Your Home is Where Your Heart Is

17 Aug

A bit of great news I must tell you first, our site is soon to be re-launched to include not only curtain poles and blinds, but also curtains, both ready made and made to measure.

fun in the sun

Who cares about the weather

Travelling especially holidaying with your loved ones is usually a great experience, even if it’s raining, but if we are truthful  it’s always nice to come home, especially if home is decorated and filled with your energies and designs. Home should be a place where you and your family can rest, sleep, cook and live together in harmony. Hopefully my blogs will give you a few tips on colours and designs that may help you a little to achieve this.

The next few blogs, sorry for the lack of blogs over the last few weeks, been travelling, will be about themed interiors and their favoured use of colours.

If you are moving to a new home and want to make permanent changes or just undertaking a transient makeover of a room, now is the time to think through your vision of a perfect decor. Regardless of the size and location of a room, the lighting, material colours, textures and furniture all play a very significant roll and should all be considered before launching yourself into your project.

modern living room decor

Chic but comfortable living decor

Stone neutrals make a wonderful base colouring for bold contemporary colours such as this lime and violet decor. It is always best to make the statement wall if the paper matches the curtaining to be an adjacent wall to the window or some of the impact of the curtains will be lost as the curtains will simply fade into oblivion. In this stunning room, although the curtain pole needs to plays it’s part in the window decor, with so much else going on, it does not need to fight for attention. This stylish Speedy wooden curtain polecompliments the wooden flooring and furniture, effortlessly connecting the window with the rest of the detailing in the room.

wooden curtain pole
Dark Wooden Pole balances well with the flooring

Wallpapers and fabrics that match make a stunning detail in a room but if the room has various issues such as a south facing elevation or an old and drafty window, then often a blind, especially a blackout blind will make all the difference to the light and temperature in the room. There are an almost overwhelming number of different styles of window blinds available today which can stand alone as the feature window treatment or to compliment the main curtaining and all with colour palettes to cover any eventuality.

neutral blinds

A Go Anywhere Blind

If in doubt about obtaining a suitably coloured blind, then go for a light neutral roller blind or a natural woodweave blind, they always make a safe yet stylish haven.

neutral coloured roller blinds

A Modern Minimal Window Finish


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