13 Apr

Your choice of line in a room is second only to your choice of colour and will set the overall mood of the room.  As a general guide, horizontal lines create a restful feel as the lines are laying flat, a position of safety and sleep.  The horizontal lines of a Venetian blind will create a visual illusion of your windows being wider than the reality and by the same token, using a wallcovering with horizontal lines such as this fabulous wallpaper will give an extra dimension to a room.

A Highly Decorative Feature Wall Giving Width to a Narrow Room

The effect of rooms with tall ceilings but not necessarily large floor areas such as a Victorian house can be counteracted by using a horizontal design on the walls, window treatments and even to a certain degree with the furniture. If you try to maintain a unified level with the backs of the settees, the sideboard and perhaps the height of the top of the lampshades on the coffee tables, then the result will subconsciously give a strong horizontal line which is said to encourage peace and harmony in the room.

The spiral stairs in this fabulous living room make a stunning contrast to the otherwise very horizontally inclined decor. The gentle curve of the stairs promotes a feeling of softness and as with most curves when included in a scheme will make a light-hearted feature.  Note that there are not any others curves in the room as the effect would be lost and the decor would become too ornate.

wooden venetian blinds

Downlighters are the main source of artifical lighting in this room, ensuring that there is no competition other than the stairs to the overall effect of the horizontal lines.

Horizontal lines are a great way to introduce a band of bold colouring into a room whilst still maintaining a sense of calm, ideal perhaps in a children’s bedroom.

The horizontal bands of bright lilac introduced by the drawers and shelves have not only created a highly decorative finish to the feature wall, but also gives a feeling of the room being wider than in reality.

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