Christmas is Coming

7 Dec

If you have had enough of the old tree, the tired tinsel and decorations, then leave them where they are in the loft and go for a more minimal, natural look – its amazing what a pot of glitter and some polyfiller can do. Get your wellies on this weekend and go out into the woods and get a few small branches of some evergreen trees.  Berries, at least where we live are not dripping from the holly bushes or yew trees, not sure what an old country dweller would say about that, mix some polyfiller into a paste, dab onto the leaves and then sprinkle the glitter on the wet polyfiller paste.

Garlands of natural leaves look great behind pictures and give the silk flowers a rest, put them away for Christmas and use your leaves in every available vase, possibly with a strand or two of tinsel to give a snowy look.

Red and gold are the mainstay of Christmas colourings so why not change your roller blind for a bright red one, they are very reasonably priced and easily changed so when the bright spring days arrive, you can swop back. Red and gold cushions, candles and crackers will really bring a feeling of Christmas to the decor.

The ends of your curtain poles are great place to drape tinsel and strings of Christmas cards and perhaps with many suffering a rather lean time at the moment, gift wrapping the essential things in life can still give great pleasure.

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