinds of things including the colour of the underwear for the inmates in some American prisons (not got a photo of that you´ll be pleased to know), to the colour of the seating in public places as the colour has proved to be extremely effective in promoting feelings of calm and relaxation.

Mallow colouring creates a fabulous venue for clubs and theatres

Mallow has an underlying confidence due to a degree of red in the make-up of the colour.

Vertical blinds such as the Acacia Mallow vertical blind

Mallow Vertical blind

Acacia Mallow Vertical blind

Vertical blind in Mallow

Acacia Mallow vertical blind - a beautiful colour by any standards

or roller blinds such as the Acacia Mallow roller blind

Acacia mallow roller blind

Mallow window treatments can be Sophisticated or Cottagey.

make fabulous window treatments for living rooms and kitchens, so don’t do this colour a grave injustice by confining it to the bedroom.

Metal venetian blinds are very popular in kitchens, especially for a cutting-edge stainless steel kitchen as the chic lines of the metal blades of the blind are perfect, curtains would look ridiculous.

If you are fitting a metal kitchen and are thinking about carrying the metal coloured theme through to the blinds, then before you get too carried away and end up with a very industrial finish, consider enlivening the look with a compromise, a metal blind in a warm colour such as this fabulous Mallow metal venetian blind, the intensity of the deep energising colour will give a visual focus which will lift the intensity of the metal units.

venetian blind in mallow colouring

A stunning metal blind that gives visual focus

If you prepared to really get down to it, you can find some fabulous home interior accessories that will introduce an accent of this appealing colour that can be followed through in a few other selected items such as cushions and bedrunners.

The Galeria Mosaic metal curtain

metal curtain pole trimmed with mallow finial

A mosaic of mallow glass fragments decorate this fabulous metal curtain pole

The Integra Lustre Zara metal curtain pole

black metal curtain pole

Black and Pink - partners through eternity

Mallow can be extremely attractive twinned with dark colours

Mallow can be partnered with dark brown or black for a moody, chic finish


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White – the Chameleon of Colour.

25 Nov

White is the ideal choice to enhance the visual impact of the features of a decor or indeed the architecture, but is not always the easy option as it will also take on the colours around it like the chameleon, unlike creams and naturals which tend to blend with their surroundings.

White will highlight the other colours in the decor.

White makes a Wonderful Backdrop to Highlight Coloured Details

White wooden or metal venetian blinds and white roller or roman fabric blinds work universally with any colour of décor just as well as white curtains. The type of fabric chosen will be the determining factor in the type of décor best suited to the fabric such as a simple crisp cotton would be best suited to a Country or Scandinavian look whereas a sumptuous silk would look the part in an elegant more traditional finish. There is for example nothing to outshine the simplicity of a plain white roller blind in a modern decor.

white bedrooms

White Sheets Classic Even in a Modern Setting

Due to the popularity of large quantities of white in our home décor, there is now a positive gourmet of shades of white paints for walls and woodwork- gloss or semi gloss for woodwork and a semi gloss for the walls are best as the reflective properties will maximize the light in the room. Natural whites sometimes include a tint of colour but remember to paint a sample patch of wall before you rush in and paint the whole room as the tints can sometimes end up being more dominant than expected.

My Personal Favourite – Black and Gold Dressing White Furniture

White furniture and furnishings have long been used by top designers to accentuate the colours of the decor, giving a room visual space and depth, lifting the whole impact of the room. Us lesser mortals can also use this to our advantage at home by using white furniture – your rather dated pine can even be given a new lease of life simply with the help of a tin of white paint.

And while you are about it, why not take up the old carpet; you never know what may be underneath possibly also waiting for a whitening. White decor is very easy on the eye and interestingly changes colour more noticeably according to the time of day than a coloured setting.

Some things are however best not white !!!!!!

    Like my doggie Harvey


11 Mar


silk bedspread

A Touch of Silk add Excellence into a Traditional Bedroom Decor

A silk bedspread or throw will certainly make a statement centre piece for your bedroom and a beautiful bedroom, whether inspired by traditional elegance or chic modernism is important as it is your haven for time-out as well as sleep.


Chic Modern Bedroom Decor Enhanced by a Silk Throwover Bedspread


And remember that fitting a blackout roller blind or roman blind for complete darkness or a wooden venetian blind or metal venetian blind for an attractive partial dimming of the daylight will be of great benefit for light sleepers and lovers of a day time siesta.

metal curtain poles for bed drapes

Metal Curtain Poles ideal for Bed Drapes

Bed hangings and bed drapes were traditionally used to keep out the cold and bugs and today are still popular for a really romantic bedroom decor. Soft silk sheers were used especially in Asia to keep out the mosquitoes and so to look authentic, should  pull all around the bed.  A simple metal curtain pole such as the Rolls Neo metal curtain pole that can be ceiling or wall fixed is perfect for this look and the curtain headings only need a simple slotted heading, tab top or tie-heading.

You can also create a room within a room, ideal for a bedsit or a shared bedroom by fitting poles that are longer and wider than the bed, leaving perhaps enough room for the bedside tables either side of the bed and a chest at the end of the bed all within the confines of the curtains.

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Curtain Fabrics and Finishes Explained

21 Feb


silk blinds and curtains

Silk offers the most vibrant of colour palettes for both curtains and blinds

Silk curtains and silk window blinds exude a sense of luxury as the daylight shimmers across the fabulous colours, the range of the colour palettes only being achievable in a silk fabric. The one disadvantage of using silk for curtains is that unless they are fitted on a North facing window, then adequate protection will be needed to ensure that the curtains do not become damaged from the rays of the sun.

If the curtains are to be used at a window without the protection of a blind, they must certainly be lined and better still interlined as the interlining will give added protection as well as an extra touch of decadence. Interlining the curtains with one of the more formal headings will mean that unless the windows are particularly large, curtain holdbacks or tie-backs will need to be used to keep the windows free of the curtains during the day to maximise the amount of light in the room and also to protect the leading edge of the curtains as they will be held back away from the full impact of the suns harmful rays.

Tie-backs are often required to maintain maximum light to pass through a window

Curtain tie-backs add style as well as good levels of light in a room

If your curtains do not have a pelmet or valance and the headings are on full view, then especially with silk it is best to pay for professional workmanship. Hand-sewn headings always look best as do hand-sewn curtain hems, lead edges and any trimmings. No matter how skilled a machinist, silk curtains in particular will not hang as well if they are not hand-made.

Eyelet curtains fitted to an eyelet curtain pole

Eyelet Curtains Naturally Fall in Attractive Folds

If you want a very 21st century look for your windows, then definitely avoid heavy pelmets such as Swags and Tails or Triple Pinch Pleat headings, which are also sometimes known as French Pleats. A modern curtain treatment that calls for a more formal traditional finish depends quite heavily on the style of curtain pole chosen.

Wooden curtain poles by Byron and Byron

Wooden Curtain Poles can be finished in many Stunning Colour Options

There are some simply exquisite wooden curtain poles that are every bit as decorative as the old fashioned preferences for very ornate pelmets, ensuring that the curtains will be the primary decorative feature of the room. The Cameron and Fuller wooden curtain pole makes a great partner for luxury, the light wood finishes such as the Ivory Wood Wash, special finish wooden curtain pole – adding a sense of space, the gilt finish a feeling of decadence and the dark wood finishes such as the Byron and Byron wooden curtain pole offering more a sense of intimate tradition especially if the finish also includes a combination of both gilt and dark stain.

Curtain poles by Byron and Byron

Certain Wooden Curtain Poles are available in many stunning colours

The curtains headings that are best suited to this style of decorative pole would be double or single pinch pleat (a modern take on the old fashioned triple pinch pleats), goblet headings or curtains with an overhang, the soft folds of fabric creating a soft valance effect.

For a more contemporary look, eyelet curtains are the most popular choice, but this type of heading requires a very informal curtain pole – make sure that the eyelets of the curtains match the metal finish of the curtain pole. The eyelet curtain pole is imposing enough to make a statement whilst maintaining a very up to date look.

Metal eyelet curtain pole

Eyelet Curtain Poles do not require Curtain Rings

Eyelet curtains or curtains with the very modern wave heading finishes fold back into structured pleats when they are opened so do not require holdbacks or tiebacks as the concertina effect of the curtains when they are open is part of the detailing of the curtain treatment.

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Bay Windows – Not to be Ignored

11 Jan
poles for bay windows

Curtain Poles For Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great feature in any room, but to get the most from your bay and also to give the feeling of expanding the square footage of the room, use the bay as an equally important area as the rest of the room and not just somewhere to place a large indoor plant. A large bay window with relevant bay window blinds (recent trends including blackout blinds) makes a great place to use as a small office area if you do not have that facility anywhere else in the house or you can add more free standing seating or build window seats around the bay.

Window seats can be built quite quickly and easily and then cushioned with a fabric that co-ordinates with the curtains or blinds in the bay. Make sure that whoever is building the window seats fits a hinged lid as this makes a wonderful storage area.

Adding plenty of plants and flowers around the garden outside the bay window will create a great “outdoor” seating area indoors.

Bay windows used to be notoriously difficult to dress, the pole or track having to be made to measure at the factory. This mercifully is a thing of the past, many curtain poles having innovative corner joints that will enable the pole to fit exactly to your bay, with the correct bend being achieved when fitting the pole. A very popular example of this being the Sunflex Belgravia Curtain Pole

Curtain tracks are also more adaptable, many supplied with a simple bending fitment that will again enable the track to fit your specific requirements when being fitted. A very easy to fit example of a bay window track being the Speedy Fineline Curtain Track

Various types of blinds are also very good to fit in a bay window, roller blinds often being accompanied by “dressed” curtains (curtains that are more aesthetic than practical as they usually remain open and fitted in front of the bay). Roller blinds are particularly adapt at being used for the most difficult of situations as they are easy to fit and come in such a wide range of sizes and colours.

blinds for bay windows

Roller Blinds - A Go Anywhere Type of Blind

Roman blinds are more flamboyant than roller blinds, the layers of fabric giving a softer look than the minimal lines of a roller blind and therefore a more luxurious finish to the bay.

bay window roman blinds

Roman Blinds for an Elegant Bay

Venetian blinds, either metal or wooden fit well into a bay, the metal finish giving a chic modern feel, whilst the wooden venetian blind will introduce a more sensual oriental finish to your bay.

bay window venetian blinds

Wooden or Metal Venetian Blinds offer a very sensual setting

Vertical blinds are the only style of blind that can actually fit in a continual run around the bay, but the track will have to be bent at the factory.

Bay window vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds have to be Custom Made to fit the bay window

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Camoflage with Roller, Roman or Venetian Blinds

6 Jan

If you are fortunate enough to have a room dedicated as an office, then plenty of storage and no distractions are the key to making it an efficient working area that you are also happy to spend time in. Even if you are not working from home, it is increasingly an important part of our every day lives, as homework, keeping the bills and papers under control or just keeping in touch with family and friends all require a computer, so spend some time and think how this can be achieved.

Roman blind fitted to home office

Blackout Roman Blind for an Effective Office Window Blind

Doubling up the spare room as an office makes a good alternative. Restful colours such as blues or greens based around neutral cream colours will make a pleasant ambience for both situations and ensure that one functions decor does not interfere with the other.  Roman blinds with a blackout lining or a roller blind with blackout properties make an ideal window treatment, covering both eventualities – shielding a light sleeping guest from the early morning sun or the computer screen from glare. A good sofa bed and perhaps a coffee table that can double as a bedside table maybe all that is required for when the odd guest comes to stay.

Blind for domestic office

Cool, Calm Colours for a Relaxing Office or Bedroom

Your office space needs to be concealed when not in use or subconsciously you will be thinking about work when you are trying to relax. Roller blinds or Venetian blinds are great to fit over the front of cluttered shelves to hide what may appear to others to be chaos and Vertical blinds in particular make great room dividers so you can section the desk etc. off from the rest of the room as and when required.

Room dividers

A Vertical Blind makes a simple yet colourful room divider

There are also plenty of other alternatives apart from a laptop at the end of the kitchen table, where you can fit a small desk and shelving or bookcase if you do not have the luxury of a study or guest room. Creating a space under the stairs by taking away the wall and cupboard doors, in a bay window or large alcove in the living room, customising a large cupboard in a bedroom or of course the loft or if the ceiling is high enough, installing a mezzanine floor all make great alternatives.

Blind for office window

A venetian blind is ideal for a long narrow window

The garden shed or indeed building a new “garden shed” can easily become a state-of-the-art domestic office and the shortest commute possible, I know as our neighbour has done that very thing. Make sure that it is well insulated so you can use it all year round and don’t forget the floor; there is nothing worse than cold feet when you are sitting down for any length of time. If you are putting a lot of expensive computer equipment in there, make sure you have toughened glass, a good lock and check with your home insurance policy that you will be fully covered just in case.

Trailing cables look unsightly so it is worth enlisting the help of an electrician to address your needs at the outset, but think carefully about your equipment and what will be placed where so you can position your electrical sockets correctly first time round.

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