Bay Windows – Not to be Ignored

11 Jan
poles for bay windows

Curtain Poles For Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great feature in any room, but to get the most from your bay and also to give the feeling of expanding the square footage of the room, use the bay as an equally important area as the rest of the room and not just somewhere to place a large indoor plant. A large bay window with relevant bay window blinds (recent trends including blackout blinds) makes a great place to use as a small office area if you do not have that facility anywhere else in the house or you can add more free standing seating or build window seats around the bay.

Window seats can be built quite quickly and easily and then cushioned with a fabric that co-ordinates with the curtains or blinds in the bay. Make sure that whoever is building the window seats fits a hinged lid as this makes a wonderful storage area.

Adding plenty of plants and flowers around the garden outside the bay window will create a great “outdoor” seating area indoors.

Bay windows used to be notoriously difficult to dress, the pole or track having to be made to measure at the factory. This mercifully is a thing of the past, many curtain poles having innovative corner joints that will enable the pole to fit exactly to your bay, with the correct bend being achieved when fitting the pole. A very popular example of this being the Sunflex Belgravia Curtain Pole

Curtain tracks are also more adaptable, many supplied with a simple bending fitment that will again enable the track to fit your specific requirements when being fitted. A very easy to fit example of a bay window track being the Speedy Fineline Curtain Track

Various types of blinds are also very good to fit in a bay window, roller blinds often being accompanied by “dressed” curtains (curtains that are more aesthetic than practical as they usually remain open and fitted in front of the bay). Roller blinds are particularly adapt at being used for the most difficult of situations as they are easy to fit and come in such a wide range of sizes and colours.

blinds for bay windows

Roller Blinds - A Go Anywhere Type of Blind

Roman blinds are more flamboyant than roller blinds, the layers of fabric giving a softer look than the minimal lines of a roller blind and therefore a more luxurious finish to the bay.

bay window roman blinds

Roman Blinds for an Elegant Bay

Venetian blinds, either metal or wooden fit well into a bay, the metal finish giving a chic modern feel, whilst the wooden venetian blind will introduce a more sensual oriental finish to your bay.

bay window venetian blinds

Wooden or Metal Venetian Blinds offer a very sensual setting

Vertical blinds are the only style of blind that can actually fit in a continual run around the bay, but the track will have to be bent at the factory.

Bay window vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds have to be Custom Made to fit the bay window

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