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5 Mar
Blinds, especially venetian or roller blinds are ideal for fitting to a nursery window. Especially when the baby is very young,  the room will need to be in semi darkness for nap times as well as keeping out the early morning daylight.  Whilst window blinds are very effective at all kinds of things, unless it is a roman blind, they cannot possibly be considered as a soft, fluffy kind of window finish that may well be required to complement the rest of the nursery decor.
nursery blinds

Soften Window Blinds with a Swathe of Silk


This is where a pastel or white silk sheer fabric can be used to completely alter the look of the window, but a word of caution about fitting blinds in a nursery.  When the baby becomes a toddler and starts to explore, you must make sure that all pull cords etc. associated with the blind are well out of harms way, there have been several cases of tragic accidents where the child has become entangled in the cords.

Room dividers and sheer curtains made from a very light weight silk will add a touch of feminine elegance to a room without the bulk of a conventional pair of curtains.  Silk curtains being made from one of natures finest will not be as readily affected by the steam in a bathroom and if they are unlined, can also be washed, but gently by hand with a final rinse in cold water. Do not use fabric softener or a strong detergent as it will discolour the silk fabric.

Simple tab top headings are a great look for unlined silk curtains, the casual finish of the tabs suiting well the machined finish of the sides and hems of the curtains. For a slightly thicker curtain that still maintains the wafting attraction of a pair of unlined curtains, you can simply fold the fabric in half along the hem line, sew up the sides, turn the curtains inside out, slot the heading tabs into the top of the curtains and machine along the top.

eyelet curtain poles

Shimmering Silks Complemented by the Metallic Finish of the Metal Curtain Pole

Coloured silk sheers look particularly stunning when they are used in a layered curtain situation, especially if the colouring of the sheer curtains twin with the main curtain fabric colour. When the sheer curtains are closed during the day, a totally different look with take over, with a stunning coloured hue being created as the daylight passes through the unlined curtains.  At night the main silk curtains will create a fascinating array of colours as the lighting in the room shimmers over the fabric, created by the threads of the fabric refracting incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colours.

We have many double curtain poles available on our site – a great example of this being the

 Integra Options Double Curtain Pole


Tone the Metal Pole Finish with the Material Colouring


This very versatile curtain pole can also be used for bay windows, as a single curtain pole or as an eyelet curtain pole and has a wonderful selection of curtain finials, a couple of examples being the Integra Options Shattered Flame Finial

integra glass curtain finial

The Glass Curtain Finial Accentuates the Iridescence of the Silk Fabric

Another great finial option is the Integra Options Amélie Pearl Finial


Strands of Delicate Beads Entwine the Curtain Finial

Curtain holdbacks are often used with a double curtain pole and although not essential, silk fabrics unlike perhaps a cotton or linen fabric can be a little unruly when open, so if your “look” requires curtains that when open remain in regimented pleats then take a look  at our wide selecton of holdbacks.

The Integra Curtain Pole range does have a dedicated curtain finial, made to match exactly the metal pole finishes.


But take a look at our range of Curtain Holdbacks, there may well be something else that takes your fancy.

Curtain Tie-backs are also a great alternative to holdbacks, but with a silk curtain, the beauty is the fabric, so some tie-backs such as this striking option may well as someone once said “over egg the pudding”.


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