5 Sep

Choosing your curtains, curtain poles and blinds can be a challenge and can often not be all that everyone in the household would wish for or indeed appreciate – there are so many styles let alone colours to choose from.

You could go ultra modern and minimal

modern interior decor

Minimal to the Extreme

with a modern curtain pole such as the Speedy Metal curtain pole range
modern metal curtain pole
or full on traditional
traditional interiors

Traditional with all the Frills

with an ornate window treatment to match set on a decorative wooden curtain pole such as the Regency Portfolio Reeded pole
decorative curtain pole

Hand finished for an Authentic Tradtional Look

Gone are the days of old when the colours we introduced to our homes were entirely dependant on the earth colours of the area and fruit or vegetable dyes. It was not until the 19th century that synthetic dyes were produced, opening the way for the stunning interiors that followed.
Yellows, reds, browns and indigo are to be found in any historical colour palette and still widely used in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, creating a period, hand-produced feeling to the decor.  Black is not a colour that we used inthe West much in the past as it was very much associated with death – not so in Asian decors.  The intensity of light in that part of the world somehow lifts black and red, making them essential colours to be included in this style of decor and black used in the Asian home is also thought to bring good luck to the household.
 cream roman blinds
Natural coloured Roman or Roller blinds always make a great design choice for your windows if there is a lot happening in the rest of the decor and will compliment other neutral funishings and furniture in the room.
wooden curtain pole
More muted colours have always better suited our rather subdued light ( a polite way of saying grey, dismal, rain sodden days ).  Neutral colours however do have many virtues, a safe colour choice being one of them. They can look absolutely stunning lifted with brilliant colours, reds and browns giving energy to a room or greeens and blues giving a more calming influence and todays contemporary designs will always work better if they are based around a neutral backdrop.
If you are fortunate enough to have a blank canvas, before you take the plunge with a themed decor, remember that colour is an essential element to different styles, so although you may have your heart set on an exotic Moroccan decor with deep earthy reds and ornate curtain treatments, if the room is already dismal with a north facing elevation or small windows, then this is definately not the look for your project.
Nearly everyone has a camera with them in the form of the mobile phone, so wherever you may find yourself, there will always be ideas you can adapt to your own look. Some things are completely “over the top” and you may think there is nothing you can apply to your decor
but it is all a learning curve and by process of elimination you will end up with a finish you can be proud of.
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