Modernize your Home Office with Roller blinds or Venetian Blinds

30 Dec

Wood details with matching roller blind

The New Year is a great time to get organized and make a fresh start in your home office (this can be minor tweaks for example new curtain poles or window blinds to something more resource orientated). If you have been fortunate enough to have been given a digital calendar/organizer or smart phone for Christmas, then whilst you perhaps have a few free days, why not take the time to learn how to use the functions properly or learn how to make full use of them if you already have the basic know how so you can clear your working surfaces of all those awful yellow stickers, notelets and old scribbled wall calendars.

Stand back and think of a wish list so you can consider how you can improve on the existing fixtures and furnishings, then you can objectively decide on whether it is just a case of a fresh coat of paint and changing the old blinds or curtains for something chic and up to date like a modern metal venetian blind or a new trendy coloured roller blind or indeed if it is a trip to Ikea to buy a complete new home office set up.

Computers are now such a part of every day life so even if you are planning on selling your home sometime soon, the money will not be wasted, as you will be upgrading a part of your home that most buyers will be interested in. The more workable your office becomes, the more stress free being there will become.

Don’t wait until your new look office project becomes a necessity. Start to consider your options while it is still only a nudge. Get a few ideas together and work out a rough costing to complete the project. The more planning you put in place before you start the more stress free your project will be.

After Christmas money may be a little tight so although the New Year is a great time to get stuck in while the weather is singularly uninviting, it makes good sense to put a price tag on your project and also a time frame. There is nothing more disheartening than week after week seeing paint pots and mess, it’s very de-motivating and what’s even worse is running out of money before the project is completed and having to cut corners at the end.

Metal venetian blinds in a dark wood colouring

It is very rare to see a study/library these days with the walls lined with books, the Internet has to be blamed or thanked for that, but the look should still be bookish, so plenty of shelving is essential, even if there are nicnacs in place of encyclopedias.

Dark rather masculine colours even if they are only used for a blind work as well as comfortable classic colours which often seem to fit well in an office. If you suddenly go light and minimal and the rest of the decor is airing on the side of traditional, the resulting finish will seem jarring and quite out of place. Metal venetian blinds in a wood colouring or wooden venetian blinds are ideal for this look and they can also be fitted inside the window recess, leaving plenty of room around the window opening for extra wall space if required for shelving and also leaving the window sills available for use at night as well as during the day. Curtains or Roman Blinds in a small office will render the sills out of bounds at night as they will close acoss the front of the sill cutting it off from the rest of the room.

Roller Blinds are as versatile as venetian blinds and often give a warmer finish to a window. Some roller blind fabrics are finished with special properties such as glare resistant or even blackout, ideal if your window is a sunny south facing window, as the sunlight streaming through the window will interfere with the visuals of the computer screen and may make the room unpleasantly hot during the summer months.

roller blinds for a traditional decor

The are many shapes and finishes for a roller blind, making it very versatile as well as practical and remember that if your are buying your blind on-line that the colours on a computer screen are strongly backlit and that your screen settings may vary from those of the site, so if the colour is critical then please do order a free colour sample from us.

Finishes for a roller blind

Roller blinds can be ordered with a variety of shapes, braids and pull cords

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