1 Mar
silk curtains and blinds

Name your Colour - There will sure to be a Silk to Match

The colours of silk are very intense so your choice of silk blinds or curtains should be given special attention. Polyester and satin fabrics make a good alternative to silk especially if you wish to have Roman blinds. These fabrics will be less likely to be damaged by the sun and still have almost the same depth of colour.  The Ceylon Pearl roman blind or the Shona Ivory roman blind – made from a faux silk fabrics make a great option to the “real thing”.

When starting out with choosing your décor colouring, it is always worth remembering one of the few rules that a skilled designer will always adhere to and that is to always add a touch of a complimentary colour to bring relief and never use two different colour tones of the same intensity in large quantities.

Blinds and Curtain made from silk


Using two colour tones of the same intensity will confuse the eye and subsequently make the room feel unsettling.  An example of why this is can be shown by taking a black and white photo of a green and red decor. The image will be grey as both the colours have the same colour tone, whereas if you take another black and white photo of a yellow and mauve décor, there would be plenty of contrast within the image.

Your eyes are affected by light and can play optical tricks on you – give this a try. Look at a red dot for a while then look at a sheet of white paper, the dot will appear only this time it will be green and spookily it will not even be there at all.

A relaxing atmosphere will never be achieved using colours that are too strong or if there are too many different colours in the room. Pure colours are always the best; I have never yet seen a décor which has been profoundly moving using a muddy colour such as olive green.

The technical jargon for colours is often very confusing. Complimentary colours you would think mean that the two colours have something in common, but no, complimentary colours are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Knocking back a colour is another word that is commonly used. In simple terms it means dulling a colour by adding black or white. Adding white will make the colour become a pastel whereas adding black will obviously dull and deepen the colour.

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