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Asian Decor

15 Aug

Fabulous Silks are the Epitome of Asian Decor – Ideal for Curtains, Blinds and Bedding

This style can be achieved very easily, maybe with just a woodweave blind and an orchid in the bedroom or a wooden venetian blind, an ornament of Buddha and an arrangement of bamboo plants in the bathroom; it’s just a question of degrees.

oriental decor

Asian Decor-Simplicity by Design

I think personally that in the West a hint of Asia, perhaps with your furniture placed in a feng shui arrangement with Zen spaces, related decorative art and modern furniture with the merest suggestion of the Orient is stunning in a modern home, but sometimes people can get carried away with the theme and it becomes a total jumble of collectables which is not at all in keeping with the minimal theme which is so important with this style of decor.

Chinese home accessories

Characteristic Simplicity With a Few Well Chosen Accessories Will Tastefully Complement The Look

Neutral coloured walls, but definitely not white, will set your decor off to perfection, particularly if you accompany it with dark wood flooring and patterned rugs.

Japanese, Chinese and Thai influences traditionally paved the way for our attraction for this style of decor, but now it is also being influenced by many Eastern cultures, the whole look mainly drawing inspiration from history and nature. Dark woods, red, brown and of course black are the dominant colours, with minimal simplicity being the ultimate goal.

asian style decor

This Fabulous Minimal Look is Ideal for a Modern Home

Solid black or dark brown furniture is the epitome of Asian decor, but as this style of decor is so well suited to the contemporary minimal look, it has evolved a trendy chic style of its own, modern but with an exotic Asian feel about it.

contemporary furniture

A Stunning Mix of Classical Oriental with Modern Formality

Wood or bamboo blinds were the usual choice for window decorations so if you wish to try to emulate the look, then there are plenty of types and colours of blinds to choose from, especially in the rich hard wood colourings of the tropics. Textured and silk curtain fabrics were also widely used and the same still applies.

woodweave blinds

An All White Decor Instantly Gains Humanity with a Simple Orchid and a Touch of Contrast – No Matter How Small

Curtain tracks work well with curtains made from wafty sheers and muslins as well as more conventional curtaining,  creating a perfect balance of unencumbered elegance.

bendable curtain tracks

Curtain Tracks Give a More Informal Look to Your Curtain Arrangement.

Swathes of light muslin or silk fabric draped around a modern four poster bed or a curtain pole will capture the exotic theme, but keep the pole simple so the fabric and its drapes will be the main feature of the window dressing.

Although being  more widespread nearer the tropics, it  is a testament to when it would have been unthinkable to go to bed without the protection of a mosquito net. This brings to mind a friend who stayed in a luxury garden style hotel in Thailand who sensibly called reception when an unfamiliar bulge appeared in the roof canopy of the bed – it turned out to be a Cobra which had also settled down for the night.

Small rooms such as a home office or bathroom lend themselves well to this elegant yet minimal style of decor.  Dark wood furniture will overpower a small room, so open shelves and furniture in glass, metal and light wood will be perfectly acceptable, it’s just a question of maintaining the relevent styling.

wooden window blinds

White Window Blinds Increases the Sense of Space and the Flow of Natural Light

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The Scandinavian Style Opened the Door

4 Aug

A modern decor seems to exude a sense of calm even in the busiest of city apartments with the use of light both natural and artificial being the key to success by helping to create a feeling of openness and therefore space. This style of decor is based predominantly on blinds for the windows and chalky white or soft grey palettes for the walls and furnishings. This style of decor blends beautifully with classic surroundings as well as a modern town or rural home.

white roller blinds

Bring In the Modernist Materials – Glass, Metal, Stone and Tiled Floors

It all began with the arrival of Ikea  to the 1987 which started the march into modernism,  but it wasn’t until the mid-90s that the company really started to make an impression on the look of our home interiors. In the early days Ikea apparently ran a very high-profile advertising campaign called “Chuck out your chintz” which opened the way for the contemporary look with the key note being immaculate and minimal (tidy) with everything having its place and that means out of sight so plenty of drawers and cupboards were and still are essential.

white leather upholstery

Bright Blues and Greens are a popular Scandinavian colour as they will brighten the short winter days.

Out went the polished mahogany and yew furniture, reproduction or otherwise and in came fibreboard (MDF), metal and glass. Fibreboard furniture is easy to keep clean and comes in various shades of natural wood colouring, white and black, but the jury is still out as to whether it is carcinogen to humans.  MDF furniture is however very environmentally friendly as it is mostly made from recycled wood and also from sustainable forests. Manufacturers have now begun to eliminate the use of formaldehyde which is the toxic binding agent which was one of the main toxic worries.

modern bedroom furniture

MDF Furniture is Relatively Cheap yet Can Achieve Very Striking Effects

Certain types of homes and loft apartments in particular really look good with this style of decor as the exposed rafters or beams can be left exposed and stained in a light pine colour so synonymous with the Scandinavian look. Simple vertical blinds may well be the answer to dressing odd shaped windows especially if they are large and south facing as the modern materials used for making blinds often have special properties that include heat and light resistance.

vertical blinds

Scandinavian Influences such as the Light Pine Wood Finish ensures the Effect is Light and Gives a Clean Lined Finish Coupled with the Vertical Blind

Individual rooms such as a teenager’s bedroom will absorb this style very well particularly as their rooms are usually full of computers, games consols, games etc., that will need a place to be stored in the unlikely event of a “tidy up”

There are all sorts of subtle ways you can add interest to an otherwise bland decor such as in a kitchen or bathroom that has plain white or neutral coloured tiles, by introducing grey or brown grout as this will really make the tiles stand out adding a tab of interest without spoiling the chic minimalism by making it fussy and overpowering.

white roller blind

A Combination of White and Metal will instantly Create a Sense of Order

Roller blinds particularly suit the slick streamlined finish of the Scandinavian look.

modern bedroom furniture

A Well Balanced Scheme flows through the elements with a vibrant colour being only used for Accessories or Art

This style of decor looks great punctuated with a few punchy Asian accessories – more about that in the next blog, but always be aware of the wise old saying “the devil is in the detail”.

Worth mentioning is the fact that in spite of obviously achieving great wealth, the Swedish founder of Ikea is apparently notoriously thrifty, still using public transport complete with his pensioners discount card and flying economy class. The company motto incidentally is “Happiness is not reaching your goal. Happiness is being on the way”  which is quite inspirational and I personally think that if you are as happy as you can be with your home, then happiness in the rest of your life will not be far behind.

Take the Leap from Safe Neutrals to Imaginative Brights and Black

7 May

Winter colours especially as curtains and blinds give you an opportunity to catch everyones attention with a palette of receding and advancing colours. Punctuations of brightness in the stunning black and white decor below are offered by a particularly vibrant orange and the reflective surface of the tiled floor gives a very contemporary, not to mention light and airy finish to the room.

red home accessories

Highlights of Bright Colours have the Capacity to Transform a Neutral Decor

Metal curtain poles such as the Rolls Neo will perfectly match the look and feel of this room –

modern metal curtain tracks

Modern Metal Curtain Poles In Special Metal Effect Finishes

 but there is a new very trendy form of curtain track available which is especially suited to a modern decor …. the Byron and Byron polmet.

Modern curtain tracks

Your Curtains will be Influenced by the Shape and Type of Curtain Pole or Track

This innovative curtain track makes a design statement in its own right, the black mirrored effect of the surface being given an extra dimension by the bevelled edge of the track. Any form of curtain heading, but especially double pinch pleat or pencil pleat will suit this modern track, but make sure that when you measure for the curtains you measure for them to hang just below the track or the clean horizontal look of the track will be broken.

It is often better to hang the track or curtain pole before making or ordering readymade curtains or worse still having expensive made to measure curtains and finding they are the wrong length. Curtains that are too long can usually have the curtain hook position lowered which will obviously lift the curtains higher to slightly compensate, but this may well cause the curtain heading to foul the curtain pole or track. Curtains that are too short stand out for all the wrong reasons and to most people are as offensive as trousers that are too short.

Curtain tracks are now readily available in various colours and Aluminium tracks such as the Fineline metal curtain track are also very easy to fit around tricky bay windows as they can be bent by hand.

metal curtain track

Ideal for Straight or Bay windows

A black feature wall makes the perfect setting for a collage of art work, the pictures looking richer and the details more defined.

feature wall colours

A Black Feature Wall will Highlight the Colours of the Artwork as well as Marry Them Together to Form a Group

Black furniture or as in the case of this stunning bath are perfectly matched to white or off-white walls, although to my mind a black and white decor definitely has more masculine overtones, whereas grey and white being softer is by definition, more of a feminine looking decor.

black bath

Stunning, but to my mind the Simple Clean Lines of the Bath and Bathroom needs the imput of a Warming Winter Primary Colour

But before you steam ahead with copious amounts of black and deep earthy primaries make sure the room has adequate space and light to be able to cope with these colours or the room will look depressing and overpowering.

modern blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds are Particularly Good as a Medium for Introducing Just Enough Vibrant Colouring to Blend with Brightly Coloured Home Accessories.

 I was once asked to re-do a show house that an “interior designer” had supposedly done. It was a complete disaster because clearly the designer loved terracotta and had themed the whole scheme around it, not bothering to first look out of the window of the living room, which is after all almost the first place a potential buyer looks.

The show house was completely overshadowed by large, protected trees and was built in red brick which would not normally be noticed from the inside. This particular house however backed on to the garages of the new estate, the view from the living room window therefore being dominated by red brick. With the garden being virtually only 2 metres square this was clearly an issue that need to be considered.

Everything in terracotta including the curtains, three piece suite and cushions had to go; all that remained in terracotta were a few candles and a splash of terracotta in the paintings. I went neutral to lighten the load of the wall and lift the dismal mood of the room created by the shade of the trees and included plenty of lighting of course.

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11 Mar


silk bedspread

A Touch of Silk add Excellence into a Traditional Bedroom Decor

A silk bedspread or throw will certainly make a statement centre piece for your bedroom and a beautiful bedroom, whether inspired by traditional elegance or chic modernism is important as it is your haven for time-out as well as sleep.


Chic Modern Bedroom Decor Enhanced by a Silk Throwover Bedspread


And remember that fitting a blackout roller blind or roman blind for complete darkness or a wooden venetian blind or metal venetian blind for an attractive partial dimming of the daylight will be of great benefit for light sleepers and lovers of a day time siesta.

metal curtain poles for bed drapes

Metal Curtain Poles ideal for Bed Drapes

Bed hangings and bed drapes were traditionally used to keep out the cold and bugs and today are still popular for a really romantic bedroom decor. Soft silk sheers were used especially in Asia to keep out the mosquitoes and so to look authentic, should  pull all around the bed.  A simple metal curtain pole such as the Rolls Neo metal curtain pole that can be ceiling or wall fixed is perfect for this look and the curtain headings only need a simple slotted heading, tab top or tie-heading.

You can also create a room within a room, ideal for a bedsit or a shared bedroom by fitting poles that are longer and wider than the bed, leaving perhaps enough room for the bedside tables either side of the bed and a chest at the end of the bed all within the confines of the curtains.

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Poles & Blinds – Red For Modern And Traditional Bedrooms

2 May

Red used in “Grown-up” bedrooms will add a sense of intimacy and romance – it will also give an otherwise plain bedroom life, depth and mood.


Strong colours such as red will appear to advance into the room so it is best kept as a dramatic accent colour against neutral walls and flooring. The curtains have been fitted behind a pelmet board on a track such as the Integra Ultraglide extendable metal curtain track.


This curtain track can be ceiling or wall fixed and is extendable, making it easy to fit at the correct length. Metal curtain tracks are stronger than plastic tracks therefore being more suitable for heavy weight curtains and the fact that these curtains are from floor to ceiling calls for a corded track for ease of handling.

Indian harem or richly decorated Arabic themed bedrooms are very sensual and exotic, but unless the rest of the decor in the home is also slightly themed, can become a bit of a folly.


Colourful walls and sumptuous fabrics in reds and golds are essential to completing this design style and the bed is definitely the centre piece. Soft mood lighting is essential so if your room isn’t equipped with dimmer switches then buy light bulbs with the lowest wattage possible or coloured bulbs for some of the lighting. Asian or Moroccan style lamps and candles are great in this situation and remember to include scented candles or pot pourri to complete the delightful fusion.


Tie-backs and holdbacks are a complete subject of their own, they can be completely plain and purely practical or they can be every bit as important as the curtains themselves. These particular tie-backs are part of the Rolls Gypsy range, so called for the ornate bead work and decorative combination of colours.
These tie-backs are available in a palette of 14 colourways – all with the delightful chequered beadwork.
Curtain holdbacks are available in wood or metal, with many of the wooden and metal curtain poles in our range have their own unique holdback.

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Poles & Blinds Update – An Eye for Colour – not essential

10 Apr

Your colour scheme is the single most challenging part of designing a room – the style, mood and perceived temperature is all affected by your choice of colouring. Colour is a powerful tool for the transformation of light and space, but without any understanding can result in the faint hearted reaching for the tin of Magnolia paint or alternatively managing to achieve a decorative disaster.


You do not need an eye for colour – armed with a little knowledge as to how colours and patterns will affect your decor you can hopefully achieve the look you wish without any tears.

Light or lack of light plays a very important roll as to whether you can use a dark colouring for your décor as light is absorbed as it strikes an object, so using dark colours in a gloomy room will only compound the problem. The mellowest of schemes will need a touch of vibrancy to give it life whilst a dramatic scheme will need an element of calm or it will overwhelm you.

Living in harmony with nature is always a sure way to create a mellow setting, so introduce as many natural finishes as you can.


Wood weave blinds or many of the wood, leather or Suede effect Roman Blinds are a good medium to work with for a natural finish.

Bamboo blinds create a soft, diffused light effect gently filtering through the natural materials giving shade and privacy anywhere in the home. This delightful woodweave blind has a muted colouring that will particularly suit rooms with plenty of plants and natural finishes.

The beautiful chalky colour of the natural poplar wood combines all that is fresh and exciting in a natural wooden window accessory, with modern technology and styling. The bold outline detailing when the blind is open creates a completely different effect to the delicate silhouette of light playing through the slats when the blind is closed.





Lots of plants and the odd flower arrangement will also create a pleasing, relaxed setting. To draw attention to a particular object in your decor such as a work of art or a collection of glassware, selecting a blind in a matching colour will accent the objet d’art highlighting its colours, ensuring it remains the focal point of the room. Alternatively pale coloured window blinds increase the feeling of space, blending with neutral wall coverings, furniture and flooring.

Fresh Summer Colours – the colours of a summer’s garden, predominantly yellows, pinks and greens are the epitome of summer colours and the feeling of freshness that introducing these colours into your decoration will achieve is remarkable.


The dullest of north facing windows will be quickly brightened with a breathe of fresh air and the general mood of any room will be lightened.

Warm Wintry Shades – these colours based on Earth pigments have been used for thousands of years in our home décor, from early man’s cave paintings to the basis for many colour palettes today.


Reds and browns will evoke a feeling of warmth and exoticism. Red for example is an energizing colour, ideal for kitchens, dining rooms and children’s playroom blinds.

Soothing Mellow Colours – a décor based on these soft colour hues is acutely linked to nature with all its natural beauty and will be assured of creating a feeling of harmony and peace. Mellow colours are achieved when browns, reds, blues, greens and yellows have been mixed with copious amounts of white to produce a soft warm colour.


The resulting colours of creams, taupes, pale turquoise or blue and lemon an ideal colour in living areas and bedrooms where a general feeling of calm is tantamount.

Cool Colours – these colours are in fact both marine and aerial; they can be full on seaside blue or the deep turquoise of the Aegean Sea, the dusty grey-blue of the Scandinavian skies or the deep cobalt blue of an English summer sky; ideal for bathroom windows.


Cool colours are also some greens, yellows and purple, depending on whether they have a touch of red in their colour blending or not. Cool colours are certainly refreshing, looking particularly outstanding against a crisp white background, making the room feel more spacious and light whilst possessing an air of peace and tranquility.


Blue is a restful colour, setting the scene for a tranquil bedroom or relaxing bathroom, but perhaps during the winter months this cool, fresh look may not be quite so desirable, so the simple addition of a few well chosen home accessories in warm colours hues of reds or rusts will quickly make the room look warm and inviting.


Vertical and roller blinds such as the Alisa Ivory Vertical blind are ideal in steamy conditions and will give full window coverage. The fabric is also washable so the blind will remain fresh. A blue or turquoise wallcovering gives a great finish, but will need to have some relief such as an alternative colour for the window treatments.




But black and white with just a splash of accent colouring still takes a lot of beating.


Wooden venetian blinds, also known as Persian or Louvre blinds usually have wider slats than a metal venetian blind. They are especially great for bathroom and kitchen windows where a fabric window treatment may be affected by the high levels of steam or in the case of a kitchen window, may take on the odours of the cooking. They will suit any style of decor from modern contemporary to country cottage. The Alder white venetian blind as shown is also available in a large colour pallette of natural wood finishes, looking particularly outstanding with corresponding wooden flooring.






blinds and curtain poles



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Poles and Blinds – Prepare to be Inspired

22 Mar

The way your home looks and feels is very important as it can have a profound impact on your general wellbeing, so take the time and so some research.  A mood board may seem a little extreme, but will pay dividends in the long run as you can prop it up and look at it for a few days and if you still like the colourings, then that is an indication that it is a scheme that will last the passage of time. Don’t overlook the benefits gained by tweaking details like curtain poles and window blinds.


I will help you to choose a style, colour and finish that you will feel comfortable with, helping you to love where you live and perhaps, even where you work.

Do you need or do you want to have window blinds?


What type of curtain pole and curtain headings?


What will suit your way of life, existing decor and family requirements?

As a professional Interior Designer I can hopefully give you useful tips that I have acquired over many years in the industry.

Colours can lift the spirit but soothing neutrals will having a calming effect - ideal for living rooms

White = Light and bright but needs a touch of a statement colouring

Some of the images I will be using have been taken from various show home projects undertaken by myself and my sons, James and Jonathan.

Your choice of window treatment is second only to your choice of furniture in determining the overall impression of your home or office.

Making the right choice is often helped by the imput of an expert.

Feel free to take any of the suggestions from my blog posts which will give you useful insights into the miriad of effects available to you.

If you want to pick up more tips and ideas visit our main site –



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