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Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys or is it ????.

21 May

Playing safe and going white or lemon for the nursery is a thing of the past as if only to get the colour choice for the nursery correct, we can ask the sex of the baby.

transparent roller blind

“Playing Safe” for the New Arrival

Plain white blinds, curtains and curtain poles are all readily available, but as children love bright colours, I do think it rather a shame to have such a bland nursery.

Fun Nursery Prints for Any Eventuality

There are plenty of childrens blinds or brightly coloured plain blinds such as venetian blinds, curtains and bedding to make a nursery fun for any baby.

Decorating the nursery is your chance to really have fun as anything will work, especially as the vast array of multi coloured soft toys showered on the new baby will bring a chaos of colour to whatever colour theme you have planned.

Stereotyping colours into gender preferences is not a current trend, but interestingly the pigeonholing of colours such as pink for girls and blue for boys has only been since the mid 20th century.

pink girls curtains

Contrast Headings for Curtains Allows for a Band of Colour to Theme Through the Rest of the Decor

This bright pink and lilac bedroom is definately for the girls …….

roller blinds for bedrooms and bathrooms

This Smart Roller Blind will Grow with the Baby – It’s All a Question of Accessories and Age Group of the Toys.

And this smart blue for a boy roller blind will not embarrass an older boy, but will suit a baby too.

Before that pink was for boys as it was a dilution of red, which was thought to be a masculine colour and blue for girls as it was a pretty delicate colour also associated in the Western world with the purity of the Virgin Mary.

Serious amounts of money is clearly spent on marketing research, targeting children and for that matter, all of us with colours relating to product types, hence for example the sea of pink packaging in the girls section of the toy shop.

nursery blackout roller blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds are often Essential for Everyone getting a Good Nights Sleep

Blackout blinds are becoming an important consideration when planning your nursery or revamping your child’s bedroom as they will give you total control over the level of daylight in the room, often a prerequisite for daytime naps. Everyone, no matter how small, will find it difficult to settle for a lunchtime nap with the sun blazing through the window. Also in the modern techno world, often even the tiniest little fingers are used to operating a tablet and may need a slightly lower level of daylight to see the screen to its best advantage.

wooden curtain pole

A Simple Plain White Wooden Curtain Pole is all the is Needed to Dress the Nursery Curtains – overly fussy poles will compete with the Rest of the Decor

If you are feeling very creative now’s your chance to get stuck in. There are wooden curtain poles available that are left untreated, so you can customise your curtain pole to match the wall colourings.

paint your own curtain pole

An Unfinished Wooden Curtain Pole will allow you to Get A Perfect Match with the Walls.

I used to love the vast choice you could get with wallpaper borders. They allowed you to bring the walls together with the window treatments and as an Interior Designer were ideal for View Homes where the simple addition of a border would take the plainess from the walls, often a problem in an unfurnished unit.

Borders are slowly making a comeback, adding in the case of a nursery a fun finish to the walls without the effort of wallpapering.

wallpaper borders

A Playful Border will Instantly Add Fun to Any Decor

And while you have the paint pot out, why not get the sewing machine out, make a few cushions and dress up the dollys to match the blinds – just give us a ring and we can supply you with the fabric to match your blinds.

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Summer Colours

10 Apr

This blog will give you a few guidelines on colours and fabrics for blinds, curtains and bedding in Summer Colours that will help you to capture the essence of the English style.

Basically there are three types of summer decors.


english summer decor

Clean Bright Colours on a Fresh White Background

We along with other higher vertebrates and the odd rather strange additional creatures such as tortoises and octopus, see the full spectrum of colour which is why it is so important to make full use of this when considering your colour choices for your home and if you are going floral, then don’t be shy about it.

Florals in bright colours are of course the most obvious for a summer style decor, but just because it has flowers on it, that does not make it necessarily the right choice. Large random floral prints are fine, but complex diagonals particularly in several different colours are too busy on the eye particularly for the main living or bedroom areas of the house where a nice calm and relaxed feeling is required.

Stripes in co-ordinating colours make a perfect partner and will unite the colours without overwhelming the room. A great way to introduce a small amount of stripe is by making it a feature of the window treatment.

calm a bold floral design with a striped blind

Striped Blinds Will Knock-Back a Heavy Floral Design

Our natural response when deciding on a scheme is to think that the larger the space the larger the pattern and vice versa, but often using a large pattern in a small area will give a feeling of grandeur, but will need a calming influence, roman or roller blinds particularly in a bedroom providing the perfect solution, especially as many of these blinds are available as blackout blinds.

striped roller blind

Roller and Roman Blinds Look Particularly Outstanding in a Striped Fabric.

Green and Blue

Green is a colour that creates an atmosphere of restful calm and apparently we see many more tones of green than any other colour, perhaps evolving from when we were forest dwellers and blue of course is the colour of the sea and hopefully the summers sky. Greens and blues together make a stunning combination beautifully depicted in nature by the colour combinations in a peacocks tail. They both will bring about a different visual effect as generally blues recede and greens are drawn towards you.

My choice would be to go for blue as the dominant colour for this very reason as it will give a feeling of space  and of course turquoise makes a great compromise or partner for both colours.

turquoise makes a particularly attractive summer colour for bedrooms

Turquoise Mixed with Bright Summer Colours Makes the Perfect Combination Especially For Bedrooms

Although pine coloured curtain poles are the obvious choice for a country look, I think that white or cream poles compliment the fresh look of a summer decor. Natural wood coloured curtain poles I think are more in akin to Autumn and Winter Decors.

The Speedy Wooden Curtain Pole makes a very economical curtain pole option and is available in a choice of 5 colours.

white wooden curtain pole

Speedy White Wooden Curtain Pole

speedy cream curtain pole

These charming curtain poles are simplicity itself, but if you want to make a bit more of a feature of the curtain pole with a hint of nostalgia then luxury wooden curtain poles such as made by Byron and Byron are available with authentic colour washes.

hand finished wooden curtain poles

Hand Finished White Washed Curtain Poles

cream washed curtain poles

Hand Finished Cream Washed Wooden Curtain Poles

Shades of greens used in the home will help to try to neutralise areas such as busy family living rooms. Green is known to relax people which is where the term “The Green Room” comes from in the theatre, the room where performers wait before they go onto the stage and need their nerves steadied perhaps. I bet a lot of these rooms are no longer green, but an interesting fact.

Light natural blinds and curtains look best with green walls

This Fabulous Room Set will need Soft Neutral Blinds or Curtains to blend the Furniture with the Soft Furnishings

Bright green even if only for the window treatments will look particularly attractive in urban homes by helping to keep the relaxing connection with nature.

roller blind in green

Green is Extremely Versatile Being the Perfect Colour to Introduce a Feeling of Country Living even in an Urban Home and Don't Forget To Include Plenty of Plants



When we dream of holidays, for most of us, it’s the yellow sun and sand and the blue of the sea and sky. Escaping the greys of the town and indeed often our skys will have a profound effect on our wellbeing. A country walk will be nearly as uplifting as a new brightly coloured blind, both subconsciously introducing a feeling of peace, but the blind will have a more lasting effect as it will hopefully grace your home for a long time.

striped roller blinds

Take Your Sunny Summer Day at the Beach Home with you with this Fun Roller Blind

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Teal – A Building Block Colour

27 Feb

Teal is a colour which will demand maximum impact, ideal for blinds, curtains and bedding as a statement colour that almost everyone of every age will find attractive twinned with bright white or colours.

Blinds, bedding or curtains in a teal colour is relaxing for bedrooms.

Teal - A Relaxing Colour with White or a Very Lively Colour with other Primaries.

It will be incredibly relaxing for bedrooms and bathrooms and as lively as you like twinned with primaries in living rooms.

Teal is a favourite colour of mine as well as one of natures favourite palettes for birds  – the name of the colour being derived from a rather dull little brown duck called a Teal, the male sporting a flash of this colouring turning him into someone to quite fancy at breeding time.

Clean bright colours are ideal for curtains and blinds

Teal and Lime green are a very modern choice for statement walls, blinds and curtains

Teal and other cool bright colours such as lime green used in a combination will make a very modern decor interesting as well as relaxing. It is a colour that was favoured for its vitality by Mediterranean countries in particular Morocco as the extremes of sunlight and shade creates exciting variations of tone and contrast intensifying the colour – they used it for its fabulous colouring but also to cool the warm terracotta colourings also favoured in their decor.

I have chosen to write about Teal next to the Indigo blog as these two colours heighten the brilliance of each other and cannot be beaten for a dramatic finish.

bright coloured bedding

The Tonal Variation of Teal and Indigo is Quite Stunning

Teal looks fabulous with white for a fresh crisp décor, being particularly attractive for bedrooms both modern …….

Harlequin wallpaper and bedding

Muted Teal and Grey Gives a Chic Modern Finish

and traditional.

White and cream bedding and curtains

Teal Lightens and Lifts Dark Wooden Furniture and Flooring

This teal blackout roller blind is ideal to be included in a bedroom window treatment for light issues as well as the décor.

Blackout roller blind

A Teal Blackout Roller Blind Is Ideal in a Bedroom for Light Sleepers

Cream and teal combinations will offer an elegant more decadent touch, but don’t get too carried away and as in this particular case “over egg the pudding”.

Teal is a colour that needs good levels of lighting both natural and artificial to look its best, especially in a small room such as a bathroom or study.

roller blinds in turquoise colours are fresh and relaxing

Feel as Fresh as the Morning Dew in a Teal Based Bathroom

A bathroom is the only place you can truly justify being alone and require absolute privacy which is why roller blinds and venetian blinds in particular make a good window treatment for bathrooms.

This pale Teal roller blind with white walls and sanitary ware will expand the dimensions of the room as well as heighten your ability to relax and unwind in the bath, turquoise being well known by colour therapists to induce relaxation and inner calm.

A modern study is often the technological hub of the house filled with screens, speakers and lots of hard surfaces. Teal as with the little brown duck really lifts browns and dark surfaces in general, giving drama to what could otherwise be perhaps a sombre and unattractive place to be.

If your choice of window treatment is curtains, then

Dark wooden curtain poles such as the Regency Sienna in Walnut

wooden curtain pole

or the Gold effect finish

wooden curtain pole finished in gold

or the Distressed finish

wooden curtain poles in white

will all look outstanding in very different ways, the dark wood contributing to creating a traditional feel to the decor, the gold for a glamorous decadent look and the distressed for a country casual finish.

Modern metal curtains poles such as the Sunflex Belgravia of course go anywhere and compliment the cool chic colour of teal curtaining whether a bright chrome or an antiqued dark colouring.

Every room in your home no matter its function should be a pleasure to live in and colour is one of the main mediums for this -­­ comfort as well as privacy being tantamount in this working area of the house. If you have the space make sure you include a comfy chair, some good music and books so you can take a break from the emails and other social networking that seem to be in danger of taking over our already limited free time.

Teal as an accent colour on items of furniture looks chic and modern

and with reds, very Oriental.

teal curtains and furniture

Teal and Red together are High Decorative Achievers

If you cannot find the real thing, then a pot of teal paint and a trip to the Hospice furniture shop could be a good alternative.

And if Indigo and Teal is not your bag then you can always go for the bright florals!!!

Teal and Indigo always make a stunning combination

Indigo and Teal are a Great Colour Combination for Wearing as well as Decorating

poles and blinds

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11 Mar


silk bedspread

A Touch of Silk add Excellence into a Traditional Bedroom Decor

A silk bedspread or throw will certainly make a statement centre piece for your bedroom and a beautiful bedroom, whether inspired by traditional elegance or chic modernism is important as it is your haven for time-out as well as sleep.


Chic Modern Bedroom Decor Enhanced by a Silk Throwover Bedspread


And remember that fitting a blackout roller blind or roman blind for complete darkness or a wooden venetian blind or metal venetian blind for an attractive partial dimming of the daylight will be of great benefit for light sleepers and lovers of a day time siesta.

metal curtain poles for bed drapes

Metal Curtain Poles ideal for Bed Drapes

Bed hangings and bed drapes were traditionally used to keep out the cold and bugs and today are still popular for a really romantic bedroom decor. Soft silk sheers were used especially in Asia to keep out the mosquitoes and so to look authentic, should  pull all around the bed.  A simple metal curtain pole such as the Rolls Neo metal curtain pole that can be ceiling or wall fixed is perfect for this look and the curtain headings only need a simple slotted heading, tab top or tie-heading.

You can also create a room within a room, ideal for a bedsit or a shared bedroom by fitting poles that are longer and wider than the bed, leaving perhaps enough room for the bedside tables either side of the bed and a chest at the end of the bed all within the confines of the curtains.

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Curtain Fabrics and Finishes Explained

21 Feb


silk blinds and curtains

Silk offers the most vibrant of colour palettes for both curtains and blinds

Silk curtains and silk window blinds exude a sense of luxury as the daylight shimmers across the fabulous colours, the range of the colour palettes only being achievable in a silk fabric. The one disadvantage of using silk for curtains is that unless they are fitted on a North facing window, then adequate protection will be needed to ensure that the curtains do not become damaged from the rays of the sun.

If the curtains are to be used at a window without the protection of a blind, they must certainly be lined and better still interlined as the interlining will give added protection as well as an extra touch of decadence. Interlining the curtains with one of the more formal headings will mean that unless the windows are particularly large, curtain holdbacks or tie-backs will need to be used to keep the windows free of the curtains during the day to maximise the amount of light in the room and also to protect the leading edge of the curtains as they will be held back away from the full impact of the suns harmful rays.

Tie-backs are often required to maintain maximum light to pass through a window

Curtain tie-backs add style as well as good levels of light in a room

If your curtains do not have a pelmet or valance and the headings are on full view, then especially with silk it is best to pay for professional workmanship. Hand-sewn headings always look best as do hand-sewn curtain hems, lead edges and any trimmings. No matter how skilled a machinist, silk curtains in particular will not hang as well if they are not hand-made.

Eyelet curtains fitted to an eyelet curtain pole

Eyelet Curtains Naturally Fall in Attractive Folds

If you want a very 21st century look for your windows, then definitely avoid heavy pelmets such as Swags and Tails or Triple Pinch Pleat headings, which are also sometimes known as French Pleats. A modern curtain treatment that calls for a more formal traditional finish depends quite heavily on the style of curtain pole chosen.

Wooden curtain poles by Byron and Byron

Wooden Curtain Poles can be finished in many Stunning Colour Options

There are some simply exquisite wooden curtain poles that are every bit as decorative as the old fashioned preferences for very ornate pelmets, ensuring that the curtains will be the primary decorative feature of the room. The Cameron and Fuller wooden curtain pole makes a great partner for luxury, the light wood finishes such as the Ivory Wood Wash, special finish wooden curtain pole – adding a sense of space, the gilt finish a feeling of decadence and the dark wood finishes such as the Byron and Byron wooden curtain pole offering more a sense of intimate tradition especially if the finish also includes a combination of both gilt and dark stain.

Curtain poles by Byron and Byron

Certain Wooden Curtain Poles are available in many stunning colours

The curtains headings that are best suited to this style of decorative pole would be double or single pinch pleat (a modern take on the old fashioned triple pinch pleats), goblet headings or curtains with an overhang, the soft folds of fabric creating a soft valance effect.

For a more contemporary look, eyelet curtains are the most popular choice, but this type of heading requires a very informal curtain pole – make sure that the eyelets of the curtains match the metal finish of the curtain pole. The eyelet curtain pole is imposing enough to make a statement whilst maintaining a very up to date look.

Metal eyelet curtain pole

Eyelet Curtain Poles do not require Curtain Rings

Eyelet curtains or curtains with the very modern wave heading finishes fold back into structured pleats when they are opened so do not require holdbacks or tiebacks as the concertina effect of the curtains when they are open is part of the detailing of the curtain treatment.

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Bay Windows – Not to be Ignored

11 Jan
poles for bay windows

Curtain Poles For Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great feature in any room, but to get the most from your bay and also to give the feeling of expanding the square footage of the room, use the bay as an equally important area as the rest of the room and not just somewhere to place a large indoor plant. A large bay window with relevant bay window blinds (recent trends including blackout blinds) makes a great place to use as a small office area if you do not have that facility anywhere else in the house or you can add more free standing seating or build window seats around the bay.

Window seats can be built quite quickly and easily and then cushioned with a fabric that co-ordinates with the curtains or blinds in the bay. Make sure that whoever is building the window seats fits a hinged lid as this makes a wonderful storage area.

Adding plenty of plants and flowers around the garden outside the bay window will create a great “outdoor” seating area indoors.

Bay windows used to be notoriously difficult to dress, the pole or track having to be made to measure at the factory. This mercifully is a thing of the past, many curtain poles having innovative corner joints that will enable the pole to fit exactly to your bay, with the correct bend being achieved when fitting the pole. A very popular example of this being the Sunflex Belgravia Curtain Pole

Curtain tracks are also more adaptable, many supplied with a simple bending fitment that will again enable the track to fit your specific requirements when being fitted. A very easy to fit example of a bay window track being the Speedy Fineline Curtain Track

Various types of blinds are also very good to fit in a bay window, roller blinds often being accompanied by “dressed” curtains (curtains that are more aesthetic than practical as they usually remain open and fitted in front of the bay). Roller blinds are particularly adapt at being used for the most difficult of situations as they are easy to fit and come in such a wide range of sizes and colours.

blinds for bay windows

Roller Blinds - A Go Anywhere Type of Blind

Roman blinds are more flamboyant than roller blinds, the layers of fabric giving a softer look than the minimal lines of a roller blind and therefore a more luxurious finish to the bay.

bay window roman blinds

Roman Blinds for an Elegant Bay

Venetian blinds, either metal or wooden fit well into a bay, the metal finish giving a chic modern feel, whilst the wooden venetian blind will introduce a more sensual oriental finish to your bay.

bay window venetian blinds

Wooden or Metal Venetian Blinds offer a very sensual setting

Vertical blinds are the only style of blind that can actually fit in a continual run around the bay, but the track will have to be bent at the factory.

Bay window vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds have to be Custom Made to fit the bay window

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Camoflage with Roller, Roman or Venetian Blinds

6 Jan

If you are fortunate enough to have a room dedicated as an office, then plenty of storage and no distractions are the key to making it an efficient working area that you are also happy to spend time in. Even if you are not working from home, it is increasingly an important part of our every day lives, as homework, keeping the bills and papers under control or just keeping in touch with family and friends all require a computer, so spend some time and think how this can be achieved.

Roman blind fitted to home office

Blackout Roman Blind for an Effective Office Window Blind

Doubling up the spare room as an office makes a good alternative. Restful colours such as blues or greens based around neutral cream colours will make a pleasant ambience for both situations and ensure that one functions decor does not interfere with the other.  Roman blinds with a blackout lining or a roller blind with blackout properties make an ideal window treatment, covering both eventualities – shielding a light sleeping guest from the early morning sun or the computer screen from glare. A good sofa bed and perhaps a coffee table that can double as a bedside table maybe all that is required for when the odd guest comes to stay.

Blind for domestic office

Cool, Calm Colours for a Relaxing Office or Bedroom

Your office space needs to be concealed when not in use or subconsciously you will be thinking about work when you are trying to relax. Roller blinds or Venetian blinds are great to fit over the front of cluttered shelves to hide what may appear to others to be chaos and Vertical blinds in particular make great room dividers so you can section the desk etc. off from the rest of the room as and when required.

Room dividers

A Vertical Blind makes a simple yet colourful room divider

There are also plenty of other alternatives apart from a laptop at the end of the kitchen table, where you can fit a small desk and shelving or bookcase if you do not have the luxury of a study or guest room. Creating a space under the stairs by taking away the wall and cupboard doors, in a bay window or large alcove in the living room, customising a large cupboard in a bedroom or of course the loft or if the ceiling is high enough, installing a mezzanine floor all make great alternatives.

Blind for office window

A venetian blind is ideal for a long narrow window

The garden shed or indeed building a new “garden shed” can easily become a state-of-the-art domestic office and the shortest commute possible, I know as our neighbour has done that very thing. Make sure that it is well insulated so you can use it all year round and don’t forget the floor; there is nothing worse than cold feet when you are sitting down for any length of time. If you are putting a lot of expensive computer equipment in there, make sure you have toughened glass, a good lock and check with your home insurance policy that you will be fully covered just in case.

Trailing cables look unsightly so it is worth enlisting the help of an electrician to address your needs at the outset, but think carefully about your equipment and what will be placed where so you can position your electrical sockets correctly first time round.

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