Curtain Pole Considerations

9 Nov

It is a fairly daunting task after having had a pair of beautiful curtains made especially for you by a curtain maker to then ensure that you have chosen the correct Curtain Pole or secondary window treatment in the form of a Blind for your style of decor and curtain finish.  The next few Polesandblinds blogs will explain how different curtain poles, blinds and curtain headings will create very different effects.


Elegance can be Easily Achieved, its a Question of Choice

A minimal metal curtain pole with chic, slim lines and the merest mention of a curtain finial such as the Neo curtain pole will alter completely the look of a pair of curtains from the finish achieved when the same curtains are fitted to a fabulously decadent pole such as the Speedy Alexia pole.  Both of these poles are fine examples of the wonderfully varied collections of curtain poles available on the market today.


The Stunning Curtain Finial Adds Elegance and Style

The Alexia curtain pole will create a dramatic effect, making it a great option for most styles of curtains, more so if the curtain fabric is a plain colour or has a self coloured texture as the pole will be able to make the main statement and will not be in competition with an elaborate curtain pattern.

The curtain pole is suitable for medium and heavy weight curtains, the 28mm used for medium weight curtains and the 35mm for heavy weight curtains and interlined curtains. The wall brackets are also extendable so heavily decorative coving will not obstruct the fitting position of the pole and deep window sills or radiators that have been fitted under the window will not interfere with the fall of full length curtains as the pole can be extended further away from the wall by the brackets. The curtain pole is available in four exquisite finial colours with co-ordinating metal pole finishes.

Although the Satin Silver and Antique Brass poles are the most popular colours, the Polished Graphite will add warmth and glamour to the decor just as the bright Chrome will catch the light and add an extra dimension of style.

modern_metal _pole

Modern Chic Combined with Versatility

The Neo metal curtain pole has a different set of attributes to the Alexia. The pole is not only a fine example of modern design techniques but also has an ingenious collection of related items that can easily change the pole from a conventional pole for straight windows to a bay window curtain pole or a double curtain pole for layered curtains.

Layered curtains are one of the most significant changes in window fashion in recent years.  This type of window treatment allows for a multifunctional system that is often an essential requirement for certain rooms, especially for a bedroom,  where during the day you may well wish to let light in but maintain a high level of privacy which a pair of gentle wafty voiles will achieve. If you wish to exclude light completely then the main curtains can have blackout lining. This type of curtain lining is quite stiff, so the resulting curtains may well appear rather solid and unwilling to dress in folds.

Curtain holdbacks in this particular instance will be of great benefit as the curtains can be arranged manually into folds and held back away from the window during the day. A great tip when hanging any curtains for the first time, but particularly blackout curtains, is to pleat the curtains into formal pleats of equal size if you have chosen pencil pleat heading or into pleats corresponding to the pinch pleats or goblet heading and leave them to settle in the open position for a few days either in the holdbacks or if you have chosen not to fit holdbacks, then simply tie a piece of string around the middle and at the hem line so that the curtains will then automatically open neatly in those folds.

Many curtain poles have matching curtain holdbacks, if not there are many available on our site that will compliment whatever pole you have chosen.


Control Your Curtains

If you are including a blind in your window treatment, fitting curtain holdbacks will allow the curtains to be permanently dressed open with the blind being the main functional part of the treatment.

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