7 May

Whether you are working around existing blinds or curtains or starting from with a blank canvas, you should always consider the effect you are introducing with a vertical striped fabric, wall covering or paint effect.  Every room has vertical lines by virtue of the fact that the “bones” of the room are formed by corners, so it’s just a question how vertically inclined you want to go.

white venetian blinds

Accentuate the Vertical Lines of the corner

Vertical lines introduced to a room will balance the unavoidable horizontal elements of the room particularly in a living room which has dark coloured furniture or horizontally inclined window treatments such as Venetian or Roman blinds.  Bedrooms and living rooms especially need harmony and unity to create a relaxing atmosphere, often essential for a good night’s sleep or for unwinding time after a busy day before trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Curved vertical lines on the blinds, curtain fabrics or wallpaper will soften the effect adding a feminine feel particularly to a bedroom by counteracting the harshness of the vertical stripe.

Wallpaper with vertical lines

A subtle introduction of vertical lines

Although the dimensions of the room may be limited there are a few principles of interior design that may well help you to maximize the look of the existing space by using vertical lines to add height to the room but going back to the corners of the room, if your house is badly built or old, then the corners may not be that suitable for striped wallpaper in particular, as the stripe will “run out” in the corners and consequently look dreadful.

bathroom blinds

Stripes give a clean cut finish ideal for bathroom windows

A small bathroom is the ideal situation for a roller blind and will benefit from a striped window treatment, especially if the stripes are vertical, as it will add height to the windows.

If you a seeking the illusion of space, if the main decorative colour of the room is dark, if the walls are covered with pictures, if you have too many home accessories or too much furniture in a room, then no amount of help with vertical lines in the decor will help. Less is more for a minimal decor whereas lots of “bits” is more suited to a traditional home, although these days not many of us could cope with the excesses of a Victorian style decor, our lives are too busy to also have a busy looking home, not to mention fitting in the time for all the dusting.


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