Think outside the box

26 May

Blue is another primary colour  but needs careful thought before you introduce it as your feature colour – never consider it for example in a dark north facing room.

Blue is still our favourite colour in the U.K., a calming soothing colour ideal for blinds and curtains.  We are so familiar with blue as it surrounds our very being, blue sky, sea and flowers to mention just a few examples. It also is a Mediterranean colour conjuring up memories of sun-drenched beaches – a real mood lifter especially on a dreary day. Light is inseparable from colour, so a vibrant tone will help your home to look more spacious.


Blue is a calming, soothing colour; great for bedrooms as it is said to prevent nightmares, bathrooms for its relaxing properties and studies as it also is linked to promoting intellectual thought. Care is required in the selection of the tone of blue as it can look chilly and unwelcoming. Try to select a blue with warm colour undertones such as this fabulous living room, the slightly softer turquoise hues providing plenty of inspiration for both window treatments and home accessories.

A statement feature wall with a high impact wallcovering introduces scope for an imaginative approach to your style of window finish. Whilst curtains always make the most impact, there are certain styles of decor such as modern contemporary that perhaps only call for a minimal blind.


Metal Venetian Blinds such as this fabulous kingfisher blue blind will become an intrinsic part of the wall if you colour match the blind, allowing for an easy look window treatment which also has many practical advantages such as filtering the light and heat entering the room. If you have decided on a blue carpet as part of your scheme, you will definately need some kind of window blind, preferable a Vertical Blind to protect the carpet from the fading effects of the sun – always far more noticable with a dark coloured carpet.

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