Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are the simplest form of blind. They can be used on their own, used with sheer curtains or with heavier curtains.  Many roller blind fabrics are also available as Vertical Blinds, ideal if the room has a combination of windows such as a large patio door that would be ideally fitted with the vertical blind, whereas the conventional window may be more suitable fitted with a roller blind.

Roller blinds are very compact and easy to keep clean which is why they are especially popular for kitchens and bathrooms. When closed they can almost completely fill the window opening and when they are open, they roll up neatly into a cylinder shape at the top of the window.

Roller blinds come in fun designs, ideal for kitchens and children’s bedrooms. So whether you are looking for a funky, fun design for your children’s bedroom or a chic silhouette to add a sophisticated feel to your living areas, we have a roller blind to suit you.

And you can have the edge finished to your specifications which you can choose from our choice of various pulls, eyelets, pole inserts and trims.


Roller blinds, although they cannot give 100% blackout as chinks of light will always be able to creep around the sides of the blinds, make a great window treatment for bedrooms, especially twinned with curtains.

Blinds can be used very successfully in bay windows, with individual blinds being used in each section of the bay – this optimizes the floor area of the bay. Curtains often reduce the floor area and section the bay off from the rest of the room.


For bathrooms they are especially good, the minimal use of fabric means that they will not be affected by the steamy atmosphere.


To prevent an all white bathroom looking sterile, introduce lots of coloured soaps and coloured fluffy towels.
Blue or turquoise roller blinds are also popular choices for bathrooms making even the tiniest for bathrooms appear bright and airy. These colours are known to have soothing effects, great for unwinding in a hot bath at the end of the day.

poles and blinds leading the way for fabulous windows treatments


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