Warm Colours- For Romance or Comfort

6 Nov

Reds and browns will evoke a feeling of warmth and exoticism and are energizing colours which are ideal for kitchens, dining rooms and children’s bedroom blinds or curtains. They are based on earth pigments and have been used for thousands of years in our home décor, from early man’s cave paintings to the basis for many colour palettes used today.

blinds and curtains in warm colours

A Super Snug snug

Deep warm coloured blinds and curtains are beautiful as well as practical when used in the home, but depending on their intensity, will never offer a subtle impression of tranquility. They will take more handling and wear than light cool colours without showing signs of soiling, but they will tend to advance towards you, ideal if you are trying to create a warm cosy study for example – but not so useful if you are trying to make a modern décor based on an open expansive look.

Fitting a stunning metal curtain pole such as the Speedy Alexia will always go a long way to modernising a scheme and will also give a touch of iridescence to a deeply coloured fabric –  one of the disadvantages of using a strong colour is that it tends to absorb the light.

modern metal curtain poles

Using a bold colour such as red for curtains, blinds or indeed decorating a whole section of a room will draw the eye away from an ugly feature in a room. If you are going to go for the painted wall option then make sure that there is also the option of good lighting, whilst dimmed lights are very attractive for mood lighting, kitchen spaces in particular will need to be well lit.

home accessorise in bold colours

A few vibrant Home Accessorise will make All The Difference

A good compromise is to use cool colours as the main choice for the décor to give a feeling of space and then compliment the scheme with a few well chosen “warm” highlights such as a window blind or even just a few candles.

Light warm colours such as pink and lilac are seen as feminine colours and as such are used extensively for bedrooms, soft subtle pinks for the “grown-ups” and the brighter the better for the girls.

The popularity of all things pink for the little girls has been intensified by whoever at Disney had the idea of linking all the Princesses together. What a marketing triumph – a completely new range from the old faithfulls available in practically everything down to a computer mouse.

Who said girls like pink ??? Incidentally the insistence for wearing swimming goggles and cap when riding a bike is derived from watching Moto GP

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