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Embrace your Dented Walls and Scruffy Furniture

27 Jun

One very obvious look for a Mediterranean house is the use of lots of wrought iron both inside and out, but unless you live in California or indeed the Mediterranean, fancy wrought iron bars at the windows, whilst they may seem appealing in the current era of household theft and are ideal for keeping unwanted intruders out, will look ridiculous in the U.K.

decorative curtains

Swags and Tails offer a Timeless Elegance Anywhere

Curtains on this type of window are often rather decorative to draw the eye away from the metal bars, which can give the feeling to the overseas visitor that you are being “detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure”. Swags and Tails are still used quite extensively for a more formal look, but usually dressed from a wooden curtain pole.

Plain wooden curtain poles can be jazzed up a bit still using a simple curtain treatment such as a skirted heading, but with the use of a matching fringe edging the skirt and possibly matching curtain holdbacks.

Curtain pelmets with decorative fringe

The Art of Interior Design is to Carry a Theme or Colour Effortlessly

Wrought iron or black painted curtain poles are a great way to introduce this kind of look and will compliment the Moorish lights and accessories.

And with todays innovative design ideas, you will not be restricted to a Shepards Crook or Fleur de Lys finial.

black curtain poles

There is sure to be a Finial Shape to Tempt the Most Discerning

Arches, alcoves and niches also feature highly in this style of home and can make a useful space or feature design detail out of the smallest of areas. This often rather fanciful decor can be used to make a fun feature out of perhaps the cupboard under the stairs that used to house the vacuum cleaner, paint tins and cleaning “stuff”. Painted in a contrasting colour to the hallway, a small wash basin, perhaps a loo where the slope of the stairs makes standing impossible and an exotic Moorish ceiling light will make an invaluable addition to the house, with not too much expense.

Work around the natural light levels of the room. If it is dark, then warm it up with a lovely yellow stucco effect wall finish and if the room is already light and bright, then embrace it and go for white. This could be a great look for your home if your walls are badly plastered, chipped or dented – the distressed look. Special paint effects such as sponging or dragging with a colour wash will turn a disastrous wall into one with a rather aged attractive finish, the play of light over the different surfaces offering an appropriately textured finish. A miss-match of old furniture is also perfectly acceptable, but unify them with some common feature such as matching cushions or throws.

As with all decor decisions, more is not necessarily better.

Careful Thought to What Matches

And What Looks a Jumbled Mess Is Important

Don’t despair, if your heart is set on this type of decor but the finances are a little stretched at the moment, then simply changing your window treatments perhaps to a pair of curtains or a new roller blind will inject a little sunshine into the room – the rest can come later !!!!

sunny coloured roller blind

Light and Bright Colours are Ideal – Avoid Muddy Clouded Colours

There are many Spanish-style chandeliers and secondary lighting readily available and in most home furnishing departments and shops there is always an absolute abundance of Moorish style lanterns and candle holders featuring quatrefoil cut outs which will always be guaranteed to add a sense of romance – particularly relevant in dining rooms and bedrooms.

Moorish Themed Lights and Accessories Can Cross the Bounderies between Modern and Traditional

Choose your accessories wisely and a theme can be set merely by your choice of artwork and ornaments – lighting also of course plays a large part in setting the scene.

Themed Artwork can Take you There

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Think outside the box

26 May

Blue is another primary colour  but needs careful thought before you introduce it as your feature colour – never consider it for example in a dark north facing room.

Blue is still our favourite colour in the U.K., a calming soothing colour ideal for blinds and curtains.  We are so familiar with blue as it surrounds our very being, blue sky, sea and flowers to mention just a few examples. It also is a Mediterranean colour conjuring up memories of sun-drenched beaches – a real mood lifter especially on a dreary day. Light is inseparable from colour, so a vibrant tone will help your home to look more spacious.


Blue is a calming, soothing colour; great for bedrooms as it is said to prevent nightmares, bathrooms for its relaxing properties and studies as it also is linked to promoting intellectual thought. Care is required in the selection of the tone of blue as it can look chilly and unwelcoming. Try to select a blue with warm colour undertones such as this fabulous living room, the slightly softer turquoise hues providing plenty of inspiration for both window treatments and home accessories.

A statement feature wall with a high impact wallcovering introduces scope for an imaginative approach to your style of window finish. Whilst curtains always make the most impact, there are certain styles of decor such as modern contemporary that perhaps only call for a minimal blind.


Metal Venetian Blinds such as this fabulous kingfisher blue blind will become an intrinsic part of the wall if you colour match the blind, allowing for an easy look window treatment which also has many practical advantages such as filtering the light and heat entering the room. If you have decided on a blue carpet as part of your scheme, you will definately need some kind of window blind, preferable a Vertical Blind to protect the carpet from the fading effects of the sun – always far more noticable with a dark coloured carpet.

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Blinds and Curtain Poles

Poles & Blinds Update – An Eye for Colour – not essential

10 Apr

Your colour scheme is the single most challenging part of designing a room – the style, mood and perceived temperature is all affected by your choice of colouring. Colour is a powerful tool for the transformation of light and space, but without any understanding can result in the faint hearted reaching for the tin of Magnolia paint or alternatively managing to achieve a decorative disaster.


You do not need an eye for colour – armed with a little knowledge as to how colours and patterns will affect your decor you can hopefully achieve the look you wish without any tears.

Light or lack of light plays a very important roll as to whether you can use a dark colouring for your décor as light is absorbed as it strikes an object, so using dark colours in a gloomy room will only compound the problem. The mellowest of schemes will need a touch of vibrancy to give it life whilst a dramatic scheme will need an element of calm or it will overwhelm you.

Living in harmony with nature is always a sure way to create a mellow setting, so introduce as many natural finishes as you can.


Wood weave blinds or many of the wood, leather or Suede effect Roman Blinds are a good medium to work with for a natural finish.

Bamboo blinds create a soft, diffused light effect gently filtering through the natural materials giving shade and privacy anywhere in the home. This delightful woodweave blind has a muted colouring that will particularly suit rooms with plenty of plants and natural finishes.

The beautiful chalky colour of the natural poplar wood combines all that is fresh and exciting in a natural wooden window accessory, with modern technology and styling. The bold outline detailing when the blind is open creates a completely different effect to the delicate silhouette of light playing through the slats when the blind is closed.





Lots of plants and the odd flower arrangement will also create a pleasing, relaxed setting. To draw attention to a particular object in your decor such as a work of art or a collection of glassware, selecting a blind in a matching colour will accent the objet d’art highlighting its colours, ensuring it remains the focal point of the room. Alternatively pale coloured window blinds increase the feeling of space, blending with neutral wall coverings, furniture and flooring.

Fresh Summer Colours – the colours of a summer’s garden, predominantly yellows, pinks and greens are the epitome of summer colours and the feeling of freshness that introducing these colours into your decoration will achieve is remarkable.


The dullest of north facing windows will be quickly brightened with a breathe of fresh air and the general mood of any room will be lightened.

Warm Wintry Shades – these colours based on Earth pigments have been used for thousands of years in our home décor, from early man’s cave paintings to the basis for many colour palettes today.


Reds and browns will evoke a feeling of warmth and exoticism. Red for example is an energizing colour, ideal for kitchens, dining rooms and children’s playroom blinds.

Soothing Mellow Colours – a décor based on these soft colour hues is acutely linked to nature with all its natural beauty and will be assured of creating a feeling of harmony and peace. Mellow colours are achieved when browns, reds, blues, greens and yellows have been mixed with copious amounts of white to produce a soft warm colour.


The resulting colours of creams, taupes, pale turquoise or blue and lemon an ideal colour in living areas and bedrooms where a general feeling of calm is tantamount.

Cool Colours – these colours are in fact both marine and aerial; they can be full on seaside blue or the deep turquoise of the Aegean Sea, the dusty grey-blue of the Scandinavian skies or the deep cobalt blue of an English summer sky; ideal for bathroom windows.


Cool colours are also some greens, yellows and purple, depending on whether they have a touch of red in their colour blending or not. Cool colours are certainly refreshing, looking particularly outstanding against a crisp white background, making the room feel more spacious and light whilst possessing an air of peace and tranquility.


Blue is a restful colour, setting the scene for a tranquil bedroom or relaxing bathroom, but perhaps during the winter months this cool, fresh look may not be quite so desirable, so the simple addition of a few well chosen home accessories in warm colours hues of reds or rusts will quickly make the room look warm and inviting.


Vertical and roller blinds such as the Alisa Ivory Vertical blind are ideal in steamy conditions and will give full window coverage. The fabric is also washable so the blind will remain fresh. A blue or turquoise wallcovering gives a great finish, but will need to have some relief such as an alternative colour for the window treatments.




But black and white with just a splash of accent colouring still takes a lot of beating.


Wooden venetian blinds, also known as Persian or Louvre blinds usually have wider slats than a metal venetian blind. They are especially great for bathroom and kitchen windows where a fabric window treatment may be affected by the high levels of steam or in the case of a kitchen window, may take on the odours of the cooking. They will suit any style of decor from modern contemporary to country cottage. The Alder white venetian blind as shown is also available in a large colour pallette of natural wood finishes, looking particularly outstanding with corresponding wooden flooring.






blinds and curtain poles



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The Art of Interior Design

23 Mar roman blinds in a bay window

It is easy to become obsessed with space, light and indeed your whole decor, and move away from your home being that special place where you and your family can particularly feel relaxed, nurtured and protected – the art of good interior design is to configure your ideas to fit with your lifestyle particularly in your living room, which is after all the place where you and your family will spend most of your leisure time in the home.

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