BLACK – Not to be Afraid of

27 Jan
black curtains and cushions

Black and Cream With the Midas Touch - Gold

Black has scary connotations, death, the devil and the night – however in interior design in Asian decor it was thought to bring good luck to the occupants of the house and although in the West we know it takes more than a black decor, it still looks good.

No-one in their right mind would consider an all black room, but even if it is just a black roman blind or a black curtain pole with curtains based on a black background or decorative design, black will look stunning and very chic combined with charming warm colours such as pale coral, pinks and creams or gold for the epitome of a show-off scheme and bedrooms in particular with black accents are fabulous.

Carrying the curtain fabric through to the curtain poles and bedspread or as in this case, to a bed runner and of course the cushions will keep the movement of colours flowing through.

If your curtains are interlined or even if they  just have a  decorative heading such as a pinch pleat heading, you may wish to dress them in the folds that correspond to the pleats of the heading. You will need curtain holdbacks or tie-backs to achieve this and unless you have the time or the inclination to dress them every morning, it is best to fit an additional blind, usually a roller blind or a roman blind as the secondary fitting to be the actual working part of the window treatment.

The addition of  glass tops to your furniture will not only protect it, but also the shiny reflective surface will add both glamour and light to the decor.

Chrome curtains poles are great with black curtains in a modern scheme, this Speedy metal curtain pole being particularly stunning as the black background of the finial shows through the mosaic glass fragments of the finial decoration,  mirroring the curtains to the last detail.

moden curtain finial in mirrored fragments

Carry Your Curtains through to the Curtain Pole

This very adaptable pole can also be used as a bay window curtain pole with the required corner joints, great if you have more than one window in a room, one of which being a bay window. The corner joint literally fits at one end of two poles and there you have it – a perfect right angle bend.

corner joint for bay windows

Bay Window Problems - A thing of the Past

Space is a sheer joy I think in your home – when you come in your door after a busy day at work, travelling in a crowded train or doing battle in Tescos, a decor based on white or cream with black accents will certainly help you to feel less conjested and relaxed.  Let the black colouring be the decorative detail, it´s strong enough and the white or pale cream the space maker.

Black finishing touches in a living room are stunning, but best avoided as the main upholstery colour unless you are a particularly organised person, furniture is such hard work in black and anyway you never know when a puppy or kitten may arrive. Black influenced living rooms are definately for the modern minded – a pared down interior is required, not one that is loaded with personal items. It´s now very “out of vogue” to fill the room with ornaments – a few groups of carefully selected favourite ornaments and a similarly well chosen coffee tablescape is all that´s permitted.

venetian blinds for bay windows

Metal Venetian Blinds will get you out of a Tight Corner

A black worktop in the kitchen will give depth to the units, match many of items such as the hob and oven and can easily be accesssorised by black kitchen equipment such as toasters and permissable nic nacs such as the odd olive oil bottle. Don´t forget to introduce a bit of colour even if its just a red flower.

Metal venetian blinds are ideal in a kitchen and are available in a huge range of colours, so getting your window treatment to match your chosen decor colour will not be a problem. Blinds of any description are a great way of dressing bay windows that are a combination of flat sections as each window can be fitted with an individual blind.  Also if the kitchen is a kitchen/diner, it´s good to pick out a feature colour from the curtains and match the blind accordingly.

Greater care needs to be taken with powerful primaries such as red – for lashings of red the room will need to be vast and free from any encumbrancies such as fussy curtain treatments and ornaments. More about red soon……….. in the mean time some of us are more than happy to stick to black and white.

black and white decor

Lay Back and Enjoy It

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  1. Blinds UK February 2, 2012 at 1:45 pm #

    Nice window blinds…..

  2. Blinds Uk February 7, 2012 at 11:26 am #

    black always look stunning… nice post

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