20 Mar

An array of sumptuous silk cushions strategically placed on your lounge seating will encourage relaxation for you and your family as well as making others at ease when they come to visit.

Silk can be readily dyed and printed, hense the stunning colours and patterns. Harlequin Fabrics make a great starting point if you are looking for something extra special for your walls or curtain fabrics for your windows.

harlequin silk cushions

Silk also makes an exciting partner for bamboo blinds; the fusion of both of these stunning window treatments being historically Asian will add a sense of Yin and Yang to your décor.

natural blind

Neutral Coloured Blinds will blend with a Subtle Mood

The Amazon Beech Roller Blind is a great combination blind as the mellow colours with blend rather than compete with other window decor, whereas for a statement blind for a more exotic Asian effect the Hot Spice Bamboo Blind is good to go.

woodweave roller blinds

Add Drama to your Decor with a Touch of the Orient

For me, I think that with a good eye and a little basic knowledge, any combination of textures and colours will work well especially in today’s acceptance of eclectic window décor.

Our response to colour is never fixed. It will be influenced by light, texture, colour and design. Contrasting themes are more stimulating than harmonious ones, but for a room that requires a more restful composure such as a bedroom, either go for complementary colours or muted contrasting hues.

Wallpaper and co-ordinating fabrics

Mix and Match your decor for a Stunning Finish

There is nothing meek and demure about this fabulous combination of colours, the wallpaper giving an extra dimension to the room as the eye travels involuntarily up the angle of the design defying the norm of a vertical stripe adding height to the room and a horizontal stripe giving extra width to a room – it combines the best of both worlds and the luster of the silk cushion bringing the whole look to fruition. It’s the small decorative details such as cushions and lamps that are particularly effective in adding a splash of colour in an otherwise neutral setting or in this instance it’s the icing on the cake.

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