Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds will dress up or down your decor according to the colour and fabric. They make a very versatile window treatment with multi-tasking attributes. When they are closed they will hang as a flat panel which allows the pattern of the fabric to be included as one of the main decorative details of the room and when they are open, they concertina into soft folds at the top of the window frame, but are still quite visable as a feature.


They are particularly well suited to a small or minimal room where a chic, unfussy window treatment is called for.

Roman blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window frame, allowing the ornate frame in a period home to become part of the window treatment. This feature is also helpful in a small room as curtains will take up more room if fitted on the outside of the window or will seriously reduce the levels of light if fitted on the inside of the window.

Roman blinds are great for creating a uniform effect in a room that has windows at various heights as the blind can be fitted, within reason, to any position above the window opening.


Roman blinds are also often used for bedrooms as many can be ordered with black-out lining as an option, blocking out unwanted light and helping to reflect the heat which will also help to regulate the temperature of the bedroom during the summer.

This soft neutral coloured Roman Blind is very easy on the eye, the slight textured effect introducing a touch of interest which can be picked up in the cushions and home accessories. Fashion colours come and go, but a neutral scheme especially in a bedroom will always be near the top for popularity. Restful, calming colours particularly in a bedroom will create a relaxing sanctuary, perfect for a good night’s sleep.
Roman blinds are often used in layered curtain treatments as the functional part of the treatment, leaving the curtains to remain dressed to the side of the windows in tailored pleats or held open by tie-backs. In this particular application they look most attractive made from a co-coordinating fabric or a plain fabric that echoes the main colour detailing of the curtains.


This stunning, faintly French decor looks very country even though it is only a few miles from the city. The glorious window treatment includes roman blinds not only for extra dimension, but also as the curtain fabric is very light, the roman blinds can be used as the functional part of the treatment so the light coloured curtains will not become soiled from constant handling.
poles and blinds leading the way for fabulous windows treatments

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