Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds are a minimal window treatment that will enable you to be fantastically creative with the rest of the decor if desired as they will not intrude into the rest of the room.


They are available in various natural wood finishes each giving a different feel, but all looking very effective particularly in open plan areas.

Subtle staining has created an antiqued and slightly distressed aged look to the Linden Wooden Venetian blind.


It is a delightful mid brown colour that will blend with any shade of colour, style of decoration and fabric design. The natural elements of a wooden window blind make each blind unique in its colouring and grain, introducing all the charm of a natural feel throughout your décor whilst also enabling fine control of light and privacy to office and living areas. Your choice of venetian blind will play a big part in your interior décor, as windows are a large focal point when entering a room, and first impressions are often the lasting impression.


Bleached effects give a matured look to a decor, ideal for an informal lifestyle. This style of blind is particularly good in a bathroom where it will not be affected by steam – soothing to the senses, taking a bath in the mellow decor will help you to unwind after a long day.

poles and blinds leading the way for fabulous windows treatments

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