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Teal – A Building Block Colour

27 Feb

Teal is a colour which will demand maximum impact, ideal for blinds, curtains and bedding as a statement colour that almost everyone of every age will find attractive twinned with bright white or colours.

Blinds, bedding or curtains in a teal colour is relaxing for bedrooms.

Teal - A Relaxing Colour with White or a Very Lively Colour with other Primaries.

It will be incredibly relaxing for bedrooms and bathrooms and as lively as you like twinned with primaries in living rooms.

Teal is a favourite colour of mine as well as one of natures favourite palettes for birds  – the name of the colour being derived from a rather dull little brown duck called a Teal, the male sporting a flash of this colouring turning him into someone to quite fancy at breeding time.

Clean bright colours are ideal for curtains and blinds

Teal and Lime green are a very modern choice for statement walls, blinds and curtains

Teal and other cool bright colours such as lime green used in a combination will make a very modern decor interesting as well as relaxing. It is a colour that was favoured for its vitality by Mediterranean countries in particular Morocco as the extremes of sunlight and shade creates exciting variations of tone and contrast intensifying the colour – they used it for its fabulous colouring but also to cool the warm terracotta colourings also favoured in their decor.

I have chosen to write about Teal next to the Indigo blog as these two colours heighten the brilliance of each other and cannot be beaten for a dramatic finish.

bright coloured bedding

The Tonal Variation of Teal and Indigo is Quite Stunning

Teal looks fabulous with white for a fresh crisp décor, being particularly attractive for bedrooms both modern …….

Harlequin wallpaper and bedding

Muted Teal and Grey Gives a Chic Modern Finish

and traditional.

White and cream bedding and curtains

Teal Lightens and Lifts Dark Wooden Furniture and Flooring

This teal blackout roller blind is ideal to be included in a bedroom window treatment for light issues as well as the décor.

Blackout roller blind

A Teal Blackout Roller Blind Is Ideal in a Bedroom for Light Sleepers

Cream and teal combinations will offer an elegant more decadent touch, but don’t get too carried away and as in this particular case “over egg the pudding”.

Teal is a colour that needs good levels of lighting both natural and artificial to look its best, especially in a small room such as a bathroom or study.

roller blinds in turquoise colours are fresh and relaxing

Feel as Fresh as the Morning Dew in a Teal Based Bathroom

A bathroom is the only place you can truly justify being alone and require absolute privacy which is why roller blinds and venetian blinds in particular make a good window treatment for bathrooms.

This pale Teal roller blind with white walls and sanitary ware will expand the dimensions of the room as well as heighten your ability to relax and unwind in the bath, turquoise being well known by colour therapists to induce relaxation and inner calm.

A modern study is often the technological hub of the house filled with screens, speakers and lots of hard surfaces. Teal as with the little brown duck really lifts browns and dark surfaces in general, giving drama to what could otherwise be perhaps a sombre and unattractive place to be.

If your choice of window treatment is curtains, then

Dark wooden curtain poles such as the Regency Sienna in Walnut

wooden curtain pole

or the Gold effect finish

wooden curtain pole finished in gold

or the Distressed finish

wooden curtain poles in white

will all look outstanding in very different ways, the dark wood contributing to creating a traditional feel to the decor, the gold for a glamorous decadent look and the distressed for a country casual finish.

Modern metal curtains poles such as the Sunflex Belgravia of course go anywhere and compliment the cool chic colour of teal curtaining whether a bright chrome or an antiqued dark colouring.

Every room in your home no matter its function should be a pleasure to live in and colour is one of the main mediums for this -­­ comfort as well as privacy being tantamount in this working area of the house. If you have the space make sure you include a comfy chair, some good music and books so you can take a break from the emails and other social networking that seem to be in danger of taking over our already limited free time.

Teal as an accent colour on items of furniture looks chic and modern

and with reds, very Oriental.

teal curtains and furniture

Teal and Red together are High Decorative Achievers

If you cannot find the real thing, then a pot of teal paint and a trip to the Hospice furniture shop could be a good alternative.

And if Indigo and Teal is not your bag then you can always go for the bright florals!!!

Teal and Indigo always make a stunning combination

Indigo and Teal are a Great Colour Combination for Wearing as well as Decorating

poles and blinds

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Poles and Blinds – Prepare to be Inspired

22 Mar

The way your home looks and feels is very important as it can have a profound impact on your general wellbeing, so take the time and so some research.  A mood board may seem a little extreme, but will pay dividends in the long run as you can prop it up and look at it for a few days and if you still like the colourings, then that is an indication that it is a scheme that will last the passage of time. Don’t overlook the benefits gained by tweaking details like curtain poles and window blinds.


I will help you to choose a style, colour and finish that you will feel comfortable with, helping you to love where you live and perhaps, even where you work.

Do you need or do you want to have window blinds?


What type of curtain pole and curtain headings?


What will suit your way of life, existing decor and family requirements?

As a professional Interior Designer I can hopefully give you useful tips that I have acquired over many years in the industry.

Colours can lift the spirit but soothing neutrals will having a calming effect - ideal for living rooms

White = Light and bright but needs a touch of a statement colouring

Some of the images I will be using have been taken from various show home projects undertaken by myself and my sons, James and Jonathan.

Your choice of window treatment is second only to your choice of furniture in determining the overall impression of your home or office.

Making the right choice is often helped by the imput of an expert.

Feel free to take any of the suggestions from my blog posts which will give you useful insights into the miriad of effects available to you.

If you want to pick up more tips and ideas visit our main site – www.polesandblinds.com.



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Curtain Poles & Window Blinds – Effects of Colour – Video

18 Mar

The following Poles and Blinds “Effects of Colour” video was developed to supply you with the insight you need to utilise the impact and effect of curtain poles and window blinds for any setting.

poles and blinds leading the way for fabulous windows treatments

Contact Us
Polesandblinds.com Ltd.
17 Harefield Road
Middleton on sea
West Sussex
PO22 6EE
Tel: 0845 4650101
International Calls: 00441243 586660
Email: info@polesandblinds.com

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