Customise Your Roller Blinds

2 Jan

Roller blinds have evolved into a window treatment that can be incredibly sophisticated or plain and simple. There are many choices of finishes, pulls and pole inserts to choose from which include; wood blinds, wooden venetian blinds and a number of other popular alternatives.

Inserts for roller blinds

Complement your Curtain Poles

If your roller blind is to be used in a room that has perhaps a bay window or a patio door where using a roller blind may not be ideal and you have opted for curtains, then you can co-ordinate your poles by selecting a roller blind that requires a pole insert  such as the Brushed Brass pole which then can be complimented with a metal curtain pole for the curtains such as the Rolls Neo Stud pole.

brass curtain pole

Metal Curtains Poles to Compliment the Roller Blind Pole Inserts

There are also a wonderful selection of blind pulls to choose from, adding a chic finish to the bottom of the roller blind.


Finish your Roller blind to Perfection

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