BLINDS – Why Go For That Colour ??

27 Oct

Cool Colours – these colours are in fact both marine and aerial; they can be full on seaside blue or the deep turquoise of the Aegean Sea, the dusty grey-blue of the Scandinavian skies or the deep cobalt blue of an English summer sky. These colours are particularly ideal for bathroom blinds.

Cool and Calming ideal for Relaxing

Cool colours are also greens and certain yellows or purples, depending on whether they have a touch of red in their colour blending or not. Cool colours are certainly refreshing, looking particularly outstanding against a crisp white background, making the room feel more spacious and light whilst possessing an air of peace and tranquility. These restful colours even if they are just used for a window blind will set the scene for a tranquil bedroom or relaxing bathroom, but perhaps during the winter months this cool fresh look may not be quite so desirable, so the simple addition of a few well chosen home accessories in warm colours hues of reds or rusts will quickly make the room look warm and inviting.

bathroom blind

Roman blinds give a softer finish to the windows as the folds of material gently pleat up as the blind is opened.  Roller blinds are just as effective and perhaps better suited to a bathroom as there is minimal use of fabric and especially in a family bathroom,things can sometimes get a bit wet.

Alternatively the same stunning effect can be achieved with a white blind set on a cool coloured wallcovering, either with all the walls finished, or just one feature wall finished in the colour. If it is a small room and you decide to only have one wall with a coloured finish, then it is usually best to go for the wall that also includes the window and tone the window finish with the wall colour or the decor will become fragmented.

window blind for bathrooms

There are Blinds to suit every Style and Budget

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