White – the Chameleon of Colour.

25 Nov

White is the ideal choice to enhance the visual impact of the features of a decor or indeed the architecture, but is not always the easy option as it will also take on the colours around it like the chameleon, unlike creams and naturals which tend to blend with their surroundings.

White will highlight the other colours in the decor.

White makes a Wonderful Backdrop to Highlight Coloured Details

White wooden or metal venetian blinds and white roller or roman fabric blinds work universally with any colour of décor just as well as white curtains. The type of fabric chosen will be the determining factor in the type of décor best suited to the fabric such as a simple crisp cotton would be best suited to a Country or Scandinavian look whereas a sumptuous silk would look the part in an elegant more traditional finish. There is for example nothing to outshine the simplicity of a plain white roller blind in a modern decor.

white bedrooms

White Sheets Classic Even in a Modern Setting

Due to the popularity of large quantities of white in our home décor, there is now a positive gourmet of shades of white paints for walls and woodwork- gloss or semi gloss for woodwork and a semi gloss for the walls are best as the reflective properties will maximize the light in the room. Natural whites sometimes include a tint of colour but remember to paint a sample patch of wall before you rush in and paint the whole room as the tints can sometimes end up being more dominant than expected.

My Personal Favourite – Black and Gold Dressing White Furniture

White furniture and furnishings have long been used by top designers to accentuate the colours of the decor, giving a room visual space and depth, lifting the whole impact of the room. Us lesser mortals can also use this to our advantage at home by using white furniture – your rather dated pine can even be given a new lease of life simply with the help of a tin of white paint.

And while you are about it, why not take up the old carpet; you never know what may be underneath possibly also waiting for a whitening. White decor is very easy on the eye and interestingly changes colour more noticeably according to the time of day than a coloured setting.

Some things are however best not white !!!!!!

    Like my doggie Harvey


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