Curtain Poles For Any Eventuality

25 Jun
painted curtain poles

With all this going on, its better to be discreet

This very decorative living room has enough visual interest without a flamboyant curtain pole added to the mix.  A simple metal or wooden curtain pole will provide the means for hanging the curtains without stealing any of the impact.

Wallpaper is one of the main trends for home interiors this year and looks particularly outstanding if used on a feature wall. Many of the wallpapers match or compliment the curtain fabrics with large florals and light reflective surfaces being the most popular.

curtain poles and curtain holdbacks

Metal curtain poles with special effect finishes

Metal curtain poles will suit any colour palette as they are available in a wide range of metal finishes and can be both traditionally elegant or minimally modern. Many metal curtain poles have matching curtain holdbacks which will help you to create the type of window treatment you desire if it is to be based on large drapes of fabric.

metal bay window pole

Bay Windows Need Special Curtain Poles

Bay windows are definitely the main feature in a room as they not only add depth to a room and an increase in natural light, but also provide the means for a beautiful window treatment.

Bay window curtain poles are not a problem with today’s innovative methods of manufacturing, with many of our standard curtain poles also being able to be used for bay windows with the simple addition of specially designed corner joints.


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