Colours, Climate and Culture

21 Mar

Colours mean different things in different cultures. White is the colour of mourning in China for instance and would be synonymous with death, so would therefore not necessarily make a welcoming pair of curtains or blinds.

white decor

Basically White Decors to the West is the Epitome of Freshness and Light giving the room Space to Shine

White for people of the northern hemisphere is synonymous with ice and snow, therefore a symbol of purity, innocence and freshness, ideal in particular for bathroom blinds and brides dresses.

contemporary cream living room

Themed Decors Influenced by our Travels

As island dwellers our décor has not been influenced so much by our European neighbours as by our large empire around the world.

If you decide to theme your decor around a collection of artwork or ornaments then keep the background colours to the minimal, you cannot have two or more items competing for attention, it will be overwhelming and the result will miss the point.

john lennon image

Such a Powerful Image Needs to Breathe - I can only imagine what John would have said about this decorative disaster

but the most influential source of inspiration for our quintessential English décor has always been nature and its changing seasons.

spring coloured bedding and curtains to match

Spring Colours Look their Best based around a White Decor

Spring Colours are soft light colours, definitely NO dark colours allowed. These colours by virtue of the fact that they have plenty of white in the mix will make a room feel more spacious and the wall colourings ideally should be white to maintain the cool appearance.

Blinds and curtains of various descriptions make a quick and economical way to change your décor in harmony with the changing seasons with just a few tweaks being made by altering the colour of the home accessories in harmony with the change of window treatment.

metal venetian blind in lime green

Metal Venetian Blinds make a wonderful contemporary window treatment.

Green is the colour of life and represents perfectly the freshnesss and tranquility of a spring decor. It is a colour that can be used for walls and window treatments especially for living rooms and bedrooms where a calm and restful atmosphere is most welcome.

Metal venetian blinds are available in a vast array of colours so you will be able to find the perfect colour match for even the trickiest of colour schemes.

Harmonious Colours for bright spring greens would be yellow, lime and blue.

Contrasting Colours would be fuchsia, pink, red and brown.

compliment your roller blind with matching accessories

Bright Green and Fushia is the Epitome of a Fresh Spring Decor

Very pale pink or peach is a lovely spring colour which can be used anywhere in the house.

Pink makes a warm welcoming window treatment

Kitchens do Not Always have to be based around a High Energy Colour

Kitchen blinds, curtains and accessories do not always have to be bright energising colours particularly if the kitchen is in a pretty English country style home. This charming roller blind looks warm and inviting as there is the merest hint of red in the make up of the colour.

Harmonious Colours for pinks are lilac, blue and grey.

Contrasting Colours are green and brown.

Pale pink kitchen accessories are not quite to easy to find as the norm is for high impact colours, but do not despair, they will be out there somewhere.

yellow vertical blind

Pale Yellow Is Particularly Useful for Introducing a Fresh Look to a City Home

This fabulous vertical blind if it is used during the day to protect the furnishings and carpet from the harmful rays of the sun will fill the room with a soft glow as the sunlight is filtered through the blades of the blind.

Pale yellow is particularly attractive in a family living room as it is a happy colour which exhudes warmth and inspiration. It is also a colour that is great for blinds in kitchens, dining rooms and north facing rooms.

Harmonious Colours for spring yellow is lime, orange and brown.

Contrasting Colours are blue, aqua and lilac.

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