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Try to Cheer Up – Get Active with your Interior – Blinds

22 Dec

Window blinds can cheer you up – if you do not belive me read on…

summer holdays

Happy Family Holidays

We are now getting really fed up with the weather and with ours and indeed most people’s Christmases in ruins let’s be positive and try to think towards and remember back to the warm summer sunshine lifting our spirits.

If you are marooned at home then it’s a good time to get out the paint pot and immerse yourself in a project. Whilst you may not fancy slogging around the freezing shops, shopping online offers the easy option, especially with sites such as poles and blinds that are accompanied by informative buying guides and a blog.

venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds are Ideal for Patio Doors

Venetian blinds are a great way to dress patio doors. They can open fully out of the way when the door has plenty of traffic, most can be wiped clean, catering for the odd spillage at the barbeque and can be closed tightly at night offering complete or partial privacy as the case may be. Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of colours and many of the fabrics are also available with special properties to deal with the issues that often arise with a sunny south facing window.

blinds for bay windows

Vertical Blinds are a Multi-functional Window Finish

A vertical blind makes an ideal finish for the smallest of windows as it stacks neatly to one side of the window allowing for maximum light to enter the room or can be used in series to deal with the largest of windows. Bay windows can also be fitted with vertical blinds, with each section of the window being fitted with an individual blind.

Many of the vertical blinds are also available as roller blinds so they can be used in the same or adjoining rooms for a co-ordinated look.

Colours of course will have a great impact on the look and feel of the room. Whoever said that Blue and Green should never be seen was talking absolute rubbish, they are on the same side of the colour wheel and to my mind as long as the blue is a greeny blue and not a reddy blue and the green is not a yellowy or muddy olive green they will make a fresh and vibrant combination.

You have to be very brave to use black or dark grey as the main colour in a scheme, it can be quite claustrophobic with scary connotations. Black can however if combined with other colours and textures look absolutely stunning.

Dark blue will happily blend with any colour. Usually blue is associated with a calm and restful decor but as shown with the drama of black and dark grey, looks superb in an uncluttered decor that is inherently very 21st century.

Red accessories and window finishes set against a black feature wall will offer a striking explosion of colour and with just the inclusion of a bamboo plant can instantly look quite Japanese – black used in interior design is thought to be lucky in many Asian cultures.

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