White – calming and uncomplicated

27 Sep

 A pearly white decor is simply elegant  yet simplicity does not mean boring or bland.

White Roller Blinds will give any bathroom a clean, fresh feel and can be finished with various shapes and pull cords to add a touch of glamour and similarly white is a great colour for bedrooms, far from being cold, a white decor achieves a note of serenity, ideal where relaxation is the key.

Plain white curtains in a romantic styled bedroom would perhaps benefit from a textured fabric to add depth to the finish and a Wooden Curtain Pole that has a touch of gilt to add extra  interest and a splash of glamour.

Using white throughout a room is not only stylish, but also very versatile. A modern home with windows dressed with eyelet curtains fitted on a matching Metal Curtain Pole will have a calm and balanced feel, just what we need for unwinding after a hectic day.

Textures and tones of white evoke a feeling of freshness and space.

White is always a very rewarding palette to work with – it is not a colour but because it is very sensitive to light it makes a delightful medium for mixing textures and details. The key to a successful white interior design scheme is in fact to break the block of white either with some interesting or impressive window blind or curtain pole, a decorative item such as a chandelier, an architectural detail such as beams or an elaborate coving otherwise the room will become very clinical and overbearing.

Any colour chart will of course include pure white plus a vast array of tones and tints of white which will take the starkness off the pure white.  A completely pure white room can be very difficult to live with not only visually, but also practically, especially with children or pets. You will find yourself constantly reaching for the spare tin of paint or a packet of wet wipes just to keep the whole thing looking pristine – there is no doubt about it though, a white decor will bring a feeling of space, cleanliness and airiness.

It's very hard to work with white alone, it usually needs a lift.

An all white interior scheme that is lacking interesting flooring or furnishings can have an eclectic colour such as a bright yellow introduced in the form of the odd cushion, home accessory or for a really high impact, a feature wall painted or papered in a bold statement finish .

A white decor is ideal for the romantic wafty look, always a great success for a romantic bedroom setting, a crisp Scandinavian decor which is perhaps best suited to the kitchen, or for a modern Spa bathroom styling, not such as good idea for family living.



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