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Customise Your Home

2 Sep

Purity and simple styling is often associated with an Asian decor and as the windows of a room usually take up a substantial part of the wall or walls, then curtains or blinds made from an Oriental themed fabric design will quickly infuse the room with this style of decor.

asian style blinds and bedding

A Cool, Calm and Collected Bedroom Decor

Neutrals are very well suited to this look and can be dressed up or down accordingly.

Vintage romanticism or the Country cottage look is completely at opposite ends of the design spectrum to the chic minimalism of this style of decor.

curtains and blinds in an asian style of fabric

Curtains and Roman Blinds in Matching Fabrics.

Black and/or red fabrics are always popular, the warmth of the red mixing well with the mystique of the black, but if you are going for a floral fabric, then make sure it is relevant to the look, a garland of roses tied up with ribbons for example would be a definite no.

Our roman blinds will be available this autumn in a range of matching curtains, either with pencil pleat, pinch pleat or eyelet headings. This will open a whole new gambit of inspirational ideas for your windows, being especially significant in rooms that have windows of varying sizes or perhaps a window with a south facing aspect that could benefit from having a layered window treatment to help with controlling the heat and light levels in the room.

The crisp formality of a pencil pleat heading will be best suited for an Asian style of decor, the eyelet heading, although very chic, is better suited to a modern western style of home and the pinch pleat heading again is too formal and indeed too western.

circular mirrors are very typical in an asian decor

A Large Circular Mirror On A Feature Wall is very Synonymous with an Asain Style of Decor

Various other colours are making their way into this decorative style, but usually they are bold colours working away from light coloured wall finishes with of course black being introduced wherever applicable.

cream roman blinds

Modern Living room with a Free Flow of Movement

Wooden venetian or bamboo blinds are great for spa styled bathrooms, but are perhaps only suitable for small windows in a bedroom or living room – a large window will call for something a bit more impressive.

voile curtains

Sheer Panels for the Looks used with Various Types of Window Blinds for the Mechanics

A spa inspired bathroom is bliss to the senses but to benefit fully from this style of bathroom in your home, you will need almost guaranteed seclusion – there is no point wafting away with flickering candle light and luxury bath oils only to be brought back to life by a raucous yell from the kids in the kitchen.

relaxing bathroom decor

A Spa Styled Bathroom will Relax the Senses

A few well chosen items such as lava stones or some bamboo canes in a bathroom will add character and a bit of mystique to the natural look which this style of decor is renowned for, but in a living room you can afford to make more of a statement with a large piece of artwork or ornaments. Keep any floral decorations to twiggy or bamboo types of arrangements, orchids for example are great and they are readily available in very realistic looking artificial versions.

Take Home More than just your Holiday Snaps

9 Jun

The most delightful thing about Mediterranean living is the weather…

So if you want to take home with you more than just the memory of wall to wall sunshine, then why not introduce some Mediterranean decor to your home.

The level of natural light in the Med is more intense, so combined with the white walls of the interior and exterior of the houses, bright colours, particularly for the curtains and blinds are the norm.

There are several blinds, particularly the brightly coloured roman and roller blinds in blues and yellows that really evoke holiday memories of sunny skys and will instantly give a lift to any decor. Bright yellow blinds always blend well with wooden furniture and flooring and a trip to the local market before you leave will give you the chance to buy some of the brightly coloured pottery and ceramics so typical of the area.

roller blinds for kitchens

Bring Your Kitchen to Life with this Striking Yellow Roller blind

Personally I think this look is particularly good for kitchens and bathrooms which can take the slightly cluttered feel of the Mediterranean decor, but living areas and bedrooms in our northern homes need the warming influence of pastels and earthy colours to feel cosy during the long winter months and often the long wet summer days.

bathroom roller blinds

What Better Way to Cheer up a Boring Bathroom Than with a Fun Roller Blind

The seashell print on the blind above provides a good excuse for a trip to the beach to collect some shells and perhaps a bit of drift wood so you can strategically place a sponge and some soaps in a group to follow the theme through, an attractive decorative addition at little expense.

If you want to use a plain natural coloured blind or you are working around a not very colourful existing blind, then you can achieve the same affect by painting the walls a typical Mediterranean colour, but remember our more subdued daylight may dull the intensity of the paint, making the finish less striking. The level of natural light in a room also will need to be considered before painting the walls in strong colours, particularly shades of blue – a north facing room being the classic for avoiding cold colours particularly in a bathroom.

bathroom blinds

Mediterranean Decor is Not the Place for Minimalism

Open plan living space is often quite normal in this style of decor, so whilst it may be quite cluttered, the decor also has openness about it to allow for the movement of air. Curtains are often used as room dividers, closed perhaps during the winter months for warmth and open in the summer offering the opportunity for the continuation of the floor covering out onto the terrace or patio which also adds dimension to a room. Again this is fine for warm climates, especially as the flooring is usually tiles. Unfortunately our first frost of winter would wreck the tiles outside, particularly if they are the clay tiles, so typical of this area.

dark wood curtain poles

The Patio and Garden will feel part of the Room with the Continual Run of Matching Floor Tiles

Colours, Climate and Culture – Spring cont.

28 Mar

The epitome of an English Country décor is based on a cottage garden in the spring and summer, so curtains or blinds made of pretty floral prints in a mixture of warm and cool colours will make a good starting point to build the rest of the décor around, ensuring your home is a warm and comfortable place to be.

Floral curtains and contrasting roman blind

Layered Window Treatments offer the Best of Both Worlds

Fitting blinds and curtains to the same window not only gives more impact to your decor, but also gives the choice of having good levels of light and privacy control offered by the blind and the fabulous imput of a stunning pair of curtains that can remain “dressed” to the side of the window, making life easier in the mornings when all that is needed is a pull of the blind cord instead of having to re-arrange your curtains.

delicate spring colours for blinds and bedding are ideal for a spring decor

Soft Pastel Blinds, Bedding and Wallcoverings are the Epitome of a Spring Decor

Window blinds, especially rollers and romans are great for modern bedrooms especially if they have the added benefit of a blackout lining or finish.

If curtains are your preferred choice of window treatment for a more informal look, then keep to a fairly simple curtain heading such as eyelet curtains.  Make sure that subtle details such as the eyelet rings of the curtains match the metal finish of the curtain pole, such details may appear trivial, but after years of furnishing and dressing out show homes, I know that the smallest of details that “no-one will notice” in fact makes the difference between a perfect finish and just another show home.

We have a large selection of eyelet curtain poles such as the Speedy Eyelet Curtain Pole

speedy curtain pole with glass finial

The Shimmering Glass Finial of the Eyelet Curtain Pole is in Keeping with the Light and Airy Look you are Trying to Create.

A quick scan of the internet shows that most “foreigners” consider a typical English décor is achieved by a visit to the local second hand furniture shops and buying a jumble of odd bits of furniture, especially in pine, some nic nacs – and of course anything Laura Ashley or heavily floral will be fine.

Whilst The Floral Wallpaper and the Poor Stags Head could be seen as the Epitome of English Decor, but not together please.

Some people in their quest for an English décor completely miss the point.

neutral coloured kitchen blind

Bay Windows or Straight Windows can be Fitted with Blinds, Ideal Particularly for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Neutral decors are often favoured by chic city dwellers, but city living can be crowded and grey and without a garden,  uplifting colours such as green, yellow, blue, lilac and pink will lighten the mood and ambience of the room.

Yellow roller blind

This Yellow Roller Blind will be Much Admired, be very Practical and will Define the Colour Scheme of the Kitchen

And for a Spring feeling if you are not inclined to change your decor, all it may take is just a bunch of daffodils and a walk in the country.

Spring-A New Beginning for Some

Happy Easter

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Colours, Climate and Culture

21 Mar

Colours mean different things in different cultures. White is the colour of mourning in China for instance and would be synonymous with death, so would therefore not necessarily make a welcoming pair of curtains or blinds.

white decor

Basically White Decors to the West is the Epitome of Freshness and Light giving the room Space to Shine

White for people of the northern hemisphere is synonymous with ice and snow, therefore a symbol of purity, innocence and freshness, ideal in particular for bathroom blinds and brides dresses.

contemporary cream living room

Themed Decors Influenced by our Travels

As island dwellers our décor has not been influenced so much by our European neighbours as by our large empire around the world.

If you decide to theme your decor around a collection of artwork or ornaments then keep the background colours to the minimal, you cannot have two or more items competing for attention, it will be overwhelming and the result will miss the point.

john lennon image

Such a Powerful Image Needs to Breathe - I can only imagine what John would have said about this decorative disaster

but the most influential source of inspiration for our quintessential English décor has always been nature and its changing seasons.

spring coloured bedding and curtains to match

Spring Colours Look their Best based around a White Decor

Spring Colours are soft light colours, definitely NO dark colours allowed. These colours by virtue of the fact that they have plenty of white in the mix will make a room feel more spacious and the wall colourings ideally should be white to maintain the cool appearance.

Blinds and curtains of various descriptions make a quick and economical way to change your décor in harmony with the changing seasons with just a few tweaks being made by altering the colour of the home accessories in harmony with the change of window treatment.

metal venetian blind in lime green

Metal Venetian Blinds make a wonderful contemporary window treatment.

Green is the colour of life and represents perfectly the freshnesss and tranquility of a spring decor. It is a colour that can be used for walls and window treatments especially for living rooms and bedrooms where a calm and restful atmosphere is most welcome.

Metal venetian blinds are available in a vast array of colours so you will be able to find the perfect colour match for even the trickiest of colour schemes.

Harmonious Colours for bright spring greens would be yellow, lime and blue.

Contrasting Colours would be fuchsia, pink, red and brown.

compliment your roller blind with matching accessories

Bright Green and Fushia is the Epitome of a Fresh Spring Decor

Very pale pink or peach is a lovely spring colour which can be used anywhere in the house.

Pink makes a warm welcoming window treatment

Kitchens do Not Always have to be based around a High Energy Colour

Kitchen blinds, curtains and accessories do not always have to be bright energising colours particularly if the kitchen is in a pretty English country style home. This charming roller blind looks warm and inviting as there is the merest hint of red in the make up of the colour.

Harmonious Colours for pinks are lilac, blue and grey.

Contrasting Colours are green and brown.

Pale pink kitchen accessories are not quite to easy to find as the norm is for high impact colours, but do not despair, they will be out there somewhere.

yellow vertical blind

Pale Yellow Is Particularly Useful for Introducing a Fresh Look to a City Home

This fabulous vertical blind if it is used during the day to protect the furnishings and carpet from the harmful rays of the sun will fill the room with a soft glow as the sunlight is filtered through the blades of the blind.

Pale yellow is particularly attractive in a family living room as it is a happy colour which exhudes warmth and inspiration. It is also a colour that is great for blinds in kitchens, dining rooms and north facing rooms.

Harmonious Colours for spring yellow is lime, orange and brown.

Contrasting Colours are blue, aqua and lilac.

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Teal – A Building Block Colour

27 Feb

Teal is a colour which will demand maximum impact, ideal for blinds, curtains and bedding as a statement colour that almost everyone of every age will find attractive twinned with bright white or colours.

Blinds, bedding or curtains in a teal colour is relaxing for bedrooms.

Teal - A Relaxing Colour with White or a Very Lively Colour with other Primaries.

It will be incredibly relaxing for bedrooms and bathrooms and as lively as you like twinned with primaries in living rooms.

Teal is a favourite colour of mine as well as one of natures favourite palettes for birds  – the name of the colour being derived from a rather dull little brown duck called a Teal, the male sporting a flash of this colouring turning him into someone to quite fancy at breeding time.

Clean bright colours are ideal for curtains and blinds

Teal and Lime green are a very modern choice for statement walls, blinds and curtains

Teal and other cool bright colours such as lime green used in a combination will make a very modern decor interesting as well as relaxing. It is a colour that was favoured for its vitality by Mediterranean countries in particular Morocco as the extremes of sunlight and shade creates exciting variations of tone and contrast intensifying the colour – they used it for its fabulous colouring but also to cool the warm terracotta colourings also favoured in their decor.

I have chosen to write about Teal next to the Indigo blog as these two colours heighten the brilliance of each other and cannot be beaten for a dramatic finish.

bright coloured bedding

The Tonal Variation of Teal and Indigo is Quite Stunning

Teal looks fabulous with white for a fresh crisp décor, being particularly attractive for bedrooms both modern …….

Harlequin wallpaper and bedding

Muted Teal and Grey Gives a Chic Modern Finish

and traditional.

White and cream bedding and curtains

Teal Lightens and Lifts Dark Wooden Furniture and Flooring

This teal blackout roller blind is ideal to be included in a bedroom window treatment for light issues as well as the décor.

Blackout roller blind

A Teal Blackout Roller Blind Is Ideal in a Bedroom for Light Sleepers

Cream and teal combinations will offer an elegant more decadent touch, but don’t get too carried away and as in this particular case “over egg the pudding”.

Teal is a colour that needs good levels of lighting both natural and artificial to look its best, especially in a small room such as a bathroom or study.

roller blinds in turquoise colours are fresh and relaxing

Feel as Fresh as the Morning Dew in a Teal Based Bathroom

A bathroom is the only place you can truly justify being alone and require absolute privacy which is why roller blinds and venetian blinds in particular make a good window treatment for bathrooms.

This pale Teal roller blind with white walls and sanitary ware will expand the dimensions of the room as well as heighten your ability to relax and unwind in the bath, turquoise being well known by colour therapists to induce relaxation and inner calm.

A modern study is often the technological hub of the house filled with screens, speakers and lots of hard surfaces. Teal as with the little brown duck really lifts browns and dark surfaces in general, giving drama to what could otherwise be perhaps a sombre and unattractive place to be.

If your choice of window treatment is curtains, then

Dark wooden curtain poles such as the Regency Sienna in Walnut

wooden curtain pole

or the Gold effect finish

wooden curtain pole finished in gold

or the Distressed finish

wooden curtain poles in white

will all look outstanding in very different ways, the dark wood contributing to creating a traditional feel to the decor, the gold for a glamorous decadent look and the distressed for a country casual finish.

Modern metal curtains poles such as the Sunflex Belgravia of course go anywhere and compliment the cool chic colour of teal curtaining whether a bright chrome or an antiqued dark colouring.

Every room in your home no matter its function should be a pleasure to live in and colour is one of the main mediums for this -­­ comfort as well as privacy being tantamount in this working area of the house. If you have the space make sure you include a comfy chair, some good music and books so you can take a break from the emails and other social networking that seem to be in danger of taking over our already limited free time.

Teal as an accent colour on items of furniture looks chic and modern

and with reds, very Oriental.

teal curtains and furniture

Teal and Red together are High Decorative Achievers

If you cannot find the real thing, then a pot of teal paint and a trip to the Hospice furniture shop could be a good alternative.

And if Indigo and Teal is not your bag then you can always go for the bright florals!!!

Teal and Indigo always make a stunning combination

Indigo and Teal are a Great Colour Combination for Wearing as well as Decorating

poles and blinds

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Warm Colours- For Romance or Comfort

6 Nov

Reds and browns will evoke a feeling of warmth and exoticism and are energizing colours which are ideal for kitchens, dining rooms and children’s bedroom blinds or curtains. They are based on earth pigments and have been used for thousands of years in our home décor, from early man’s cave paintings to the basis for many colour palettes used today.

blinds and curtains in warm colours

A Super Snug snug

Deep warm coloured blinds and curtains are beautiful as well as practical when used in the home, but depending on their intensity, will never offer a subtle impression of tranquility. They will take more handling and wear than light cool colours without showing signs of soiling, but they will tend to advance towards you, ideal if you are trying to create a warm cosy study for example – but not so useful if you are trying to make a modern décor based on an open expansive look.

Fitting a stunning metal curtain pole such as the Speedy Alexia will always go a long way to modernising a scheme and will also give a touch of iridescence to a deeply coloured fabric –  one of the disadvantages of using a strong colour is that it tends to absorb the light.

modern metal curtain poles

Using a bold colour such as red for curtains, blinds or indeed decorating a whole section of a room will draw the eye away from an ugly feature in a room. If you are going to go for the painted wall option then make sure that there is also the option of good lighting, whilst dimmed lights are very attractive for mood lighting, kitchen spaces in particular will need to be well lit.

home accessorise in bold colours

A few vibrant Home Accessorise will make All The Difference

A good compromise is to use cool colours as the main choice for the décor to give a feeling of space and then compliment the scheme with a few well chosen “warm” highlights such as a window blind or even just a few candles.

Light warm colours such as pink and lilac are seen as feminine colours and as such are used extensively for bedrooms, soft subtle pinks for the “grown-ups” and the brighter the better for the girls.

The popularity of all things pink for the little girls has been intensified by whoever at Disney had the idea of linking all the Princesses together. What a marketing triumph – a completely new range from the old faithfulls available in practically everything down to a computer mouse.

Who said girls like pink ??? Incidentally the insistence for wearing swimming goggles and cap when riding a bike is derived from watching Moto GP

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BLINDS – Why Go For That Colour ??

27 Oct

Cool Colours – these colours are in fact both marine and aerial; they can be full on seaside blue or the deep turquoise of the Aegean Sea, the dusty grey-blue of the Scandinavian skies or the deep cobalt blue of an English summer sky. These colours are particularly ideal for bathroom blinds.

Cool and Calming ideal for Relaxing

Cool colours are also greens and certain yellows or purples, depending on whether they have a touch of red in their colour blending or not. Cool colours are certainly refreshing, looking particularly outstanding against a crisp white background, making the room feel more spacious and light whilst possessing an air of peace and tranquility. These restful colours even if they are just used for a window blind will set the scene for a tranquil bedroom or relaxing bathroom, but perhaps during the winter months this cool fresh look may not be quite so desirable, so the simple addition of a few well chosen home accessories in warm colours hues of reds or rusts will quickly make the room look warm and inviting.

bathroom blind

Roman blinds give a softer finish to the windows as the folds of material gently pleat up as the blind is opened.  Roller blinds are just as effective and perhaps better suited to a bathroom as there is minimal use of fabric and especially in a family bathroom,things can sometimes get a bit wet.

Alternatively the same stunning effect can be achieved with a white blind set on a cool coloured wallcovering, either with all the walls finished, or just one feature wall finished in the colour. If it is a small room and you decide to only have one wall with a coloured finish, then it is usually best to go for the wall that also includes the window and tone the window finish with the wall colour or the decor will become fragmented.

window blind for bathrooms

There are Blinds to suit every Style and Budget

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