Formal Modern Look – Furnishings and Window Treatments

18 Dec

A formal modern look is not normally geared towards family or feminine styling. It is in fact usually quite monochrome with space being the operative word and a distinctive mix of sleek, chic furnishings and window treatments (your hoarding instincts will have to be subdued to maintain this look).

Metal curtain poles and venetian blinds or roller blinds are the favoured choice of window finish and you can be as creative as you dare, maybe with one feature detail such as a main wall decorated perhaps with a large work of art or a highly decorative paper.

modern homes

Modern Deco - A Great Medium for Creative Freedom

Lighting plays a significant role in this style of decor and should be carefully considered at the outset. A combination of lighting works best in a living room so set out the activities that will be taking place in the room and ensure there is adequate lighting in that area. Mood lighting is also essential to the decor, downlighters or uplighters creating a feature on a plain wall makes a striking impression and remember that many table lamps or floor lamps can be an object worthy of note in their own right. Dimmers are not differcult to install and will allow you to vary the mood of the room at different times of the day.

If you are favouring an eclectic colour scheme then make sure that you also consider the direction the room is facing. These sophisticated schemes look great as the severe palette of black and white is complimented by the stunning lime green, but in a North facing room this colourway will be cold and uninviting – in this instance accent colours will need to be in a warm colouring such as red.  Also be sure to unify the walls with the furnishings or the end result will look out of control.

Contemporary decor

The Striking Image really brings the Bedroom To Life

Chandeliers are very much back in vogue and fit particularly well in any bedroom setting, even the most modern, but  though most of us are trying to do our bit to save the planet, if you can, use conventional light bulbs for the chandelier so the light can be appreciated in its ornate, shimmering crystal glory.

As far as the window treatments are concerned the cheapest is not always the best idea when every detail can be singled out due to the scarcity of furniture and accessories.

metal curtain pole finials

Metal Poles with Chic Modern Styling for any Modern Home

As far as the window treatments are concerned the cheapest is not always the best idea when every detail can be singled out due to the scarcity of furniture and accessories.  Modern metal curtain poles are available with a stunning range of finials that will add an extra dimension to your curtains and with the necessary related items can be used as bay window curtain poles or double curtain poles.

modern window blinds

White on White Says It All and Somtimes with the Merest Touch of Colour

White venetian blinds either in wood or metal will look the part in any modern home, white being the ultimate in chic styling and ease of gently blending with the rest of the decor.

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