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Camoflage with Roller, Roman or Venetian Blinds

6 Jan

If you are fortunate enough to have a room dedicated as an office, then plenty of storage and no distractions are the key to making it an efficient working area that you are also happy to spend time in. Even if you are not working from home, it is increasingly an important part of our every day lives, as homework, keeping the bills and papers under control or just keeping in touch with family and friends all require a computer, so spend some time and think how this can be achieved.

Roman blind fitted to home office

Blackout Roman Blind for an Effective Office Window Blind

Doubling up the spare room as an office makes a good alternative. Restful colours such as blues or greens based around neutral cream colours will make a pleasant ambience for both situations and ensure that one functions decor does not interfere with the other.  Roman blinds with a blackout lining or a roller blind with blackout properties make an ideal window treatment, covering both eventualities – shielding a light sleeping guest from the early morning sun or the computer screen from glare. A good sofa bed and perhaps a coffee table that can double as a bedside table maybe all that is required for when the odd guest comes to stay.

Blind for domestic office

Cool, Calm Colours for a Relaxing Office or Bedroom

Your office space needs to be concealed when not in use or subconsciously you will be thinking about work when you are trying to relax. Roller blinds or Venetian blinds are great to fit over the front of cluttered shelves to hide what may appear to others to be chaos and Vertical blinds in particular make great room dividers so you can section the desk etc. off from the rest of the room as and when required.

Room dividers

A Vertical Blind makes a simple yet colourful room divider

There are also plenty of other alternatives apart from a laptop at the end of the kitchen table, where you can fit a small desk and shelving or bookcase if you do not have the luxury of a study or guest room. Creating a space under the stairs by taking away the wall and cupboard doors, in a bay window or large alcove in the living room, customising a large cupboard in a bedroom or of course the loft or if the ceiling is high enough, installing a mezzanine floor all make great alternatives.

Blind for office window

A venetian blind is ideal for a long narrow window

The garden shed or indeed building a new “garden shed” can easily become a state-of-the-art domestic office and the shortest commute possible, I know as our neighbour has done that very thing. Make sure that it is well insulated so you can use it all year round and don’t forget the floor; there is nothing worse than cold feet when you are sitting down for any length of time. If you are putting a lot of expensive computer equipment in there, make sure you have toughened glass, a good lock and check with your home insurance policy that you will be fully covered just in case.

Trailing cables look unsightly so it is worth enlisting the help of an electrician to address your needs at the outset, but think carefully about your equipment and what will be placed where so you can position your electrical sockets correctly first time round.

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Small Touches of Red to Awaken Your Senses – Curtain Poles, Blinds and Accessories

7 May

Red accessories and wafty red voiles used in this home office demonstrate perfectly the warmth that red even in small amounts can add to your decor – which can even be achieved through your selection of curtain poles. A home office still needs to be part of the home as it may well have to twin as perhaps a guest bedroom on occasions, but here you can be braver and use bold colours which you may otherwise feel nervous about in your main living areas.

Bay Window Curtain Poles are available in all shapes and sizes.  The bay window in this setting is what is known as a two sided bay window, which is in effect an L shaped bay window.

Check our section on our site www.polesandblinds.com under the bay window curtain poles section where all the different bay window shapes are shown.

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A dull north facing room or in this instance, a dark basement, will definately benefit from the warmth and vitality of red in some detail of the decor. The Poppy red venetian blind will draw the eye to the window and the attractive garden beyond and away from the dark and uninteresting room.

Combining colours can be great fun and working with a bright colour will allow you to add a touch of adventure to your home.

blinds and poles

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