Bay Window Curtain Poles

Bay Window Curtain Poles have come a long way from the days when it was only possible to obtain a suitable curtain pole for your particular bay window after you had filled in a special form with the exact size of the bay and then the pole was made at the manufacturers to your measurements. Innovative corner brackets and special passing rings have enabled many curtain poles to be adapted from a conventional straight window pole to a bay window pole.

Bay windows first became very popular in the Victorian era and have remained that way ever since. They are the answer to a balcony in colder climates – a window to the outside world that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. There are many ways to dress a bay window, the important factor being not to cut the bay off from the rest of the room. There are several different options for curtaining a bay window.


Swish Mix and Match curtain poles have special related items that will enable you to make a conventional curtain pole into a bay window pole. These poles come in a selection of colours and with various finial options.

The other alternative is to have your curtain pole bent according to your measurements at the factory-  you will need to ask for a measuring form

The Silent Gliss curtain pole can be corded or uncorded, it comes in 13 colourways and has a stunning collection of curtain finials.

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