Working Around a Theme or Treasured Items

25 Sep

Furnishing and decorating your home with a mix of precious and sometimes peculiar items from around the world can be a challenge and great care should be taken to ensure that what appears to you to be the essence of good taste does not end up looking to others like a quality gift shop.

wooden curtain pole

Dark Wood always adds an Exotic Feel to a Decor

This fabulous Chinese chest has been beautifully complimented by the stunning co-ordinating curtains, the colouring then being accented with selected accessories throughout the rest of the décor in the room. The secondary feature colour is the dark mahogany of the wood furniture which again has been cleverly combined with matching dark wood curtain poles, lampshades and picture frames.

The dramatic colourings and stylish finish of the wooden curtain pole has provided a stunning method of displaying the curtains that can also be a window treatment for modern lifestyle and décor. This particular wooden curtain pole is available in a stunning colour palette of 13 stunning colours and 3 pole diameters.

The Museum Wooden Curtain Pole

wooden curtain pole

The plain ball finial can be dressed up or down according to the colour choice selected, the design and colouring of the soft furnishing fabrics and the choice of curtain headings. A modern innovative curtain fabric with a simple double pinch pleat heading used in combination with the plain ball curtain pole in charcoal or antique silver will produce a stylish up-to-the-minute effect, whereas the same curtain pole with curtains finished with a triple pinch pleat heading in a rich brocade or silk fabric will produce a window finish of timeless elegance.

Assorted wooden curtain finials

Simple to Decadent Curtain Finials and Everything Inbetween

Your living room will be the room that will make the most impression on your visitors, so try not to be too dramatic or specific with your collections. Keep the displays in groups which will show them off to their advantage, especially with appropriate lighting to add impact to the pieces.

Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds make a good choice in this type of decor as they will contribute to the style of the decor without upstaging the collections or artwork.

red window blind

Reds Always Create a Dynamic Statement

Reds and other deep earthy colours such as the Islita Scarlet Roman blind creates a sensual atmosphere in a room, with the rich timeless colours associated with the tropics, ideal for Asian or African collections.

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