Blue is one of the easiest colours to use as it is incredibly adaptable.

Blue encompasses many colours from some light greys to turquoise and is a calming, soothing colour probably because of its association with the sky and the sea. Blues will also introduce a feeling of airiness and space, being particularly ideal for bedrooms as it is said to prevent nightmares and help with insomnia, bathrooms for its relaxing properties and studies as it also is linked to promoting intellectual thought.

Care is required in the selection of the right shade of blue depending on where it is to be used.  In a living room it can look chilly and unwelcoming, so in this instance try to select a blue with warm colour undertones or harmonize it with warm complements of cream, red or yellow.

Blue used with white in a bathroom is the epitome of invigorating freshness in the mornings and can also look romantically feminine if you chuck the ducks away and accessorized with lots of fluffy towels and candles for a relaxing “evening soak”.

Blue will happily mix with almost any colour, reds for an energy packed childs bedroom,

or simply refining a neutral decor into a tranquil and relaxing place to be.

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