Mallow – A Mellow Colour for Blinds and Curtains

10 Mar
cushions curtains and blinds in mallow

Mallow is a colour that is closely associated with nature

Mallow is a colour that is particularly attractive to base your decor around. It can be easily introduced with blinds, curtains, bedding and cushions, which will offer just a hint of this lovely colour without creating a decor that the National Trust would be proud of.

It is actually a pretty little flower that can be seen growing on waste land such as the sides of motorways as well as in cultivated gardens. It is officially a colour in the English language, but can be anything from a light to a dark pinky mauve as the petals are very obviously two tone.

a versatile colour for home decor

Mallow - More Punchy than Pink

As with any colour that is favoured by Mother Nature it is also a great colour to use in our homes as it will blend with so many other colours, being particularly favoured in a combination of colours for floral designs.

Floral cushions with matching wallpaper and curtain fabric.

Mallow is a great colourway for bright floral fabrics and blinds

Mallow can be used as the main colour or just as an accent colour in any room and for any period of décor.

Shades of pink are often seen as a soft feminine colour and restricted to bedrooms, particularly for little girls. The mix of pink and magenta which is the basis for Mallow is a more serious colour that can be used for all kinds of things including the colour of the underwear for the inmates in some American prisons (not got a photo of that you´ll be pleased to know), to the colour of the seating in public places as the colour has proved to be extremely effective in promoting feelings of calm and relaxation.

Mallow colouring creates a fabulous venue for clubs and theatres

Mallow has an underlying confidence due to a degree of red in the make-up of the colour.

Vertical blinds such as the Acacia Mallow vertical blind

Mallow Vertical blind

Acacia Mallow Vertical blind

Vertical blind in Mallow

Acacia Mallow vertical blind - a beautiful colour by any standards

or roller blinds such as the Acacia Mallow roller blind

Acacia mallow roller blind

Mallow window treatments can be Sophisticated or Cottagey.

make fabulous window treatments for living rooms and kitchens, so don’t do this colour a grave injustice by confining it to the bedroom.

Metal venetian blinds are very popular in kitchens, especially for a cutting-edge stainless steel kitchen as the chic lines of the metal blades of the blind are perfect, curtains would look ridiculous.

If you are fitting a metal kitchen and are thinking about carrying the metal coloured theme through to the blinds, then before you get too carried away and end up with a very industrial finish, consider enlivening the look with a compromise, a metal blind in a warm colour such as this fabulous Mallow metal venetian blind, the intensity of the deep energising colour will give a visual focus which will lift the intensity of the metal units.

venetian blind in mallow colouring

A stunning metal blind that gives visual focus

If you prepared to really get down to it, you can find some fabulous home interior accessories that will introduce an accent of this appealing colour that can be followed through in a few other selected items such as cushions and bedrunners.

The Galeria Mosaic metal curtain

metal curtain pole trimmed with mallow finial

A mosaic of mallow glass fragments decorate this fabulous metal curtain pole

The Integra Lustre Zara metal curtain pole

black metal curtain pole

Black and Pink - partners through eternity

Mallow can be extremely attractive twinned with dark colours

Mallow can be partnered with dark brown or black for a moody, chic finish


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