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French Decor Does Not Always Mean the Louis Look

14 Jul

White on white is always a firm favourite for a French Style decor, a statement of graceful sophistication. If you want to use colour especially if it is bright, then the unwritten but generally accepted ratio is 70% of the main detail such as the floor and walls should be one colour, 20% should be in a different colour and used for the curtains, blinds and other soft furnishings such as cushions or bedding and then 10% can be a complete vibrant contrast, but restricted to ornaments and pictures.

neutral coloured curtains

Crisp White Cotton Bedding always makes a Stunning Statement

Personally I always prefer to start with neutral walls, think of an art gallery, the walls are nearly always white, ready to add the works of art which will stand out to their best advantage and the same will apply to your window treatments, furniture and furnishings.

If you favour the ultimate in neutral decor and have a suitably sized wallet you might like to base your decor around a pot of the world’s most expensive paint. It costs a mere 4,500 Euros a square metre owing to the fact that it has about half a million Swarovski Crystals to one square metre of paint – the effect must be truly breathtaking as the light catches the crystals.

There are plenty of other stunning effects you can create, you just need lots of time and a good imagination.

Embrace The Television – Dont Try to Hide It

This attractive kitchen is very Provence, the large dresser being the main focal point. White colour washed wooden floors and furniture will give a feeling a space, ideal for a multi-functional family kitchen and when the odd disaster happens a quick lick of paint and all is well. State of the art wooden veneer or high gloss finished units look the part until the dog jumps up them looking for his lunch and then they are bug….d.

wooden kitchen furniture

White Wooden Curtain Poles Unite the Window Treatment with the Rest of the Furnishings

Feu de Forge furniture is very French and still very popular. The traditional hand crafted wrought iron furniture can be given a modern twist but I think works well as an amalgamation of contemporary and traditional. French furniture and decor is usually very feminine and will often appeal to the emerging teenage girl.

This Pretty Teenagers Bedroom pays homage to the Charm of French Furniture

Sheer curtains and blinds fit well with this look, especially if they are draped from a slender wrought iron curtain pole, but will need frequent re-dressing or they will look an unruly mess – like this !!!!!

sheer curtains

Voile Curtains need lots of attention to avoid looking like rags

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